Skar IX 8” subwoofer / cheap ass subwoofer review/ Gogloo E7 camera glasses

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Shawn Broyles says:

I got 4 vd10 they kick ass for 69$

Kyle the pyro says:

It looks nice but damn that fs is high

Taylor davis says:

I’ve ordered one of the ix 12 and they fucking suck. I’ve had to replace them twice because of faulty subs. Would not recommend

Fabe Pioro says:

Really bro need a better knife

arrepuess says:

I ran a couple these in an asc labyrinth style port prefab box and they kicked very impressively. Ran em on a punch 400. Get a good box and theyll flex and bump proper.

CherrySquishee says:

I’m interested in this lineup for my budget build, just not sure what size sub yet. Awaiting your next vid. Thx!

Cobster Wilson says:

I am running four of the 10” versions

Hector Ortega says:

That knife is good for slicing tomatoes

Jonathan Pinder S.R. says:

Eardrum Assassin I have a boat load of these in home and car the only problem I found is the terminal leads need to be tighten down other then that they hit really well in the proper enclosure

Realdude rec says:

beast 40bucks

carlos brown says:

Send videos of them playing

Jonathan Pinder S.R. says:

On there 37.99 free shipping and shipped from skar in Tampa fl. On skars website you have to pay shipping. People do your research on carriers you can always find a better deal by a few $$$

David Stellflue says:

Give ur bank acct a rest on the subs until u get a sharpener or better knife… LOL

Rich Hancock says:

Allot better then that Lanzar lol

Christopher Manabat says:

You know how Skar loves to make vids with their products. Take them out the box, free air the fuck out of it and put it back in and sell it as “new” lol… I bought an MA8 once and the thing actually had DUST on the cone… even tho it was wrapped in plastic. Two weeks later I saw the Skar vid of them running a bunch of MA8s wired together free air and I’m pretty sure mine was one of them. It worked fine tho… built a custom truck box and sold it as a package. From my experience, the IX8s need a long break in time. They are stiff as fuck with a small motor but sound great for the price once broken in.

euphorikfay says:

nice looking little sub….

Tater T.V. says:

Thanks for the pro tips$!! Lol!!!

NerdyBassHead 2004 says:

I’m thinking of buying this….honestly that subwoofer can beat a Walmart kicker np

Vapen Brazen says:

Damn 40 bucks were trying a few of them

Aaron P says:

Skar makes excellent subs for cheap. I have a DDX10 and it a freaking beast! Much better than Kickers.

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