We review the SVS PB-16 Ultra subwoofer.


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Equipment used for review:
Sony VPL-VW675Es 4K projector:
Sony 65A1E:
XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses:
Integra DRC-R1:
Oppo UDP-203:
Rotel Amplification
M&K S150’s
SVS 20-39’s
Shot on Panasonic GH5:
Sigma 16mm :

More Equipment:

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Raider Fan says:

Sliders are your best friend when trying to move heavy subwoofers around.

David Farris says:

Hey Shane, love the channel, big fan of Audioholics. I was wondering when your review of the AV8805 was coming?

Cruzan9 says:

Nice! I’d love to sit in on a demo of this beast. Years ago I sat in on a demo at a friend’s and the movie playing was The Matrix. Don’t recall the model but the brand was Martin Logan. I imagine this SVS would be just as if not more impressive.

lunytoo says:

I like that marantz 8805. Will you be doing a review on that marantz 8805?

Will World says:

Hey shane have you reached out to JTR or Power Sound Audio about reviewing there subwoofers also ?

THE MOBS says:

2 gs yeah ok

Justin Henry says:

Shane, thinking of going with the PB-4000 (dual) they would be going into a somewhat small room, but what are your thoughts on this sub?

Bayonetta OuO says:

Nice review, subwoofer looks like a beast. Been saving up to buy the SVS PB-2000 for my home theater.

WH250398 says:

Poor neighbours…

Zelko Ninovic says:

Does anyone boost the AVR gain after Audyssey set up or just turn it up with sub volume.

Alton Moore II says:

I have 2, I use them in extended mode.

NewYorkBlack says:

You should test if there is port noise if all 3 ports are opened.

Will S says:

Ugh I can’t wait to finish my basement. Love SVS. Rocking a PB and SB 1000 right now in a couple of my rooms. Will get the big boys for the basement.

The Edge of Tomorrow is one of my favorite things to use to test. Freaked my gf out.

John Tullio says:

great subwoofer, great review. I have a pb4000 and that’s awesome so I can imagine the performance from your multi pb16 setup….very sweet and love your reviews. great work mate

Wayne S King says:

Found this channel while searching out AV info. The presentation and details of the reviews are always on point.

Marlon Cruickshank says:

That’s a beautiful beast.

Mario Duncan says:

Great review shane what speakers are you useing?

76sagman says:

Always great reviews. Will you be getting your hands on and reviewing the hw n950 from Samsung anytime soon?

Jay Just Games says:

Excellent review!!

MrCorey1991 says:

I dont get why you guys take this route when theres way better options for way cheaper i got a crown xls 2500 2400rms hooked to a yamaha receiver with two armericAn bass xfl 15s in a custom box all for about 2700$ sounds amazing hits over 125db at the couch ive tried svs my new set up blows it away

Richard says:

I wish I could afford two of those , I have two pc2000’s and they are amazing.

ron garcia says:

Wow that’s nice

Jeff Thornock says:

I’ve got two of the SB16 Ultras in my small theater room simply because the sealed design was a better match for my room size and configuration, but I can tell you that SVS subs are second to none in build quality and low frequency response. Hard to match for any amount of money!

Volvo Ew158 says:

I have the SVS PB-12 plus/2

west webb says:

brass tax left youtube?

benn 35 says:

Svs sb2000 or jl d110. Help me

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

Shane did you get the SoundPath Isolation system for that beast? Great review. Congratulations on teaming up with Audioholics!

Raymond Leggs says:

Boom Boom Boom, can you hear that B.A.S.S. Bass..

Randy Salsman says:

Even with that beast you need to run duels, otherwise your stuck with peaks and nulls.

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