World’s First Wearable Subwoofer?! (Basslet Review)

Lofelt Basslet Review – Best wearable non-smart watch in 2017? This is the Lofelt Basslet and it’s a wearable sub-woofer. This top tech gadget for 2017, brings the bass to your wrist. From smart home devices to smart watch, iOS or Android Wear, this might be my favorite so far! ▶Lofelt’s website: ▶Subscribe:
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qasimsfl14 says:

Worst 2017 product device goes to…. this

Adam Barrett says:

Wow… $180. I agree they should ditch the dongle, I would be much more willing to drop coin on the Basslet then, but maybe not $180… I mean how much do I really need to FEEL the music? Reminds me of the Skullcrushers from Skull Candy. The biggest concern with the Basslet would be the same issue I had with Skull Crushers. The servos give out over time, and with my usage that time line seemed to be around 1-2 years tops. 🙁

Joseph Braid says:

Try it on your head under the strap of your headset; it’s like a subwoofer on your head and works way better than on your wrist. The combination of the harmonics heard through the headphones combined with the vibration from the basslet makes it sound like a third headphone for bass; I’m amazed at how well this works.

Danny Rivera says:

Definitely not the FIRST wearable sub woofer

MrStevo955 says:

Subpac is way way better guys

Alvin Capalad says:

subwoofer without any sound, ugh. what the heck, waste of money

gaming with chris says:

Can you sub me i sub you

Josh Lalumendre says:

Yeah I’m not going to pay $220 for a product that I’ve never tried and could end up bad. I’ll wait for it to hit best buy and try it out.

josh carroll says:

Rip off, check out the subpac its 20 times the size n not even that much more

peter somjit says:

I wonder if I can use this for the ps4? Like I can use this gadget to replace DS4 vib motors

Q Graham says:

But well all ain’t gonna have a headphone jack soon

DoNotCare says:

Rip people with iPhone 7

DavidSaganHD says:

This is one of those things you get bored with in 2 hours

Aaron K-R says:

What’s the use of feeling the bass if the only aspect of your music is bass because beats 🙁

Hakeem Hakim says:

It’s probably better than that dumb haptic gaming vest.

Sean Kovach says:

i was like sure this is neat ill try it out for 50 buc…..nope its 200 dollars

Pocholo Rafael Resurreccion says:

It’s not the world’s first wearable one you DUMBFUCK

kosakriszi says:

This isn’t the first wearable subwoofer, the Subpac has been out for a while now!

giovanni serrano says:

I will just keep my smartwatch and download a app which can potentially do the same. Or make and app and get some money. Hmmmm

prototype says:

Cool !

Ma Schu says:

… Why…?… I mean… Why? People start creating useless things with technology, that no one ever really asked for! This is called over engineering people!

Tommy Cruz says:

Never heard anyone say “subwoofer” the way you do.

Sam Pendleton says:

FINALLY, a way to feel my music deep inside my left wrist.

giovanni serrano says:

I need an aux port or another adapter…

Adam Hemingway says:

Dag yo.. didn’t know you had to use the wired headphone jack ☹️ I thought it was just a Bluetooth thing.

John Danielle Aldecoa says:

nice video

Alejandro Rodriguez says:

Lmao this product is lameeeeeeeee

Michael Schubert says:

It seems sick but for 220, i dont think it could be worth it considering most earbuds are below this price

wua wua says:

worst money ever spent…its a BIG lie

monge mrxcvi says:

Unique and very useless. Two very rare combinations


iPhone 6 Plus hour?

Christopher Alden says:

Almost bought one, seems awesome. But with that extra transmitter thingy, and an iPhone 7, it will be a daisy chain of ridiculousness. I’ll just wait till every smartwatch maker copies the tech.

CJ HD says:

Not sure being able to feel the bass on a single wrist is much of a game changer

Jade[d] says:


delxxi says:

wtf? $200, you can get a big ass sub-woofer to your floor with that money.

staci Gingerich says:

hmm cool!

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