VM Audio Subwoofers Any Good? EXO Review: Encore Series 12″ Subwoofer ECW120 / Cheap Car Sub

After seeing these woofers floating around Instagram lately, I was very anxious to get my hands on them for a full basshead review! Long story short, the build quality was not what I was expecting at all…

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Motor Boat says:

Pure junk

Michael Dean says:

Do you have any information on their amplifiers or do you think it would be the same as the woofer….CRAP???

jesse ver says:

so its a shit woofer. full stop. hahaha. dont buy it. thnx for your honesty.

Kenny Barabino says:

well vm back to the drawing board

Aaron bilger says:

I’m not sure how but someone blew one of these on 350 watts @ 33 hz for 5 minutes with clean power

Jorge Martinez says:

Why didn’t you put it in a box and test it?

TheRealLifeEffect says:

I bet on a good home system those woofers would be great…but as for c.a…..epic fail

Motor Boat says:

I would put a pile driver from the 1990s up against that speaker and it would win

BrothaRobMusic says:

lol I bet they was like “wow, didn’t expect him to be so smart, bad idea”!!!

Moises Mora says:

this is the type of woofer you would buy in a flea market

bogginblazer says:

good review man I really appreciate the honesty

lkjyuiop says:

I’d call it junk and or subs for poor kids

StillBornRec says:

I had two of these when they were cheaper, think I payed 159.99 for two, ran two of them off a ppi black ice 1800.1 (One of the few ppi’s that does rated) for about a year and a half they never got hot ran great I did end up blowing them but I honestly think it was because I was clipping really hard at the time.

Pat Kowalczyk says:

very nice review

Drop the Bass GZ says:

even pyle is better than this

Reem M says:

Hey I know you know everything about audio love your videos do you have any suggestion for me …. I have 2009 F150 with a ported base box for two 15 any suggestions on what 15s I can use budget wise I was looking into the speaker that you’re referring to but then after’s watching this video lol change my mind any suggestions? I was placing the box in my bed of my truck and I also have a bed cover I just want to base. Something you can feel or annoy the neighbors LOL like you

mike marcum says:

there not worth it. I wouldn’t even plug it in to the wall.

Lg G says:

My mouth smells like dick

Eric Walton says:

What is the best brand of speakers out their to buy anybody knows

bigwill kingery says:

thanks exo! good looking!

jaime cervantes says:

The magnet looks a hell of a lot smaller!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

ThisIsSolution says:

I see these woofers on eBay for $30-40, could be a good bargain build. should have tested it though, how you review without a sound test for a woofer??? lololol

Cgmsounds says:

Thanks for the detailed video.

Frankie Theiling says:

i really like these types of videos, you should make more like this

augden fischer says:

If that ring is PA GF30 (polyacrylate glass fiber-reinforced 30%) it’s as strong as Steel.

michoacan91davi says:

Bad review super bad

Mike Griego says:

I think VM audio wanted to see how much their subs suck.

Tristan Johnston says:

I have mine on 30,000 and it’s good I bet mine is better than urs dude

gregory toussaint says:


richisamindset01 says:

It’s too big to be a paper weight so just let the kids play with those.

DJ Fonzi says:

EXO CONTRALTO I am ask you fix subwofer ? I have kick es old 12 and pioneer ? ha???

bert wengenroth says:

Would of like to see you put it in a box.

Kyle sa says:

I love the shape of the cone it just looks like it could produce great sound wave, I think it’s the best feature of the sub

Frankie Theiling says:

$150 tho

Raymond Rasberry says:

Actually a very nice speaker for the price and holds up very well had a set in my car for three years banging everyday thru summer and winter when I had type R in my car that only lasted 10 months I went to these and have no real complaints running them on two autotek mean machine amps

FS Chiru says:

what app is that

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