The Bic F12 is the best cheap subwoofer! Review, demonstration, thoughts..

Review of the Bic F12 subwoofer. Here is the different sections:
0:37 My qualifications and experience with subwoofers
1:29 The bottom line (summation of my thoughts)
1:55 Hands-on overview
4:20 Demonstration with Inception (2010)
5:29 Demonstration of output levels with decibel meter
6:12 Budget subs vs high end ones: which specs matter?
7:19 If you can save money what should you get instead?
7:39 Receiver settings
8:10 Summary and closing remarks


Dylan Harrison says:

I own one and it’s alright but not the best. Bass goes down to about 20-25Hz no problem but has some distortion at very high volumes. Volume control is extremely sensitive and RCA input is loud as fuck. Crossover label seems wrong. Still sounds good but I still don’t think it’s perfect.

Skutti Mani says:

pls suggest me
Monitor audio bronze 2 (5.1)
iam confused with bronze w10 or svs pb 1000

BlackTower says:


TheJohnberger says:

what about the bic acoustech pl200ii? I’ve seen rave reviews about it over the f12 from audio engineers…

Sreejith Raj says:

Can we connect two tower speakers to the subwoofer??

theflowerhead says:

Great review! an you review EVERYTHING? ♡♡♡

Toby Hines says:

Dual PB-1000’s for over 1 year, very happy with Bass output Movies and Music. My old DAK Sub no output below 40Hz, But used it for 25 Years.

Zach Moore says:

I appreciate the directness of this review. I almost purchased one of these, I think my next sub will be a HSU research 12 inch model.

xTheDarkSiderx says:

6:00 , db measurmenst are taken at 1m away from the speaker

Michael Smith says:

Great, quality review. I’ve been debating on jumping on this sub for a while now, this review definitely helped persuade me

Jessentis says:

its weird just to watch it juggle

Munks says:

You are pronouncing subwoofer wrong, it is like sub-wuefer not sub wooofer

Gspsx says:

Why SVS over a Rythmik? FVX15 is only a couple hundred dollars more.

Simplicity says:

I am curious if you have heard the Klipsch R-115SW. Your recommendation at the price point was the PB-2000 and having owned it myself I agree that it is a monster subwoofer, especially considering that it is a 12 inch woofer, but after hearing the performance or the Klipsch R-115SW I actually returned the PB-2000 and purchased it. The SVS has higher raw output in the 24-35 hz range and is audibly meaner sounding but the Klipsch digs deeper and you can FEEL the bass, and it is no slouch in that range itself.

Was curious what your thoughts were because they are considered by many to be the same price range with the klipsch frequently going on said for around 700

Chris Feuerlein says:

I have the bic f12 and for only around 50$ I did a crossover mod, change a few wire configuration s and now the sub can reach as low as 15 and has earth shattering lows and crystal clear. and I also removed everything from the sub box inside and out. then I sprayed the inside with Rust-Oleum spray rubber seal did 3 coats and also sprayed a nice neat clean good coat of rubber sealant on all the areas where the sub and amp are screwed in at, so that it creates a really good seal between them and the box . and all because of those few modifications for right under $50 this sub is totally off the charts with it’s clear deep rich sound and earth shattering bass.

Toby Hines says:

Subbed Good info and review.

tigerbalm says:

College? I can’t even afford that setup now!

Mark Herbert says:

I have a create 35watt stereo guitar amp that lacks bottom end .I also have a peavy 4 x10 bass cab what do Ineed to do to make powered sub


bro i love your video i am going to buy it now

Accuracy158 says:

Usually turn it up to about 6? I use to run one at about 4 but even that was too much and ended up backing down to about 3.

toddNothingClever says:

I really appreciate this video. This is the first I’ve come across where someone uses a mic that can capture low frequencies in a sub review video. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Gabrijel Pezelj says:

for the money its really worth it. If it was priced higher,it wouldnt make sense to buy it next to choices from SVS. I do own F12, andI am convinced it can go lowerthen 25Hz, there are occasions where I would feel bass in my stomach and legs, before hearing it. (ex. Free state of Jones, the very beginning, with canon fire in background)

Virgel Boyd says:

Have you tried the Dayton Audio Sub 1200? If so how would you say this compares?

Jumpman 23 says:

how do you hook that up to your pc

breakspirit says:

good review man. The other reviews of this sub are such crap.

justin sanchez says:

is this some old jbl studio monitors behind you?

Friendly Cleaning Services says:

It’s a pretty amazing sub. At the price it’s a really amazing sub

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