Rockville RW8CA Subwoofer review


guillaume poirier says:

thanks for the vid man I was lookin for some tiny sub to fit in my jeep and these cheap subs are all over ebay so I guess I’ll give ’em a shot

Marcel Klein says:


William P6 says:

PRetty good video, this may be the one I get!

PS Clean your car out 😛

Snap Johnson says:

We need more reviews on this thing

hatty last says:

Your the only on that I can seem to find that shows how it sounds. Would of been better if it was from under the seat but nice. Just ordered the 800watt 10inch hoping it’s a good one.

Jose Ochoa says:

Looks great. Quick question im about to get one. Is the 12+ goes directly to the battery? And does the auto shut off work? Thanks good video

Alberto C says:

Hey dispensa, so you basically connect the speaker the same way you connect an amplifier right? You get the power from the battery correct? Im thinking of getting one for my chevy colorado not much space for a reg box, by the way se oye chingon el corrido.

coventry cctv says:

clean your car please……

lohengrinknight says:

I just bought this sub, and I’m wondering what extra materials I’m gonna need to install it in my car. My Tacoma head unit doesn’t use RCA plugs. Please, help me out. I have never installed a car radio or sound system. I know how to lay floors, install water heaters, fix house stuff but I’m an ignorant in stuff like this. Thanks in advance.

matrixloader says:

Thanks for this video, i installed one of these my CRV and it was so worth it. sounds very good for an 8′ sub. very nice deep base. I have no regrets buying this.

David Barrett says:

Should have bought a shop vacuum instead.

igostupidfast3 says:

Can i hook this up to my 4 ohm sony receiver

Jesus Faith says:

How do you buy a subwoofer from rockville audio? …I went to their site and there’s no “PURCHASE” option for their Items….?????

Doug Bauer says:

what was the second song? i sorta recognize it but cant put my finger on it

Rockville Audio says:

Great video! Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for giveaways, contest, product updates and more! #Rockvilleaudio #teamrockville #Getloud

Austin Everroad says:

What was the name of that song at the end

Ezzak says:

I’m wanting to get one for my 2016 wrangler sport. just don’t know if it will fit under my seat. really tight space. and I want the 10

levis569 says:

Vibrating the grass clippings lolz :DDD

Andrew Pearce says:

what gauge speaker wire did you use??

Minimee321 says:

does this make your seat shake, like can you feel it in your butt?

HImyNAMEisRJlol says:

song name?

Edgardo Castro says:

thanks for video I just ordered the 10 inch for my wify 2015 wrangler unlimited this with the cerwin vega in sound bar and up front this should do the trick.

SS CygnusX says:

clean under seat please u.u

tangled Line says:

Man I hesitated on this and finally bought the 10″ version today. I searched everywhere and cant seem to find a decent review. This one is is as close as it gets. Soooo when I get the unit, ill do a review on it. Its going in my 02 TJ Jeep Wrangler. A vehicle with very little space. Thanks for this review. 

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