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Droidz Hunterz says:

why don’t audioholics do more of the professional videos anymore? this is quality stuff

Marcus Lewis says:

Great sub’s. Have a pair of the now defunct cs16s+ for more than 10 years. No issues

Bruce Montanez says:

I agree with Mike T a PSA SVS showdown would really be awesome. However, to really make things interesting, I would also add an Hsu research to the mix!!!

Kesud Trebor says:

NO freaking way, that front grill is sexy as f#k dude!

Tryna get my cock fucked. says:

Overpriced as fu

ricky martinez says:

the pb is the way to if you want just a bit more bass during those impactful moments during movies music games media

50LightSabersInAPack says:

Does anyone know whether either of these subs use a Linkwitz transform circuit to extend the lower range capacity? Or do they genuinely reach as low as what is claimed?

Mike T says:

I would be interested in an SVS/PSA performance / build quality showdown in terms of each company’s least and most costly subs.

Aiwa guy says:

arent sealed subs giving headaches for longer listenings ?

Navin Chomyat says:

SVS SB-2000 or Klipsch SW-310 ?

Komrade P says:

Hello, trying to decide what would be better for my home theater, some help would be greatly appreciated. My home theater room will 1300 cubic feet, 17f wide 13f length and 8f ceiling. There will be a a walkway behind the media center with no door besides that it’s a closed off room, I’m trying to decide between a pb1000 or sb 1000. Also it will be a domby atmos set up and mostly for movies. Thanks

Max Ysdohegal says:

The driver is made by Scan Speak.

akaZimba says:

how much more “musical” is the SB over the PB? Is it THAT much of a difference?

M A says:

Any one of them more accurate sound home theater for movies? Issued audio effects accurate


i have klipsch rf82 ii system with the sw115. i want to get rid of the sw115 and get the svs sb-2000. does anyone have experience on these two? i want to focus on a music subwoofer.

FrakU2 says:

My “future” dedicated theater room will be 8x18x25 (H.W.D.) That turns out to be 3,600  feet. I guess the “ported” sub is for me!!!

AustinPetDetective says:

Fantastic Subs, beautiful piece of engineering, no question.

velocci6666 says:

Can you plug the port to tighten the base for music? Or will that damage the sub?

ThunderStruckCoach says:

You can only pick 1. PB-2000 or PSA XV15? 

Elias R says:

This looks great. I’ll be getting my SB-2000 soon to add to my Definitive BP9000 series setup.

isaacespapa1 says:

Mother of god. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

joseph10704 says:

I had a PB-13 ultra.Like 8 months ago,I returned it because at the time it was more of w want then a need and at the time i was in some debt,Now i am thinking about buying a PB-13 ultra again,But idk if it is the right subwoofer for me.I loved every single moment of the PB-13 ultra.But i felt overwhelmed with it’s massive size and i felt like i payed 2k for something that was fantastic.But crazy in a way.I do miss the PB-13 Ultra.It was one hell of a subwoofer.But if i do by another ultra.I would have to put it in my little room that is 9x12x8.So yeah a Ultra would be kick ass in my small room.But it would be OVERKILL,this i am aware of.But i so want another svs subwoofer.I was thinking about going lower and buying a PB-2000 and then adding another one for dual and to even out the bass .But aduioholics can you tell me the truth.Will a SVS PB-2000 shack the living hell out of my room and will it blow me a way in movie aka Blu-ray watching and gaming.I popped in the star trek into darkness Blu-ray when i had the PB-13 ultra.And my mind was dumbfounded.I was shocked in to how freaken deep the bass was in my living room.In the back of my mind i feel like if i don’t get a PB-13 ultra i am going to regret it.If i get a PB-2000 and go dual i feel like i am going to have fun no doubt .But i feel like it won’t balance it self out as much as 1 PB-13 ULTRA did.Please let me know.

Hung Lo says:

ok I have to comment here based on my own experience with the pb-2000. This is a great sub, but mediocre for music. If you have small speakers that do not produce much bass the pb-2000 will likely integrate good. Larger speakers however, may not integrate very well because the speakers may have a quicker and louder bass response. This sub doesn’t integrate well with quick, bassy speakers.

The other issues is, you have to be absolutely certain you have the room for it. Yes you may have a spot for that sub, but it may not be the optimal spot. The optimal position may be in an awkward location such as in my 24×14 room. I would have been better off getting 2 sb-1000s and corner loading each. not only would those none port subs likely have quicker bass to match my speakers, but they would be easier to integrate into my room. I found the PB-2000 had heavenly extension, but I could localize the sub on certain frequencies and having such a big box in such an awkward location visually drove me nuts. If you are thinking about getting an SVS sub, I highly recommend taking more time to really consider your subwoofer requirements. I think 2 small SVS subs would be superior to one large SVS sub in most cases unless you are one of the few lucky people that has that magical perfect spot.

Nathaniel Corliss says:

Can I use these subs in an SUV?

Audioholics says:

@Thunder, the PB-2000 has minimal port chuffing. The design is well protected to not be overdrive or create erroneous noises.  It’s a HUGE upgrade from your JBL sub for sure,

Marco 106 says:

In Home theatre pb1000 vs sb2000?

ClayPF says:

I was hoping for a better description of how tight or loose the bass was for music, especially the sealed one versus the ported. Has anyone heard both of these? Is the ported one a bit hollow and boomy?

Mike T says:

Curious if your team has ever reviewed a Power Sound Audio subwoofer?  I believe the PSA owners were formally with SVS.

Dr. Zoidberg says:

I like how his hair matches the backdrop.

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