Velodyne Impact-10 Subwoofer Video Review

Velodyne has got to be one of the most recognizable names in subwoofers, and for a long time they priced themselves for discerning consumers who took their bass seriously. Well apparently anyone can now bring low frequency slam into their living room because Velodyne has dropped the cost of entry once more with the new Impact-10 subwoofer. The Impact-10 has a front-firing 10-inch long throw woofer powered by a 150-watt Class-D amplifier. It is priced at just $299 and has a frequency response that goes all the way down to around 32Hz. That’s pretty low, and very respectable for a subwoofer that costs about the same as an iPod.

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PlatinumEagleStudio's says:

Best subwoofer ever made bar none. velodyne makes terrific products. I own this very same subwoofer and so far it sounds fucking gorgeous 😀 beautifully smooth low bass that has a stunning amount of punch. Velodyne wins 😀

rainerk2 says:

In the review, it’s mentioned you can connect directly to the woofer, then to bookshelves. Or alternatively if amp has a direct RCA output to woofer you can do that. Can anyone offer any advice of which one is better for connecting to simple bookshelves (IE only a 2.1 setup)?

Ricardo Frias says:

I just bought the 12 inch version for $50 at a garage sale. Works terrific.


@450o054 If you abuse it.

TheSwimerguy says:

uh yeah but why?

Xlr8hers says:

@BMWKRS03 150W Rms 250W Dynamic Power
Magnet weight is 5.6lbs
32-140Hz +/- 3db
Cone is Coated Fiber

James D says:

I like slam!

shaolin95 says:

this or a Dayton 10?

weru07 says:

смысл пиздеть и не вкл?

450o054 says:

n it only last for 1 week

ben dover says:

can i connect it to a laptop?

Darren Wells says:

People don’t know how to build a good subwoofer stop using foam its trash and the cone use something better

BMWKRS03 says:

Anyone know a few good spec’s:
Magnet weight of the speaker
The -3dB frequencies
The RMS amplifier power output
Also: It looks like a paper cone, not poly or composite. True?

pitteddates says:

Great subwoofer this one

Xlr8hers says:

A week for someone who abuses it anyway. I’ve owned it for months and it’s still kicking. However it’s not loud enough for my blood but it does have great quality sound.

President I'll be back says:

In Russia, the frequent failure of the Velodyne EQ-Max8, EQ-Max10 and Impact series. Burning board amplifiers, factory marriage in Impact-12 series wheezing may occur due to poor-quality amplifiers. In Russia, a very bad technical support, warranty – no more than 1 year! Subwoofers usually work no more than 1.5 years!
Be careful and cautious when buying!

I had a subwoofer Velodayn EQ-Max10 that burned through 1.5 years of use.

(Google translated)

Аnton 666 says:

Анатолий МазалевскийТолько что
  Velodyne Impact 10  самый дерьмовый саб .   Хрипы   проявляться на малом звуке на громком звуке  не так слышно эти жужжание и хрипы. Не советую к покупке   Velodyne Impact !

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