RE Audio RFX Car Sub | Subwoofer Review

RE Audio RFX subs are a brand new line of car subwoofers for 2012 and offer big bass (like RE Audio is famous for), but without the high price. These new RFX woofers are available in 8″, 10″ and 12″. They feature a kraft pulp cone and a rubber surround. Keeping with the deep bass that RE loves, these woofers are rated as low as 20 Hz. All are rated at 190 watts RMS and 500 watts max.

RE Audio Subwoofers:

Sonic Electronix:


simonson593 says:

6 of them in my s-10. NOT weak

benroll532 says:

hmm wonder why they make better subs this is their entry level subs

Sonic Electronix says:

We have the RFX12D4 available on our website and even have a few in stock. Just type in “rfx12d4” in the search bar.

Hangar Bay Garage says:

i know lol these people have never heard these and act like everything needs to be 1k rms.
i had the rex 8 before and these are pure sq subs they arent made to push 150 db lol. i bet they sound hella good!

Sonic Electronix says:

Either us or RE Audio, does not matter. If faulty install or user error cause the subwoofer to blow, it will not be warrantied. If it was a defect, it will be covered.

Wesley Williams says:

Im running two RFX10s on a pioneer 1200 class D with no problem, theyre underated

paladain55 says:

like do you mean like burnt coils or clipping related type things?

ragincajundipper says:

i ordered the sx 18 and i am impressed with the shipping

Sonic Electronix says:

RE Audio usually recommends a slot port for their woofers and we would agree with them. These woofers in the slot ported box sound great!

tyler prestwood says:

Hey im thinkin of gettin an srx 12 it says theres an optional 3 year warranty wat does that cover blown woofers or just mechanical failures

jody024 says:

pieces of shit lol

William Anklew says:

people don’t want “omni” subs, they want specific subs for a specific boxes…

chris kachinski says:

re is good shit just becuase they have 190 i rms power but the subs put out a lot of power u dum ass people

michael987655678 says:

190 wtf is that …. i like big boom

simonson593 says:

i’ll be gettin 6 of those for my s10 (8″)

paladain55 says:

so if this thing blows out on me within a month do i return it to you or re audio and will i be charged for return shipping?

Sonic Electronix says:

It will cover mechanical faliures. They will pay for return shipping to repair it for you and if they cant repair it, then they will reimburse you for the cost that you paid for the woofer.

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