REVIEW: Dual SVS PB-3000 and SB-3000 Subwoofers! THESE ARE NOT NORMAL!

The PB-3000 and SB-3000 don’t fit *NEATLY* within the SVS subwoofer lineup…Vv Click “SHOW MORE” vV

SVS PB-3000 (Ported):

SVS SB-3000 (Sealed):

“The List”, subwoofers that provide game changing bass:

This is probably the first subwoofer review that spanned across 3 states, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The PB-3000’s are truly a different animal, and Smith Freeman from SVS decided to try a split wind voice coil, and it’s a piece of technology that I am now in love with.

Much like progressive rate springs on cars, which give a smooth ride, but firm up when necessary, the PB-3000’s have a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on, which makes it act like a bigger, more powerful subwoofer than it is.

My expectation was a sub with more kick than the PB-2000’s, but not the same kick as the PB-4000, but eyes closed, I couldn’t easily tell the PB-3000 from the PB-4000.

I would venture to say that upgrading from the PB-3000 to the PB-4000 might be disappointing, there just isn’t much difference. I think you would need to go to the PB-16 Ultras to get a substantial, noticeable improvement.

To be clear, these are GREAT for music as well, otherwise I wouldn’t like them. “Temptation” by Diana Krall and “Jersey Girl” by Holly Cole sound gorgeous and rich. Eminem’s “Killshot” is disturbingly good. These subs handle everything well as far as I can tell.

To sum it up, these subs are the embodiment of why I started this channel. If I packed it in tomorrow, these are the subs that would have a permanent place in my system. Yes, I would prefer the PB-16 Ultras instead, but the PB-3000’s are more of a “real world” option for me financially.

Here’s the video of the SVS crew, Nick, Larry, and Ken during their visit to the RV Project:

Here are all videos involving the RV Project:

For tips on maximizing your home theater experience:
Bass Hack series:

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***Current System setup below***

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Here is the setup at the time of upload:

Amplifier Denon X6200W:

Marantz SR7012:

Provided on a demo basis by SVS:

Towers (in house):

Ultra Bookshelf (in RV):


Atmos/DTS:X/Auro 3D height effect speakers:


Dual PB-4000’s (In House):

Dual PB-3000’s (in RV):

SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System:

Speaker wire:

Subwoofer cable:

LG 4K 3D that I replaced previous Vizio with a Square Trade type warranty. Love the LG, some issues aside. Going through Amazon means you can get a decently priced 5 year warranty (strongly recommend for TV’s and AVR’s)

Sony UDP-X800 4K Player:

U-Turn Orbit Pus Turntable:

Measurement Mic for use with Room EQ Wizard:

Room EQ Wizard (free, donations encouraged for the guy that created it-not me):

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Michael Wright says:

Hey, I just ordered around $3000 in gear from SVS, I did not go off your youtube site, but I did email them and asked if you could get the credit. YOU were the deciding factor in my purchase, along with a few other non affiliate sites. Just keep up the good work!

What did I get? The SVS SoundBase amp, the Ultra bookshelves, the Ultra center, some cables, some stands… Keeping my Emotiva ERD surrounds… But, will more than likely purchase the Ultra surrounds in the coming weeks. Again, thanks for doing the heavy lifting. 😉

SVS just got back with me… You are getting the credit. Love those guys. Again thanks for the videos.

James Wiens says:

Well done and congrats! Glad I subscribed to your channel

notagunfreak says:

The best sub that ive experienced were 4 dayton ultimax on 1 k each, in a marty setup, that setup just blew me away. It was awesome, maybe next time review the dayton 15 ” ultimax sealed pack, very easy to assamble ( just glue). Btw nice review, like always 🙂

Eric Smith says:

They also have zerooooo drone .
No woof woolyness farts and burps nope not with SVS. Very controlled bass tight and punchy! It can be a kick to the chest!!! I know two PB 3000 or that 16 sat in front of you , would knock you over!!!!! Rampage , Justice League, Gravity
Grand Canyon a river at risk are all great surround sound movies for subs too.

Ruben Torres says:

I would love to hear your opinion on how the PB-3000 fares against it’s competitors, mainly the Outlaw Ultra 13 and HSU VTF3- MK5 and VTF-15H MK2.

David Valentine says:

Love the channel, how low with room gain in a normal room (not motor home) can dual pb-3000’s go according to measurements? I’d like to get down to 13hz, do you think a dual pb-3000 setup will get me there?

gsmd770 says:

Nice video.I have my 2 PB 13 Ultra’s that I purchased in the summer of 2016. I went home back to the States to visit my parents and by the time I came back to Europe. SVS sent me an email about the PB 16 Ultra that had just dropped! They wanted to know if I wanted to do a trade in? The only problem is that the PB 16 cost 3500 euro each in Germany???!!!! No thanks I said,I’ll keep my PB 13 Ultra’s!!! I’m happy with my purchase!

Nick Damianides says:

I don’t know how svs markets 3000 series in the states but in Greece the price difference imo doesn’t justify buying them over 4000 series.

hitechburg says:

DUAL subs is the way to go, QUAD subs if you have the space and budget.

Rob Todd says:

I have and still use my REL Q400E sealed subwoofer. After many years of use it still packs a punch with plenty of low end thump. I know it’s outdated now but I still like the sound it using the avr passover. If anyone has had simular it would be nice to know

Mark Nelson says:

I just love SVS and the level of commitment to the industry and customer.

I might have to get the 3000s
I have a friend wanting to buy my PC2000s in my small setup.

ILoveCookies X says:

Great review.
I’ll bet the reason the PB-3000 feels like it’s “punching above its weight” is actually DUE to its incredible mid-bass performance,  Ed Mullen from SVS posted on AVS  recently that while the PB-3000 has about 3dB more output than the PB-2000 at 20Hz, which would put it right between the PB-2000 and PB-4000, he said it has  (quoting Ed)
 ” a bunch more than that in the 40-80 Hz octave – I was shocked (and  I’m jaded and hard to impress) at the output of the PB-3000 during  CEA-2010 testing against the PB-2000.  That new driver has a low moving  mass and is very efficient and the BL curve looks great from the  split-wind coil and associated motor changes.”

This could account for your “chest massage” and “impact” comment, as I tend to associate those terms with the “chest slam” you get from the midbass frequencies (~ 50 -120Hz range).My SubMersives have this in spades too.

I think SVS hit it outta the park with this one!

Hogre0knifenut says:

Great review. Really hope you drive that RV tocentral Illinois would love to your system. Also maybe bring some extra subs with you, I’m sure guys will be offering to buy yours off you after they hear it lol.

Abbot McClintic says:

I have a 11,253 CU FT great room. Im was going to get a single PB2000 for now and add a second if I can talk my wife into it. OR should I go with 2 PB1000s? that will be easier to talk her into because of size.

SilverGunner says:

What about the PB12 NSD????

Our Little Cakery says:

Awesome video again. I have to agree that Duals are basically a MUST. If anyone is serious about serious audio lol, then duals are a must. Single is just not going to cut it.

John Crenshaw says:

Subwoofer 101 I just brought 2 from SVS myself one 2 weeks ago and the one that was deliver today from SVS; just one is crazy incredible so I have to hear now with 2 like you.

Gabe Salinas says:

Do you recommend to set speaker at small or large I keep finding my self going back and forth I have huge towers and center but I usually keep at small?

RAF RADZ says:

I just got the 3000s in a few days ago. Definitely enjoying them more and more each time I listen. Amazing punch for the money.
Great review, love the channel.

tonchido says:

Hi,talking about down firing and front firing subs does it concerns the driver or the port?

John Crenshaw says:

Can you help me out with picking my AV receiver I want to go with Marantz 7012, with a emotiva, what do you thank, should I go sr8012, ED Mullen said i would be better to go with the 7012 only difffernce is IMAX for the 7013, but 8012 more wpc but on surrond would a 100 on the 7012 be fine tell me I am almost done with this project. Also going dolby atmost with 4 klish in the ceiling.

Daniel Castiglione says:

Would one sb3000 go lower then a PB-1000 for movies?

Ruben Torres says:

I have dual PC-4000’s and thinking about downgrading to dual pb-3000’s because of space constraints.

John Lira says:

Pb3000 or used pb 13 ultra used for 1000

Doug G says:

Would love to see a review of the Swarm sub system.

f. zst says:

That sounds really interesting. I think my guess with new driver was right and its capable of more midbass than the smaller 2000-series driver and probably about the same as the heavier duty ones from the 4000-series, which are designed to handle alot of excursion to get into the frequencies under 20Hz therefore I supsected the 3000er series to be more midbass focused than the 4000-series. From your take in this video I take it my impression was probably right and I definately want to hear one now. I prefer the sealed version though;-) I had 2 PC 2000 before but found them lacking in midbass and definition so i changed them for arendal sub 1 which is way better in giving you that kick with that bigger lighter driver, the SVS give you alot more earthquake feeling though.
I think its funny that you maybe prefer a more midbass-focused sub after all 😉

Thomas New says:

remember MOST people plug these into a shared 15amp circuit (15amp x 120 volts = 1800 watts) so when you add a sub that has a 1000+ watt amplifier that is sharing with your TV (say taking 2 or 3 amps), your receiver (taking 2 or 3 amps realistically if using the 80hz crossover), your other accessories (2 amps), your lighting, (1 – 2 amps)
So in other words. A regular 15 amp circuit wont power all of our big toys. Having at least 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits is ideal to let these subwoofers really play. That is why some of these “smaller” subs really keep up with the bigger ones. The bigger subs are getting starved for power

DipInTraffic says:

how can i contact you? I have a few questions in regards to small room home theater.

Apokalipto pl says:

I recently bought prime 7.0 piano Black. And now the time has come for 2x bp…
And here begins the problem which makes me angry
Pb 1000 2000 3000 No black piano. Why?
Why can’t I have the same color as the rest of the speakers?

Rob's Corner says:

I have been wanting to upgrade my PB-2000 for some time now, and had been waiting (and frankly holding out) for the PB-3000 to come out to exercise my upgrade option. Since I still feel that the pricing missed the mark, I opted to sell instead, and went with the HSU VTF-15H MK2. I really enjoy your channel, and would love to see you able to get some affiliations or review deals set up with other brands, as I feel it’s mostly become an SVS channel now (understandable from a cost standpoint). It’d really be great if you were able to check out, review, measure, and compare some models from HSU, PSA, RSL, or Rythmik in addition to the SVS line. I love the SVS products, and the sound, build quality, and customer service are all top notch, but I feel it now comes with too high of a premium (or in this case, retail location markup)… and I just couldn’t bring myself to overpay (just my opinion) out of a sense of brand loyalty. It’s good to know that brand loyalists will still be getting an awesome product though. Keep up the good content!

P.S. that RV is AWESOME!!! lol

Gabe Salinas says:

So what subs are actually yours that u bout?

Charles Hord says:

Have you heard the non ported 3000? Same issue for you? I plan to order 2 subs but keep putting it off with the eternal decision of going sealed or not.

Raul Gutierrez says:

Great review! Dual PB-2000 vs 1 PB-3000

Bak Oe says:

I also had a pressure thing when i got my sb-1000’s. Went away after a week or two.

Danny Mars says:

What I do like is the app and all the features. It left me only with one question : while the 2000 series uses a knob to adjust the volume where these subs kicking arse is at 2 o clock. What setting is this for the new series on the volume? Standard its minus 10db. But i had to put it on -5db on the sb3000 to come alive on movies and shake the couch. But is this to loud? After 10 min on this volume i did smell the woofer a bit (when i was close to the woofer) i didnt hear any audible distortion though during the test

Eric Smith says:

If you do run singles make sure the subs on the right cause in sound tracks and jazz or something I was told and forgot lol but keep on the right side , if only one sub.

Ruben Torres says:

From the way you describe the PB-3000’s it sounds like performance is somewhere between the old PB12 plus and PB13 ultra.

Chris Dailey says:

You had me convinced to buy dual PB-16s until this video. Now I’m back on the fence.

Edifier Bass says:

Yeah well it’s all about frequency, i guess it has a poor crossover it should sound deep even at low volumes, like the car subs

David the Tech and Fish Guy says:

This is probably the 20th video of yours I have tried to watch. I make it about 3 minutes in and you just go on and on and on about irrelevant information. Get to the point. We all know from the previous videos that you have ear sensitivities. Not trying to be a jerk but your videos get boring quick.

Eric Smith says:

I got a pb1000
10 inch 300 watt
SVS about 7 months ago … It still blows me away.
The bass is so refined and tight
With a PUNCH ! only half way turn up.
Only 500 bucks
Seems like a lot of money to me at first but the quality and sound is JL w7 car bass levels
Blur vision
These subs NOT for kids who do not have some restrained….
You can SHAKE your house APART!

Edward Sanchez says:

I have four definitive tech Supercube reference subwoofers and they go so low you can’t hear it but feel it. That’s the only kind of bass or subs I’m interested in.

evanwelder says:

I just wish they had the piano gloss finish. I been debating between these and the pb4000 . I can’t really afford dual 4000’s right away. I also built the box and my wife’s look was priceless. So dual pb3000 ‘s it is .Thanks so much for the review.

Marc Gallant says:

Still waiting on some JTR, Rythmik , Seaton Reviews ……… Maybe one day ?

Some pretty big claims you said (and l highly doubt you listened to every sub in that price range)

pantera owns says:

I listen to metal %80 of the time and movies %20 of the time. That being said I like the r 115sw from klipsch better. Hits way harder on my metal than svs. That being said lol if that was 80+ movies and 20 music svs is better for that low movie rumble . just my opinion of course. But I haven’t heard the 3000 though

flashhog01 says:

Great video! Interesting comment concerning your sensitivity toward sealed subs. I am the same way with ported subs.

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