Here is my much requested update on the rockville K9!


Damian Lyles says:

The Rockville k9s specs state that the 10’s are 800rms the 12’s are 1,000rms and the 15’s are 1250rms and are not to be ran at a higher rms rating than specified. All the ones I’ve installed for people I know are still working perfectly fine with no issues because they never fed them more power than what was specified.

Incendio says:

I feel like that box is tiny for that sub

Ziomek Atomek says:

just a typical subaru driver

Bass Time says:

Hey I respect your choice but if you go sundown or soundqubed I believe you will be happier with your system

Matt Mccoy says:

Herd about a big problem with the coils coming unglued. Been trying to buy one but can’t find one in stock


that amp does do 1k but that voltage drop is real bad man was the car running? if so u need to turn gain down or get new alt & belt.. after rise on stock power yeah u may only see 400rms and they are right that box looks tight.. u get that $75 ported box on ebay 2cf (which would be like 1.85 cf after that sub) would be tuned like 35hz after sub (they say 32 or 33 hz) but that thing would pound in there


I highly doubt you’re getting anywhere near 1k out that amp . Esp on stock electrical . There’s a thing called voltage drop .

Dennis Ray Bowen jr says:

Port it…..

Ryan Moore says:

That Kenwood isn’t close to 1000.but your doing what theses other fuck tards aren’t…that’s keeping it below or at rated power…..

Ronco160 says:

Glad ur k9 has lasted so far. Cea rating is usually only at 4ohm on amps so it’s anyone’s guess what it’s doing at 2ohm

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