Review: 2 12″ MTX Terminator With A 1100 Watt Boss Amp And With A Sony Bluetooth Stereo

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

Boss Audio R1100M – 1100 Watt, Monoblock, Class A/B, MOSFET Amplifier With Remote Subwoofer Level Control

Sony MEXN5000BT CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC Pairing & App Remote SmartPhone Control

Renegade REN20KITA 4 Gauge Amplifier Install Kit ANL Fuse


Jose Tovar says:


iTaLk_TeCh says:

boss with mtx? cmon man lol gives mtx a bad rep

Noah Hock says:

Boss amps are the worst amps you can get they say it’s a 1100 watt amp and actually only pushes 600 watt rms if that I recommend a new amp something quality like a audio pipe. Will make them pound wayyy harder

Daniel Villaseñor says:

Ugly jeep

KeShawn Stanford says:


Lucky Games says:

I only have 10″ but they are running on 1200watts RMS

100% Texan says:

show the woofer flex

Kyle LaFountaine says:

Oddly enough that’s roughly the same output I get from my single Audiopipe TXX-BD2-10 ported on 50w RMS.

Wise Guy says:

Whats up guys i have 2 12inch terminators just like these but don’t have an amp budget wise what amp can i use to bump these till i can buy a better amp thanks in advance

ItzJordanDoee says:

I just bought these speakers but im starting to have buyers remorse…. do these have like that “deep” bass people are looking for becuase its hard tot tell over videos

Jeremiah Picotte says:

hey, if you want to get a little more bass and push out of that amp, try wiring it down to 4 or 2 ohm. you’ll love the outcome. I run the same amp with two 12 inch hifonics and have it parallel wired at 4 ohm load. great improvement!

brianna labadie says:

Get a pioneer amp it a lot better then that boss amp a 200 watt pioneer amp can blow those MTX’s

nhan hoang says:

i just brought these and it will come on monday so i cant wait for them on how they sound like

Woolf's Honest Air rifle reviews says:

Hi i have same boss riot 1100 amp from amazon ,not on sale , 49$ awesome amp, i bought that and a lanzar 2000 watt mono amp peak@ 1 ohm for my 15″ oxygen audio dvc sub really impressed on the power the boss 1100 riot amp put out for my 2 12″ sounstorm subs , 1 acoustic audio reaper 12″ im impressed with the riot amp, and everybody say you cant mix 12s and 15s, well ive won 5 sound offs, against friends with more expensive subs liker kicker and mtx,, and all my subs are entry level, and the guys on sonic electronics start rumors and myths, they say you dont have to break in a sub for two or 3 weeks at low to mid volume b4 you bump it real loud that is completely false, you’ll blow your new subs if you dont, come to think of it, ive never blown a car subwoofer, and boss isnt bad from what ive bought do far

Greenarm says:

i got the same exact sub for my birthday, but dont know what amp to use, any suggestions?

Parker's Gaming says:

Thanks for the video ! Theese will be my first system

commando8088 says:

Got these for my ’64 Impala, can’t wait to put em in this weekend with my pioneer headunit/speakers. First day of senior year gonna be bumpin in the parking lot haha

_1_ says:

I hope you upgrade on subs and amp and sub boxes dude you have no power to the subs what happen??????????????

casey heck says:

how did you set up the amp to the radio? I’m new to all of this

BrandoTheMando TM says:

whats that 3rd song ??

Kevin Keefer says:

what a awful install and setup you need to save up get some alpine comp subs damn this is awful

Xxx tentacion says:

Is it ported or sealed?

Derrin Ireland says:

Your subs are fucking garbage

Jalle Willems says:

what do you guys think, would this also be a good subwoofer for a 5.1 surround sound system ?? or should I buy Dayton audio SUB-1200 for my surround sound set ??

ride30r2die says:

Weak. My single Rockford 15 is in my trunk and would have that 2015 graduation thing dancing

Lucky Games says:

Guys for a lot of bass search up The Faded – Sixes bass boosted it made my roof jump back to china

52^ V1LLA1N says:

run that boss shit from here better push that shit with a ds18

Joey Sosa says:

Think the amp will power one 12 rated at 400w rms and 2 6×9 speakers at 140rms each ??

Blake Andersen says:

What is the first song

Allister Bower says:

I don’t even want to get started on how stupid sound. Do some research before you do a video. You don’t even know the damn Ohm load of your subs. In case your wondering you have about 1,100 watts at 2 ohms both those subs are 2 ohms you put 2 2 ohm subs together you get 1 ohm resistance. That amp cant drop to 1 ohm which means your stressing your amp WAYYYYY too much. and why would you ever spend 240$ on two 12″ subs that sound like shit. you could spend 300$ have the same two of the same amp on two type R 12’s and it would blow this system out of the water. easily reach 80-90 DB

Jesus love you says:

the van looks like it has its last life and u trying to kill it before time lol

Hi Hi says:

Wow it juggles like a ass

jaylen young says:

can you do a update vid

Nicholas Maszera says:

What’s the knobs on your amp set to? Like frequency and all that

Adin Allen says:

Headband B.o.B, Great song

Jairo Morales says:

change the radio its cheap sony sucks get alpine it should sound way better im just sayin

mr T says:

got respect for this homie

Becausebass362 says:

nice system it use to have the 15in 9500 banging down the block, check out my system

Moto Kingz says:

where is the dust caps at lol I do want to buy those kind of subs do u recommend them or kickers

Budget Tech says:

so much distortion lol

RiRi Bear says:

would a hifonics zeus 1200 watt amp be good with these subs?

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