SVS PB-2000 12″ Subwoofer: Full Review

SVS PB-2000 12″ Subwoofer Full Review

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Matthew Wiechert says:

Thanks for the review man.. Do you like this more then the Hsu you tested?

Bigwood says:

The audio came through much better with this new recording setup. Sounds really good in my earbuds. You should do an audio comparison between the SVS and HSU with this new setup.

Leo Cortáza says:

Hi, I loved the video and of course the subwoofer, what is the audio track you used for the test? Great review bro

Omar Khan says:

Have you reviewed or plan to review the SVS Prime Elevation Speakers?

TriforcePlayer2 says:


David Martinez says:

Question. I’m not sure if you have seen Star Wars force awakens but there is a scene where kylo is Interrogating poe and there is deep bass. I was wondering if your subs had issues with that scene?

Omar Khan says:

Trying to decide between between Klipsch R 115SW and the SVS PB 2000 for a 22.5×17.5 room with 10’ ceilings. Which one would you recommend?

TOom Jones says:

One of the design flaws with these subs is the metal grille. It’s a very heavy grille and not magnetic, so the more you take it off and put it back on, the little rubber holes that hold the grille pegs get looser. Push this sub hard and the grille can come loose and fall off. SVS should ditch the metal grille.

Big Dawg Status says:

Great Review , there’s not really any reviews on the SVS PC12 PLUS or PC13 ULTRA.

TOom Jones says:

Props for now pronouncing HSU correctly. lol

Craig Harrison says:

Hi great review, I have the Monitor Audio RX-W12. Would I get much improvement with the SVS PB2000? Thanks

sillydillydokieo says:

This dude reminds me of the reading rainbow guy. I like it.

Pete Nice says:

I like the honesty and real world aspect of these reviews. Keep em coming.

Chris Jennings says:

Don’t buy this sub. It sucks.

It will have you buying a second one because you will realize just how much you have been missing in 98% of all time systems. The you will get sucked into the world of HT and home audio and start dedicating rooms into home theater etc…. I am telling you, stay away… it’s like crack… 😉

darren watkin says:

I bought two PB 2000’s for my home theater system if you think one is awesome wait till you try two.
They retail here in Australia for $1499 each a little bit more expensive here but worth it.
These subs bring a lot to the table and then some.
I was so impressed with the subwoofer that I changed my brand of subwoofers from a Australian made Krix seismix 5 to SVS.
The Australian made Krix seismix 5 is no amateur either so that’s how empressive ifound these subwoofers .

ILoveCookies X says:

Another great video man, keep up the good work!

102nascar says:

I really like SVS subwoofers. I have two pb1000’s and they do a great job. I want to upgrade to the pb2000.

Omar Khan says:

Looking to replace LCR on my HTS which is currently a Pro cinema 600. I have a Svs PB 2000 and will be adding a PB12NSD to the system. The room is more than 3000 sq feet. Trying to decide between SVS Prime Elevation speakers or Definitive Technology Procenter 2000 with Pro-monitor 1000 for LCR. Looking for your opinion and recommendation. Thanks much!

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