Rockford Fosgate: Subwoofer Comparison (1.3)

Rockford Fosgate educational overview on the POWER, PUNCH, and PRIME Subwoofers. Covers technologies behind each subwoofer series.

The following video was originally produced for our RTTI (Rockford Technical Training Institute) dealer training program and is now being made available to the public.


screamingiraffe says:

I just tested (2) T112D2 (2004 model) vs (2) P3D2-12 (current model) and there was very little difference, with both sets running 600w RMS. Did the Punch series improve THAT much?
read: very little difference = no discernible difference in SPL

CrystalMyth77 says:

Wait, isn’t the P3’s cone made of annodized aluminum as well?

Avraj Samra says:

hello, I was looking at P1 and P2 10’s, what is the difference between those 2, the p2 only handle 50w more each, so Im a little confused, thanks for your feedback.

TheHotboy34 says:

So my screws under my power one broke off is there a video on how to replace them

Rob Sorgdrager says:

now I hear that a lot of r and d went into cooling, is that due to the ” super awesome ” CCA wire you made your …coughs while talking….fire starting kit-er voice coils from? I have a set of pch-128 s running off 500rms each( yes this is double the RMS of the sub) in a sealed enclosure and have yet to run into any sort of issues. these subs were made in 92-94 and use steel and paper and copper . why the push to cheaper less durable materials to try to build a quality product? if I were to build a, um…..a steak, yeah this will work. if I were to build a steak , wouldn’t I want to use the best ? good garlic , a top shelve Bourbon to marinate , fresh pepper. and then the tools took make it, cast iron grill slats on a wood fired grill or I could get a chunk of ” meat ” and slap some liquid smoke on there , chuck that bish in the roundy pew pew heat molecular excitement box and caller gor-met….yum! so why use flaky CCA wire for a voice coil?

Justin Randolph says:

Is my Power T600-2 too much power for a P1 10″ subwoofer on each channel?

Thompa P says:

i already installed the prime R165-S kit in my car and im thinking of buying single prime R1S4-12 with a 180 watt rms amp. or should i buy a 240 watt rms amp? i dont want to overpowering bass cause i only have 2 door speakers running on aftermarket headunit, nice taste in music btw

Extended Raven says:

Is a 900amp turn up to much for two 12in p1s1?

Ale Wu says:

So, the difference in sound from 600 wrms of P3 12″ and 550 wrms T0 12″?

Mikey Souza says:

Hello. Is a daul 2 ohm a 4 ohm because it has four terminals? And if you have to punch 500 rms p3 10s is it do you recommend a 2 Chanel 1000 watt punch amp? Or does it have to a mono amp?

Toshar Deven says:

Very Very nice review of the products
I am more a budget conscious guy and will go to Price R1 sub.
Here in India, i am getting a rockford product RF 1200B. It consist R1 S412 Sub with box enclosure but i couldn’t find this unit anywhere on Official website. Can you please help me with it. 🙂

big chief says:

Can a T-1500dbcp amp handle 2 T1 subs

indopleaser says:

how about we talk about the elephant in the room, the huge magnet boot hiding the so called magnet. no mention of the voice coil size. do you realize you alienate the car audio culture you claim to target.

Kaleb Delong says:

I’m entering with 2 t1 12s

Nameless 82 says:

I have had all the fosgate subs, I do miss the old dvc and hx2 subs more than all, making new lines of subs is supposed to be better but to me it seems like fosgate subs went down hill instead of uphill, the subs have a shitty motor force nowadays. I will stick with my sundown audio, American bass etc.

bassblaster505 says:

Im thinking of pairing a PRIME R750-1D to a pair of PUNCH P1S2-15’s in parallel. How well do you think that would perform?

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