Sonos Play:5, PlayBar and Wireless Subwoofer Review

If you’ve been looking at wireless whole home speaker solutions recently, you’ve probably come across SONOS. Started in 2002, SONOS’ goal was to reinvent home audio for the digital age by connecting devices in multiple rooms for seamless integration. With the multitude of wireless speakers flooding the market with dozens of streaming options will SONOS stand out? Watch our in-depthYouTube video review of their Play 5 wireless speaker and Playbar soundbar with wireless subwoofer to see if SONOS is the right multi-room speaker system for you.

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Tom Grooms says:

Goodluck with anything greater than DD on the Playbar with the fiber optic connection. If your TV outputs DD+ for Netflix you’re SOL. Look at the HEOS Bar and sub for a more up to date product.

Daniel Simmons says:

There’s some misinformation here. You can play through Sonos directly from the Spotify app.

Falconsfan 71 says:

I went through two HTIB systems over a 15 year span. I was ready to upgrade about two years ago and almost bit the bullet on the Sonos 5.1 setup. But after seeing the price along with it only connecting via optical digital I changed my mind. I don’t believe it will give you a true 5.1 surround especially without HDMI connection. In the last year and a half or so I’ve upgraded about four times and now have Def Tech BP8080 Towers, PM800 sides and rears, and a Hsu VTF-3 MK5 sub which will kill the Sonos system and it didn’t cost too much more (not counting the Denon X4300 AVR). I have no regrets as this setup is pretty sweet! I’m sure I’ll upgrade again in a year or so!

Mopar And More says:

The odds of me buying an audio device that doesn’t have an HDMI input – zero.

airwolf1337 says:

Of course you can get a 5.1 system for the same price, but i doesnt have multiroom capabilities. Sonos is all about multiroom. The review lost a bit the focus on this, imho.

Mark Nicholls says:

Hey guys, I purchased the play bar and SUB about 4 months back to pair with my 65″ Sony Z9D TV. After watching reviews and comparisons for ages where almost all preferred the Sonos I bit the bullet and bought. Have to say I’m really impressed with everything really. Hate to disagree with you Gene but I find the sub does go down low well and is very clean. You’re right, it does blend well and isn’t localised at all, the sound is great. with the bari find the very balanced.. Music movies YouTube whatever all sounds great and is easily used via the app. I have a Definitive Technology 5.2 Pro Sub 1000/2000 centre in my living room that hardly gets used now. Even my theatre down stairs with Martin Logan spires/EFX rears and depth I sub are getting a little less love as its just so easy to pair to the play bar and relax with some tunes … Something you didn’t mention it won’t play high resolution 96/24 music files that must phones can process these days but doesn’t matter to much as the standard stuff sounds great.. Thanks for all your reviews guys.. Cheers..

jason kirby says:

You are incorrect in that you can use Spotify connect to control/play music on Sonos. Also the volume controls on the phone do control the volume from lock screen.

Major Brightwell says:

Great review! I think it would be awesome if you guys did a comparative review of the three major atmos soundbars out there (Samsung, LG, and sony). I just upgraded from the ht-st5000 to a pair of bp9080s by def tech. I really liked my Sony “atmos” soundbar and I know they are really popular right now. Also, it doesn’t do dts like it advertises and I knowwwww how much you love calling companies out on their bs… You should make an avr power rating warning video every product cycle. You guys are great!

andrew Last says:

Good video. I use the SONOS sub paired with my two play 5s generation 1 model in my main bedroom. I have the connect device in my home theater living rm. which plugs into my DENON AVR I just hooked up my turntable as a separate source to the connect and out to the AVR for multi use to listen to my VINALS in other places. Yea I got into SONOS back in 2011. I enjoy it for what it is.

Ty Ger says:

Come on guys. I love your videos but it’s late 2017, there is an abundance of reasonably priced audio equipment flooding the industry and you’re talking about Sonos? Anyways, do some more demos and keep the videos coming.

BobtheBuilder says:

Genes traps!

Daniel Barakat says:

You can also control the volume on Android phones while not being in the app. The phone display can even be off.

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