SVS SB-2000 Sealed Subwoofer Review

Ported VS Sealed

For sure, a lot of people love the way the SB-2000’s sound, they are tight, accurate, and have plenty of output for me, especially in a dual configuration (duals are a must for good bass anyway).

One thing I did notice with these is that I had to run the subwoofer gain at 50% on the subs themselves to ensure there was enough power. With the previous PB-1000 ported subs, I was able to run them at 40%, which I have to assume has something to do with efficiency being better on a ported sub.

For those mixing sound, 2 channel listeners, or anyone who demands the tightest response possible, dual SB-2000’s are impressive and accurate, and do a great job in home theater too.

My only issue has to do with the sealed design itself, I find it’s a little uncomfortable for me because my ears fatigue easily. Many people will not experience this, but those with autistic children, migraine sufferers, or those with pets would do well to consider ported subs. That said, these sound beautiful and are great for those looking for compact solutions.

SVS SB-2000 (affiliate link):

Subwoofers should reproduce quality sound with authority throughout the humanly audible bass spectrum (20-100 hertz). Most do not.

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Here is the setup at the time of upload:

Amplifier, same as mine (X2000), but updated for 4k and dual subwoofers:

Consider stepping up to an amp with preouts in case you want to get separate power amps later. The X2000 does not have them, I believe the X3200 does:

Provided on a demo basis by SVS:

Dual SB-2000 Sealed Subs:




Dual Ported Subwoofers:

Speaker wire:

LG 4K 3D that I replaced previous Vizio with a Square Trade type warranty. Love the LG, some issues aside.

Measurement Mic for use with Room EQ Wizard:

Room EQ Wizard (free, donations encouraged for the guy that created it-not me, use earplugs!):

Mini DSP 2×4 (has a learning curve):

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chad brucato says:

Can you go into more detail about the sealed and the issue you had, what kind of discomfort did you have with your ears. Thanks!

allan benthien says:

testing in a good audio video room  would make a big difference   your duplexs  poor acoustics is brutal   punchy  punchy  move subs  out from wall     tv should be in corner  sub under  just one   dam that sun deck door   I cant believe subs are up against wall   have your ever owned a subwoofer   don’t think so  allan   canada

The Master Vapor says:

I have the same thing that happens to you. I ordered the PB 2000, and I couldn’t be happier. SB is phenomenal for music and great for movies, but I feel much more comfortable in the room with the ported sub. Great review man!

Surround Sound Freak 13 says:

Great review. Still hoping to have any SVS sub in the future. I may try to get one after I get my Dodge Challenger in 3 years.

Mufasa says:

I think your dog is dead

Calvin Pas says:

hey i really wanne go with an 2.1 svs setup sb2000 and prime sattelites are the sattelites loud enough or is the sub overpowering it?

Trinimack says:

A little off topic but do you have any intentions on doing a review on the SVS sb13 ultra ? I had the sb2000 but moving from ported to sealed the sb2000 didn’t pack as much punch as I’d like. I only had the sb13 for two days but so far it seem to be way better than any ported subwoofer I’ve ever heard. Granted the only sub I’ve actually demoed was in Best Buy’s magnolia.

Mufasa says:

out of curiosity, do you cross your subs at 80 or 120hz?

allan benthien says:

this guy is funny   hard to test  in that hallway  heh       17 hzs  your dreaming  your not a bat

Luke Penny says:

How do sb2000, sb4000, and sb16 compare? That would be an awesome video… also all three pb’s comoared in a seperate video as well.

anteej me says:

I may be way off but with your hearing it SB “were uncomfortable” the 17 hz that you could not hear you really could but just not able to produces a tone in your brain to find what it was. for me it is, stupid bug noise like most finding a cricket . smile its all normal

Erick Lopez says:

Just bought the SVS SB-2000 through your affiliate link. Hopefully it delivers more “punch” than my SVS PB-1000.

E.Kent.D says:

HI again to Bear! I am one of those who has the SB2000 and I love it. I have to admit that I never heard the ported version to make a comparison. Also, just listening to music, two channel in a small room.

Mufasa says:


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