Repair Shop BLEW MY SOUND SYSTEM!! Blown Subwoofer, Scratched Amp, Broken Battery & Missing Carpet

WOW… Some repair shop totally EFFED UP my girlfriend’s sound system. After picking up her car up from repairs, we quickly noticed that everything in the trunk was improperly disconnected and thrown back in THE WRONG WAY!!! And on top of that, the subwoofer was now BLOWN… making all sorts of mechanical noise, with the amplifier was BADLY scratched. Also, the enclosure was missing bits of carpet, and the plastic that holds the battery handle was broken!!! Seriously? Can’t even believe it…

Bassheads Unite 2017


Michael Wallace says:

Make them fix it…. Don’t be a bitch about it…. It’s quite easy…

If you are doing business with someone, and they damage your property its consider negligence. In order for it to get fixed, you’re going to have to work with the company, and if the company doesn’t want to work with you then you need to take it to court. I am fairly sure that they will settle outside of court, as going to court is VERY expensive for companies. I’ve done it before, and 20-40k in costs is not uncommon depending on what you’re looking at.

But they have a fiduciary duty to return your vehicle in the same condition/better condition that you dropped it off in. Just how it works.

Andrew Harrison says:

I know this is a year ago but damn, you got screwed on that deal by the Po-lice ! Wtf??? Problem with society…not having to deal with the accountability of their actions.

B Hokey says:

I just pull my subs n amp.. then drop my car off, I’m not letting anyone even have the chance to steal/damage my shit.

The Wolves Gang says:

I think I was there because I saw a car with a broken rear… and I was stood by the shop for some reason and then I heard very loud bass and then I smelled smoke a couple mins later… so yes… EXO was right about the mechanics having a good time…


What’s up brother love your videos I always hit like and I subscribed you did the right thing called the cops just to make an official report of it although it is a civil matter but if you ask me at the very least they’re responsible because of negligence and honestly all that damage I’ve worked in autobody I’ve worked in doing installations for audio I feel the believe all that was done by accident first rule is you don’t screw with somebody stereo in your car in a body shop somebody absolutely negligently or purposefully destroyed your shit I feel I believe all of that different damage was an accidental or just negligent I’ve seen systems that I’ve been Pete on for years that don’t have damage like that that looks like somebody did that on purpose just my opinion but if anybody’s giving you shit about calling the cops screw them it’s not their shit that they personally worked hard on that got destroyed and you seem like a really nice guy and not the type with a short fuse but if I came to get my shit and it look like that the cops would’ve been in their parking lot because that would’ve been the only thing to stop me from knocking somebody the fuck out who the fuck does something like that I feel the believe that was accidental that shit looks like it fell down the side of a fucking mountain at this point I’d be fucking out of my mind and screw just getting paid for everything they damaged you have a video proving how much time and effort you put into building that system testing it properly doing everything properly you should get paid for You what time the same way the autobody shop got paid for their time not just for parts or repair as they get paid for their time as well you should get paid for all the time that went to waste now that your system is destroyed and all the time it’s going to take to replace everything and fix everything because let’s face it that’s systems never going to look as nice as it did when you installed it I watched you build it and install it it’s never gonna look the same and it’s always going to be a thorn in your side they need to pay

Robert Contreras says:

They probably had a party at their shop, or took all that shit home for a party and brought it back. Jacked up stuff.

Mystic Rule says:

That’s fxxked up

Jose Reyes says:

They didn’t color match the bumper

David Root says:

What was the brand of sub you replaced in your girlfriends box after the Body Shop blew her other one.

Amisha Mahna says:

His girlfriend looks like a pig

Roger Henderson says:

What kinda sub is that

Fred Kickingbird says:

Wow where you live that cop chewing tobacco. Looks likes he’s suckling on a baseball.

Random videos says:

@2:46 are you wearing mascara ?????????????????

billy Johnson says:

took my car to the shop once. whole 3000 dollar kicker system. GONE of course they denied it. my fault, I should have took provisions

Paul Jennings says:

Being a mechanic I recommend you pull all fuses if possible. Some shops will tear your stuff up and act oblivious to the fact. In my case if I see it I call the customer. I also have a big back ground in installing after market systems and I make sure the customer knows that if it needs removed. Yes CYB all the time. If you’re missing all your copper wire then they prob striped it and sold it. Hope that wasn’t your case man and sorry t happened to ya to. But at least your girl is ok hats all that matters all that stuff is replaceable just an inconvenience for all your hard work I’ve seen ya do on it

DailyUnknowns says:

One minute in and i know cops aint gonna be able to do shit but write a report

01hondascott says:

how did this end up unfolding?

Moua Xiong says:

But it’s a aftermarket car part, the shop is suppose to ask you before they take off the aftermarket part.

size9guy says:

Just name drop dude. They deserve all the backlash possible.

l34052 says:

Name and shame them EXO, at least then other folk will know to avoid them.

seven dyseven says:

I have NEVER had something like this happen”YET”,But, maybe it’s because I always, ALWAYS remove my Rockford Amp  & 15″ sub/box before it graces the mechanic’s parking lot.

Maquille O'neil says:

Your voice shouldn’t sound like that

David Rupp says:

This is a civil matter, you have to go to court…..

Lil Codiene says:

Fucking snitch


When all is said and done and you hopefully get paid for not just the components they destroyed but for your time and the time it’s going to take to build a new system you should very publicly make the name of that shop known so people know what to expect I mean it’s the right thing to do man how are you going to feel if somebody else goes there that worked really hard on their system or just saved a lot and paid somebody to put in a system in and they end up with the same kind of results and the same thing happened to this stuff don’t you think you feel like you should put them on front Street and let everybody know that’s the least they deserve

saul anderson says:

Why don’t you bye new and bill the body shop ….

Norwiking says:


Cj music Zebley says:

I would upset too all that work

EnjoyMyHitsYT says:

Go back to them and make police indicator

Sammy Ornelas says:

Damn bro, sorry this shit happened it sucks

knight Shift says:

Always disconnect power wire from battery,fuse, and remote from my kill switch when gonna have anything done to the ride or let someone use it(extreme cases only), you should of just took the system out and would of avoided all this drama… PS on another note don’t wire your amp down to where it can blow your subs ,your subs will last you way way way way longer… I have buddys that always wires down to 1-2 ohm I always stay around 4 ohms,my buddies have to buy new woofers about every yr n a half while mines has lasted over 10 yrs ,I also think my sql beats their spl but it could be just me

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

I think the cop was doing that full can of dip challenge

bandbgamesroom - Electronics, Urbex & More says:

Take a drink every time the cop says “y’know what I’m sayin”

DeeganTobinFilms says:

As soon as I saw the cop I was going to the comments like if you did the same

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