SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review

Review of my new SVS sub


Algirdas K says:

nice subs; which connection in your opinnion works best for 2 channel audio (only) with stereo amps for subs, line-out vs speaker level? what quality to choose?

TOom Jones says:

This kid has no idea what he’s talking about. The volume on the sub (actually gain) setting has nothing to do with a different sub setting. Each sub gain level relative to the knob position is different, so you can’t compare where the gain knob is set to another subwoofer. The Bic PL-200 isn’t even in the same class as the superior PB-1000. This kid probably likes peaky, boomy, exaggerated bass, which is what you get in the 50-70Hz range from the PL-200. Driver size and watts also aren’t deciding factors. This kid thinks Bic lists the PL-200 at 1000w peak and thinks it’s more Kid says PB-2000 is more ampage? Say what? Anybody recommending the PL-200 or getting two of them over a better sub like the SVS is ignorant. So much other ridiculous stuff stated in this video it makes my head spin. Kid rambles on at a quick pace, spouting ignorant stuff. If he knew how to set up the PB-1000 properly, he wouldn’t be thiking he needs a PB-2000 in a small bedroom.


I orderd Mine today for 369 on amazon

But why is yours in a room edge? Not the Best idea to have it that close to a wall (standing waves etc)

Yung-Feng Chou says:

How big is your room? Just wondering should I get PB-1000 or 2000.

Chris 308 says:

Did you end up getting the PB2000? Would love hear your review on it!

Robin Roy says:

Hi I just ordered the dual pb 1000 and it would reach next week. I currently own a single Bic pl 2000 and I like… Since I read all the raves about the svs.. I thought to try it out… My question is how does PB 1000 sounds in movies? which would you prefer to hear when watching movies… Svs pb 1000 or Bic pl 2000? My room size is 16x15x8 closed carpet room….TIA

Chandrasekhar Baruva says:

hi I can’t decide between PB 1000 and Sunfire Sds 12 , can you please guide me which has good rumble n thump also deep bass. My room size is 16X11. Ty in advance

Alex Dorozhkin says:

Hey Kpaceguy,

Are those Fluance speakers?

I have SX6’s was wondering how are the signature series bookshelfs. Did you have a chance compare them to anything else?

JBassHeavy says:

Hey man im new to subwoofers etc, and Im actually going to buy the PB-1000 one thing im confused on is the plugins on the back. If i put the cross over to say 80hz does that mean the output will be sending 80hz and above? (I know it means the sub will play at 80 and below). Reason I ask is cause I want to feed my main speakers 80hz and above. How im thinking is from my computer > Dac > to subwoofer @ 80hz > to my speakers 80hz+ is that possible with this sub. I was gonna buy one of those home theather subs type but they dont even get deep enough for me and the type of music I listen to.

anthony a says:

sounds like you need a JTR captivator 4000 ULF to be satisfied for bass needs 😛 ill be getting one soon since i love my bass and want the output. just will be hard to move around since its 265 lbs :O

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