Z Review – BIC America F12 or (How I learned to stop worrying and buy a Sub)

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Those Orange Speakers [http://amzn.to/2bDhbp2]

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Bobby Davis says:

how can I get in contact whit you thanks

Lance Lust says:

I thought that subwoofers were about the feeling rather than that of sound…?

Ulrik Christensen says:

how the hell can i get this sub to Denmark? i have been searching everywhere!

Daniel O'Connor says:

Hey Z and community, What are your thoughts of how this would balance with the SVS Ultras in a medium size room? Is there anything within $50-100 dollars more that is really going to be better and worth it or will this Sub make me happy?

Swee Pee says:

Hey Z I saw this sub on amazon for $190.00 and I purchased it while watching your review. Maaaaan I hope it’s worth it. But I really trust your opinions!

Shaun Shibu Mathew says:

What do you think of the B&W ASW10CM?

MrBrymstond says:

You can make stereo to mono and yes I know you can’t just twist left and right channels together, but using resistors.

Rao Ba says:

you talk too much

renan villegas says:

Hi I’m just a newbie. I just wanted to ask what kind of amplifier you are using on this demo and for a newbie like me what integrated amplifier you will recommend to get those sounds. Those orange speakers are those the $79 that is on your link? Thanks more power to you.

toofine9 says:

Anything that has America on it has to be crap

potatochobit says:

time to buy a bigger desk, kid. I have a polk psw10 and I hate it.

Fourris says:

Share your playlist body 🙂

Hibercoco says:

I got that Dr. Strangelove reference…

Samual Kalies says:

Could i use this with Pioneer SP-BS22? I am new to speakers and a bit confused by the comment about powered monitor

kilbox 1a says:

Something tells me you are a frequent visitor of /g/…

Danny Giroux says:

I’m just curious, which software are you using when going through the different movies etc?
Is this just a very heavily themed vlc media player or something else?

Also, I’m a new subscriber and I’ve been loving your reviews. We’re both audiophiles/techies.. I just really like your style and choices.

HomeTheatre101 says:

This or PB-2000???

Michael Silva says:

what do u think to conect this to elear b6s ? im between do that or just buy the jbl lsr 308 its just to listen music , my source its just my pc and the chord mojo dac , i can spend 400 dollar please help what is the better option

Hemi Connor says:

How would I use powered monitors with this sub?

Colby Perry says:

How tf did my he400is keep up with that sub during that edge of tomorrow clip fuckin hell

this guy says:

Hey guys I’m looking to get a new surround sound system and I’m looking at the yamaha 4930 5.1 any input? I know it’s 5.1 but can’t I rig up two of these subs to it?

MrBrymstond says:

Subs sound the best on the floor, plus you get a better bass response

krazymilkman says:

dude ur hilarious! love ur reviews bro

Josh Crow says:

surely you could split the outputs on your dac to use this with powered monitors?

Dingus Dangle says:

So you wouldn’t be able to use this sub with lsr305s when they’re both connected to a pc soundcard? Damn, I nearly bought this sub too. :^(

Vlad Lucian says:

*Skips a little throught the video*
*Ends up at 4:18 * : “I can’t fist this one”
I LOL’d.

Jumpman 23 says:

can i plug 2 tweeters into it so ihave sound besides a sub? this is for my pc i wanna order it asap??? if i cant find out i will just buy logitech z623 it comes with 2 speakers already plugged in

RustyHardware says:

My Klipsch RW12D digital controls pcb is fried so I cant control the crossover/volume etc. I am wondering if this would be a downgrade or if it would suffice until I can afford a real upgrade down the road.

BrianS.15 says:

please review it against its rival… the Polk psw505

Michael Silva says:

One man , One cat , a lot of speakers, i like ur videos man hahahaha my wife don’t understand lol

Chandrasekhar Baruva says:

Hi Z review: Thank you for your below suggestion. Have one more query, how do you rate between SVS PB -1000 (10’/19Hz low) and Sunfire SDS 12 (12inch/25Hz low). which has more punch,rumble and thump bass ,as I’ve auditioned each in different locations unable to decide between these two. Kindly guide me.

SilentGloves says:

Funny story: The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 sitting beneath my desk made me impressed with the performance of this Bic. Ha!

magzire says:

anyone suggest a good pair of monitor speakers for around 200-300$ to go along with this sub? time to upgrade my shit

Tony Dupre says:

The TRON Legacy soundtrack is so amazing. A perfect example of a soundtrack that expertly fits the style and universe of the film.

jkmc48 says:

Hi does the crossover setting on this work if I have it connected from a speaker amp like the SA50s through the 5way binding posts ? Thanks

Tim Rots says:

i’m not getting really close with 10 dollars am i?

Mykal Fury says:

Well, UPS delivered the F12 4 days ago & this sub
I’ve noticed it’s becoming more musical as it breaks in.
Whatta’ power-house!
I’m gonna watch a Transformers or Star Trek film
tonight to really run her thru the motions.
Thanks for the upgrade ideas!
My 12×12 ft quaint HT is now a thunder dome!
Next up, the front 3 speakers will be upgraded.
Those upgrade will hafta’ be wall mounted so my option
for ELAC B5’s may not be optimal.
We’ll see.

pmoulton77 says:

Awesome and very helpful review man, much appreciated. This was the deciding factor for me to buy one.

calholli says:

My F12 bis blown … don’t have my receipt? .. not sure what to do about the warranty??
it still works, but it has that classic blown voice coil sound at low and mid volumes.

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