Rockford Fosgate P3 Subwoofers – PUNCH Series Review

Rockford Fosgate’s Punch P3 Subwoofers








R3P3AT 0FF3ND3R says:

Need help guys I just ordered a pair of RF punch 1694 – 6×9 coaxials and going to order p3sD4 – 12 inch..which amps should I go for ?? I’m confused with amps currently.

Andrew Small says:

Getting ready to order 3 p3 10’s what amp would you recommend? Thank you.

BAYBE KDL Kurtis Lee says:

I’m thinking about buy the P3 I have a Dodge GT running a Pioneer – GM 2000W Class FD Bridgeable Multichannel Amplifier with Variable Crossovers. Should I buy the P3 or the P2

wolf pendergrass says:

the surrounds blow off easy on more than rated

MotorcycleTherapy says:

I’m looking at the ROCKFORD PUNCH PACK 13, in Australia, not sure if you guys get the same gear and specs over in the states, but the punch pack has P1000X1BD PUNCH MONO AMP & P3-2X12 DUAL LOADED ENCLOSURE. Have you got a review on this pack?
Looks like a good deal, $1600
Are these enough to really pump out that bass?

KeMar Rondaris says:

T1 15 fosgate

Denniston Leonard says:

p3 great subs with longevity I’ve had mine about 2 1/2 years in my semi truck with 1300 prime amp and q pro box. and their still going strong, and i play mine at least 11 hours a day. a true road test, so rockford if you need subs tested i am your guy.

CreativeMinds99 says:

+Quality Mobile Video, I’ve bought just about all 3 series from you guys. I just purchased 2 P3D4 12’s and 1 P3D4 10″ from you guys and these bad boys hit solid pounding bass! I have the 10″ in my Jeep and I can be heard from blocks away! Friends get blown away when they discover it’s only one ten making all that noise!

ice pol says:

I’ve been looking to update to a pair of RF p3 15’s. I currently have 2×15″ db audio T rex subs.Dual 2ohm. 1000watts rms. I have 2x Rockford fostgate P10001bd. I need to know wether these 15″ p3 subs will be able to cope with my amps and deliver the low end frequencies nicely? I’ve been looking at so many various makes of 15’s ie, hertz, orion. although orion Is a little over my budget. any help would be much appreciated in regards to Rockford p3 subs.

559KING says:

Why are you guys on Rockford Fosgate’s ” do not buy from list?”

Night Mare says:

legit looks like the p 2

Max Fritsch says:

How do you only have 15k subscribers!?

EATING Your momma says:

Beat for the price….T1 son. fucking RETARDED badass.

Grant Price says:

I own two of these 12s and in the right enclosure, these are absolute monsters for the price range.

soy piter TM says:


Grim Aka Statik says:

p3 or l7?

Eddie G says:

i just bought theez bad boys 2dayz ago for my SS Impala, and the 1200 rockford fosgate amp, and i have a Bose stereo system, i literally set off car alarmz, the bass iz deep and clear…HUGE FUCKIN FAN!!!!

Gravecb7 Accord says:

I had these subs back in the days they hit hard I remember I would set off car alarms when I drove by parked cars and the ground was shaking

Parker N says:

dope vid son. gotta love Rockford they’re products sound perfect.

Parker N says:

mmm I love me some RF

Ale Wu says:

The 12” P3 is waaaaaay to strong… I should’ve gone with 10” or two P2 8”…. my god, I was listening to Lil Boosie for about 30 minutes, and now 2 days later, my ear drums are still buzzing… This 12″ is too powerful for a every day hatchback… strongly suggest 8″ or 10″…

djbz bruce-zabala says:

Why is QMV on the do not buy list on Rockford fosgates website?

CameraInARoom says:

Awesome video i have subscribed!

kaleb suelflow vlogs and pranks says:

what would you recommend sealed or vented box

bostonsirish1 says:

Got a alpine CDE 265W double din head unit running an Alpine 4 channel amp with 4 alpine 5 x 7 inch speakers and a fosgate 801s 2400W amp running one P3D2 15 inch sub!!! HOLY JESUS

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