SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer & SoundPath Isolation System Review

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SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer & SoundPath Isolation System Review

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SJB666 says:

Has anyone unscrewed the speaker and looked at the back of the speakers magnet to see the rating on it? I want to see a tear down. It’s the only way to be sure.

M A says:

Is it great for movies and home cinema? Or acceptable or bad?

Phil Tong says:

Nice review!  After watching it I purchased this exact setup in piano black and with the isolators is just awesome.  The surprise explosive scenes in movies never fails to shock us with this wicked subwoofer.  I need a good car movie with lots of tracks of deep idling and ripping around next.  Very very very happy with the SVS SB-2000 purchase.

Mojokiller ShiftTwo says:

Any Sub enthusiast should try Pacific Rim the lows are so deep you will end up felling the sub rahter hearing it.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

thanks so much for the review! I’m about to order mine!

SoundsRight says:

Sold my stuck on “standby” mode sunfire mk IV for $200 and picked this one up for $500. Not bad of a sub. Very clean bass. Thumbs up.

Guernsey Kirk says:

I’ve hooked this beauty with a Canton Dm 75 tv soundbase which due to its size is limited with regards surround sound however with the SVS sub this has unquestionably put the quality of sound to a hole new dimension. Coupled with a five year warranty that SVS offer including postage and they will take back the sub if you ever wish to upgrade. It’s an absolute no brainier if your thinking of splashing your hard earned cash with confidence 🙂

Bhavya Saran says:


Ulf Larsson says:

two sb 2000 or one sb 13 ultra

Jim Burke says:

would you be able to live with this sub for your home cinema needs? I liked your review but wanted to ask if it would sound too anemic in a large room setting? I am thinking of dual sb2000’s but would appreciate your input and overall impressions of how robust the sub is as compared to a ported sub for home theater!
Thank you~

Cristian Tolbaru says:

Great and on point review; i’m very interested in buying this sub; from your experience with this, the LFE in movies is powerfull and air moving enough? considering it’s a sealed box. Did you ever felt like a ported box would perform better, like the PB2000 for example? my room is about 248 ft^2

dans la bouche de la presse says:

This is $950 in my country.
Also all SVS subwoofers/speakers are made in China. In best case scenario, the SVS products that are sold in USA may be asembled in USA, but with components produced in China. This was the case since SVS exist and this doesn’t mean they produce subwoofers with cheap components.

Kwales66 says:

This looks and sounds ( spec-wise ) like a great Sub – Enjoy ! 

TechMan says:

Awesome video. I agree with your opinions

Darren Gator says:

500 watts wow I bet your neighbors loved you when you cranked up the volume!!!! LOL Awesome video Dave.

Ulf Larsson says:

thinking of that or a sb 13 ultra

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