REVIEW: Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer

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Review of the Klipsch SW-112 subwoofer.


the magician says:

Whyare you putting random things on top of the speaker? Lol

purp skurp says:

get bass traps

MuristekTV says:

And you put the center channel on an old box of bananas? What’s a matter with you?

Edward H says:

Nice review….I have a Klipsch Reference II 7.2  system setup as well…love the sound. I am continually trying to find ways to upgrade and refine the sound. such as with better speaker wire, interconnector  and one of my favorites, the Oppo BDP 105 Blu-ray  Universal Player  there are none better at 3 times the cost

Avesh 007 says:

hello anyone can tell me which speaker is best Klipsch or Focal??

super horny lol says:

Klipsch > everything else.

Maria Julia Herrera Delgado says:

que es lo mas parecido que podria conseguir a un menor precio ?, aunque sea de una potencia menor como 150 watts ?

SoundFreak dB says:

got 2 of these monsters in my basement…Don’t need to go to a theater anymore 🙂

spevi1234 says:

You probably know this by now but the dead spot in the middle of the room is common. It can be fixed by placing the sub in a different spot in the room and maybe some acoustic treatment.

Muro Haruštiak says:

You should be English teacher 🙂 Your pronaunciation is perfect. I can understand you every single word. Your reviews are the best for english lerning people 🙂 TY

Arokhantos says:

I heared the bass port is a excelent hair dryer

moreno597 says:

what is the best crossover for that subwoofer

pav_s2003 pavan says:

Hey buddy great review.. can you please review SVS pb 16 subwoofer. Please please

Signex NL says:

Im buying the new model to replace my Jamo J 10 sub i’ve had. I already know for a fact this sub is going to be very overkill cause i have a small room. But i like having too much, better then too little. ^^
I really hope it doesn’t make our new 4K TV fall off the wall cause the sub will be placed almost right above it in my room upstairs.
And i heard this sub can literally shake your walls. 😀

mrCChunter says:

Should’ve got the RW-12D. 300.00 at Newegg!! Love mine! I also have the Klipsch reference series home theater. RF52ii RC52ii RB51ii. Love um!

Robert Simmons says:

pretty cool to see how you’ve progressed since making this one! Considering the Klipsch sub was what led me to this! Flash back Sunday!

John Dow says:

Very nice! I am a fan of Klipsch!

Vikram Mitra says:

Good review.

Bateman61405 says:

I have personally owned and heard this subwoofer. I got it for around $550. Having moved on to the SVS PB-1000 and now the PB-2000, I can honestly say this is NOT a good value of a subwoofer. The price I paid was discounted from the retail price too! The PB-1000 is more in the same realm as far as price goes, and I can tell you the SVS completely WIPES THE FLOOR with this subwoofer! Like really; we’re talking leaps and bounds better as far as sound quality and extension goes! This sub sounds more like a $200-$300 subwoofer after having heard the SVS PB-1000. I regretted ever buying this subwoofer the second I heard the SVS, and the SVS was CHEAPER!! To any future buyers of this subwoofer: don’t be naïve like I was. If you’re seriously considering dropping $500 or more for a subwoofer, go the internet direct route and never look back. Trust me! Head over the and they’ll tell you as well. Only buy this subwoofer if its heavily discounted. I’m sorry. I’m really not trying to bash Klipsch or anything, but I was so mad that I bough this sub when there are just sooo many better options out there now for the same price. Consider yourselves warned…

JayPee Roy says:

Although corner placement is not always the best place, it’s the best place to start for maximum room gain. We don’t know how big the room is or if it’s open to other room.  For HT use, 2db to 4db room gain is most of the time desirable.

Measure room frequency response and mode for optimum placement first, instead of placing bass traps randomly.

Schubeedoobee says:

SW-115 here… it’s a lovely thing.

DTNS17 says:

he didn’t demo the sub in the review!



Cat says:

Putting computer hard drives near magnets is not a good idea.

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