RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review

The new RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer might be the best $400 (free shipping) subwoofer we’ve seen. It features a compact, vented enclosure and featuring high-end features like a cast-frame driver, built-in wireless (with optional transmitter), and a full set of inputs, outputs, and variable controls. Given their great performance at a budget price, the RSL Speedwoofer is perfect for purchasing multiples.

Note: the SPL measurements are given @ 1 meter, peak. Converting to 2 meter measurements requires a -9dB adjustment. Those 2m measurements are below.

Avg 40-63: 106.5
Avg 20-32: 98.5
80: 107.5
63: 108.1
50: 106.9
40: 104
32: 102.2
25: 98.2
20: 92.5


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Brian Froeber says:

RSL = Rogers Sound Labs??

TOom Jones says:

Posted test results aren’t correct at 20Hz. This sub has some really bad THD numbers. SVS PB-1000 blows this sub out of the water in all aspects.

jody024 says:

the whole wireless thing is dumb, only adds an extra 50 bucks to the price, real audio fans will prefer cabled connection, always.

Dave30867 says:

Thanks Marshall great review from you as usual cheers .

Raghav Baijal says:

This Vs SVS SB1000 or SB2000?

Steve C says:

At 03:46, the 20Hz value appears to be a typo. Your 2-meter average for 20 – 32Hz shown in the video description doesn’t calculate correctly unless you subtract 10dB from the 20Hz value. Besides, subwoofers don’t roll off then suddenly get stronger at infrasonics. But it’s a useful video otherwise. Thanks!

Martin Jimenez says:

would this be closer to the SB/PB 1000 or the SB/PB 2000? Also, would one 10s do well in a 20x10x8 room? thx

Michael Anyim says:

what is the name of the second album you mentioned? My bright diamond did justice to my sound system i need more artist like that.

isaacsykes3 says:

Also can you please review the subwoofer line from GoldenEar? Thank You.

Steve McFarland says:

Great review! Would you do 2 of these or 1 HSU VTF-2 or Outlaw ultra 12???

isaacsykes3 says:

Can you advise if the wireless dongle supports two subs, or do I need two dongles ​or am I expected to daisy chain the second sub?

Rod Azarmi says:

can you run mutliple subs with one wireless transmitter?

byronicles85 says:

Can i get this sub in aus ?

Noel Vega says:

i don’t believe that Bluetooth is as accurate and fast as direct cable hook up…Bluetooth fails off and on and if WiFi signals are bad your signals are weak then that sub is going to skip beats and losse direct signal than your cables …overall cables are best for hi fi and surround sound

Home Theater Junky says:

Looks like a Peerless driver possibly close to the SVS 10″ driver.

lets build says:

Check out my Loudspeaker Chanel .i’ve build really good loudspeaker.

Ikari Warrior says:

Anybody have any opinion on this vs. the SVS SB-12 for the same $399 price?

Ikari Warrior says:

Sounds interesting! How about this vs the SVS SB1000?


compared to the SVS entry 12s same with Velodydes?AND great review bud. I miss doing the reviews on the site btw.

Leonard Delancy says:

Great review. Which system should I invest in

5.1.2 or 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 or 7.1.4.
Atmos ready receiver please advise

sonixPC says:

I was looking for this kind of review without any success, and finally ordered the trusted svs pb1000 the same day this review came out. Good to see it could be a good choice as well.

Shaun Pugh says:

Can you please put links to the songs you mentioned in the video. thanks

christoofart says:

Great review, although it would be nice to do one on just ONE sub. I know Audioholics always want you to go buy a pair of subs, bu lots of ppl can’t afford that. Would like to hear how just one works in the average setup.


I owned RSL speakers back in the 70s, from their store in Van Nuys. They’ve always been good folks, and they designed some excellent speakers. I look forward to hearing their latest designs.

Martin Jimenez says:

rsl 10S vs svs sb1000? your opinion please

The Insufferable Tool says:

Staggering performance for the price. Very impressive for a little guy.

Kev Greenhalgh says:

It’s no BK Monolith. The Monolith is a proper sub, non of this fancy wifi crap.

Jay G. says:

Would this be a good sub to go along with my REL?  I’m looking for more movie impact! With the wireless configuration, I can see putting it in the back part of the room or even the side.

Steve C says:

All y’all asking, “How does the Speedwoofer 10s compare to *”, just keep in mind that this is a ten-inch sub. There are no miracles or new discoveries in physics here. It’s not going to move as much air as a twelve or a fifteen. On the other hand, it’s also got a leaner footprint than a twelve or a fifteen. Given its size and price, the Bassaholic rating just shy of “Large” is a remarkable accolade. If your room is less than 3,000 cubic feet, if you have placement restrictions that make a larger sub impractical, and if you can’t afford the decadent price of a JL Audio Fathom, then the Speedwoofer 10s should be at the top of your short list. But if you’ve got space and money for a Hsu VTF-3, get the Hsu. The SVS PB-1000 is stronger than the RSL at infrasonics, putting out 99.8dB at 20Hz (CEA-2010 RMS 2-meter ground plane, according to ). It’s also larger, $100 more expensive, and has arguably less spousal-acceptance factor than the RSL. The Speedwoofer 10s will offer stronger sub-bass output than the sealed SB-1000 though. Vented is more efficient than sealed. But it’s larger than the SB-1000. So when comparing the Speedwoofer 10s to any other sub, the winner simply depends on your priorities.


that wireless component looks like it’s manufactured by dayton.

Mihai B says:

Does the wireless transmitter use any standard? (i.e WISA)?

59seank says:

Great review Marshall. If you buy two subwoofers, do you have to buy two transmitters? Do you run subwoofers as a stereo pair (L on one sub, R on the other), or are they both run with the same summed L&R signal?

ThunderStruckCoach says:

NHTs behind you?

Diwaker verma says:

How does it compares to VTF-1 MK2?

WrenchLifestyle says:

Audio video quality was top notch! i enjoyed the review very much

GT4viper says:

ok, its the inevitable question, can it take the SVS PB-1000?

DeYoRa 84 says:

So in Australia around $800AU

Audfile says:

that garbage construction with just raw screws coming out into the mdf from the driver.

FreeD00M says:

What is better this or the SVS SB 1000?
For Music, different rooms,..?
I think many choices will come down to this.
So what is it?


What is a sub-woofer? How are they used?

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