Subwoofer Comparison: Rockville VS the competition.

Rockville Subwoofers



BrysNightWorld says:

Its just too bad just about every car subwoofer on the site is sold out. Only way to buy a rockville car sub, is with a package deal. ‘with a box/amp, etc’ I was curious to getting this sub or the 15″ model, a few months ago. Couldn’t find them on rockvilles site or on ebay. So I had to get a comparible JBL model for 50$

But! I’ll be getting a new car come beginning of next year. Actually have subs in stock, I’ll think about it again 😉

matt ekstrom says:

but …. these look like decent speakers for a fair price ! so i approve !

Pilot Pj says:

Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure on what subs to buy for a new box build and now you gave me a good suggestion! I have 8 12 inch SPL subs that are only $20 and I am running them on a 1,200 watt $300 amp. I entered a bass competition and hit 146 decibels. Thanks again for helping me!

john smith says:

need help I can’t find where to buy them

voceteo10 1 says:

Forgot to mention the woven leads, thats a must on a woofer

Suazzz says:

Does kicker make Rockville

Cool Guy says:

Does rockville have an official website?

shawtyboy84 says:

I love these subs

kahlil miller says:

I’ve been searching high and low for a decent sub at a decent price and I think I might order these in the next week or so! I’ll shoot a video when I get them in!

Geraldo Muniz says:

When will the 12″ dual 4 ohms be back in stock!!!

volkswagenginetta says:

how large can the Rockville W12K6-D4 subwoofer excursion? i currently have 2 of these and im going to power it with a Pioneer GM-D8601 with a 2 gauge power kit and each sub is going to have rockville 8 gauge wire going to the box and 14 gauge wire going to each coil with a 40 amp fuse on each sub.

Winston Eley says:

I bought the two 15″ package with the mono Kicker 1000.1 amp. I can’t wait to hook them up with my Kicker 400.4 amp and 2 farad cap. This is the first time I’m going to have highs and lows. I’m hooking the four channel amp to some JL Audio door and rear speakers. I’ll make a video after install.


I run four of the K6 15s in a walled silverado. Best bang for the buck ! Check my videos on my channel for real world testing.


Just by what I looked up and can tell these Rockville are way better than boss double stacked awesome but idk about along kicker would have to hear or see some serious tests proving this


Still waiting on new subs

Scoot Clips says:

Well kicker is as much crap as boss

Guiltless SnowMan says:

People are starting to wake up to Rockville in the ca community..Def some decent stuff for the price..ALOT better than Boss,Pyle…

Ronco160 says:

What is the voice coils width and length just curious and what wire is used for the coil? On the k6 subs. Thanks

ilove2p says:

Love the way your speakers look plus the price is right, Rockville is an upcoming brand name that will do very well for itself can’t wait to buy subs for my car!

Ronco160 says:

These k6 subs do look very nice for the price! I’d like to see one torn down. I’d to see the coil width and length, what wire has been used for the coil and etc.

Kashad Cartwright says:

I can’t find this sub anywhere, is it still available?

rhurtadorh32 says:

my friends has a set of 12s they sound pretty good.but they cannot out perform kicker cvr

Josie Wales says:

Is the W12K6 subwoofer the one used in the RVB 12.1A  active powered subwoofer, amp, enclosure combination?

Est Cruz says:

Who has these, and how are they performing?

Trillest Stoner says:

I just bought 2 Rockville 12in Subwoofers and Im really looking forward to getting them installed and playing!

Casey Campbell says:

About 6 months ago I bought two RV12.2a Rockville subs in a bundle with a 1200watt Rockville amp and I can honestly say it was the best deal ever. Completely affordable and it hits just as hard if not harder than any car I’ve ridden in with kickers in it.

This is the bundle I bought

H. Phillip says:

They take 2 months to ship products on Amazon, does anyone know why? I was interested in a whole Rockville setup, but 2 months?

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