underseat subwoofer Kenwood KSC-SW11 (review and sound test)

review of the kenwood KSC-sw11 i have under the driver seat of my 1999 toyota 4runner.

find the Kenwood KSC-SW11 here:
https://goo.gl/TvpdHL (brand new)
http://amzn.to/2ka5MS1 (with amp kit)
http://amzn.to/2k8hJXE (Certified refurbished)

Hands Way Up – Gunnar Olsen (intro)
Brown Bag – Silent Partner (sound test)

my other youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/tdubskid


Calvin James says:

I already have subs in my pickup and looking for a little more bass but don’t have the room. Is this Powered Sub really that noticeable ? or is it only noticeable In a non premium sound system?

tmccread says:

are u tdubs kid? swear to god this is you i know voice to well

abba2y2k says:

What other speakers are you running? the highs sound really good

‍1marcelfilms says:

one of these or similar under seat of my geo should be a nice

K4g4m1 says:

That’s pretty cool actually.

Ronald Bassil says:

Do you have 2 of these installed ( one under each seat ) or one is sufficient under the drivers Seat.

I have a Toyota Prado and your video was spot on as I dont want to waste the space in the trunk for Amp, Box and the woofer

Just contemplating bout getting one or two

dank9288639 says:

damn that’s so much bass, you can probably do a hair trick with that thing

Sam Quiroz says:

Could this work with a stock sound system? what I mean is that I don’t have any aftermarket pieces in my car.

Knievelgod1 says:

Great review, I’m sold 🙂

Richie Rich says:

can anyone help a brother out? i have this sub and i have a stock head unit. is there anyway to make this work without going to the head unit?

Rickey Brown says:

Does this vibrate your seat crazy while driving?

Havel The Wall says:

this is how reviews are supposed to be.


Can i put two or more of this together?

Nielsv100 says:

That difference is really big actually

Tyler Anderson says:

Hello, I just purchased a Kenwood hideaway speaker. Can I mount two in a car somehow? If so please email me at boomerou80@gmail.com. Thank you so much.

Adrian Latos says:

well done with sound recording ! way to go

Grim Aka Statik says:

wow for $150 that bumps hard

starter163 says:

What track is that?

Brawly Foil says:

will this work even without an after market radio?

Stephan Germishuizen says:

Plz tell me you have stock speakers?

Nicola Ripiccini says:

Pioneer clone 😀


sounds the same.on and off

rafabr marti says:

i can use two subwoofers?? (w Pioneer hu 8086 6ch) or i need a amp?

simpsonmc says:

Cool review! I’m looking at one of these for my Jeep Wrangler.

Matthew Full says:

bassisgood QUESTION I HAVE A 97 RUNNER SR5 do you think they would fit behind the interior trim panel in the hatch or do you think the movement would be bad for them

nomag nomag says:

does it really make a difference? With that price tag you could get a full sized sub so I just want to know if it would have the same or close to the same effect as a full trunk sub

Assasinpiggles says:

Wow! that sub provides a bunch of sound that others don’t seem to appreciate. To my ears it sounds quite fuller and wider toned. Instead of sound like it came from one or two speakers, it sounded like the sound was coming from the whole SUV. I love how it rumbled and thumped pleasantly in my own ears. it provides quite a more fuller tone, with only being slightly less natural (less natural is better in this case). The dang thing sounded incredible. Good work, Kenwood.


Good job bro. I definitely could hear the bass improvement

Jackson Kotecki says:

This is how to get a proper ass massage

bassheadray says:

Very well rounded system looks like a clean install and sounds great.

lukie4ever YT says:

what song did you use for testing

quest 34667 says:


jay dee says:

Nice video, just what I was looking for, my stock stereo is a little anemic and needs just a little punch.

blake Lurk says:

can this be plugged into factory wiring w out an amp?

Aashish Devgun says:

what speakers do you have?

Vegas Element says:

Thanks for this. I could definitely tell the difference playing the video through my home hi-fi stereo system with powered sub.

Qu¡noa_K¡ng•• says:

Mid/high range setup?
Sounds great!

mineinspiron says:

I heard the original configuration is good. plus the subwoofer, the mid and high is drowned.
Maybe your mic capture the bass too much. whats the song name, I need to compare when played with headphone.

Kayum Pawatiya says:

great review…. I’m getting one for my 2015 Hyundai Elantra… thanks to you bro…

lick7151 says:

What was the song you were playing it sounded pretty sick.

Aj Robles says:

Just installed and boy its nice for a small car. Thanks man for the great video!

Toshik Verma says:

nice Bro!

ertnesto g says:

I heard no difference’ lol

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