Z Review – Dayton ULTIMAX 15″ SUBWOOFER [Worth the Wait? Hell Yeah!]

[http://amzn.to/2DhyAS5] — On Amazon
[https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-15-ultimax-subwoofer-and-cabinet-bundle–300-7097] — On Parts-Express
[http://amzn.to/2ELMYPj] — Crown Amp
[http://amzn.to/2D5jprH] — SpeakOn Female
[http://amzn.to/2DeB9F3] — SpeakOn Male

Build Video : https://youtu.be/T4CNy2bHo5k

Wallpaper : https://i.imgur.com/FDivj4y.jpg

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Keith Anderson says:

It finally happened? Holy crap!

Elie Hatem says:

We need the HD660S rev… fuck it I give up

ry lr says:

what about the Behringer iNuke NU6000 (~2000 Watts for 2 channels) for 2 subs at ~$350?

isoertz says:

All that power and the driver moving in and out just turns me on. I cannot explain that.

d0nj03 says:

“Subwoofers are dumb. Why do we do this?” <-- Actually what the video had already made me ask myself by that point. :))

AbdullahDanze says:

Are you using the ohm microwalsh center in this ?

UniCrafter says:

I’d suggest trying out subs with decaf if you wanna show movement, easier than movies, easier than tones (and more interesting), only downside is they aren’t generally produced well, or are only decent to listen to with a decent sub or earphones that rip out your brain and put it back, which you are into.

yoochoobb says:

I’ve asked many times for a sub review and so have many others (on Twitch steams). “Not even once asked me to review it”, pfft! But thanks anyway 🙂
Wait, then much later you said people have been pleading for this review?

Mr Vin says:

very cool

Sven Muilwijk says:

Can’t see shit

Cole McMahon says:

x men apocalypse is shit

Monsieur イーサン says:

So Z, did you provide the bass for the riot yesterday?

Bas Lankwarden says:

hey z review the dayton audio t652 air’s

Dr.Tymebom says:

Hey Zeos, have you done a like a setup tour or maybe a video guide featuring your setup in detail. I’m really interested in getting a home theater audio set-up; there is just so much I don’t know (Love the reddit guides!)

Reilly Woods-murphy says:

Have you done anything to the sound system in your Chevy Caprice ppv

SteadyMTB says:

I had a pair of these in my HT room a couple of years ago, sealed 100L and a Behringer 2500 for power – awesome but too much for my little room so I sold them and built a small pair using Eminence Lab 12’s, not as much fun but more control. I deffo recommend these ultimax drivers for a large room 😉

Mark says:

new subbie …
how do you get 3 week old comments on a video published today???

Milton Hernandez says:

Do you use a stock stereo in your car?

JoylessDancer says:

The real question is D-Sonic mono blocks or Red Dragons mono blocks?

Brian visek says:

your neighbors must hate you

Talha Hussain says:

Why are there comments from 3 weeks ago when this was just uploaded?


I stopped everything that I was doing to see this.

Yuriy Paranyuk says:

Zeos has the voice of Robert Downey Jr., I thought that it was Zeos “dubbing” the dialog at the start of the movie.

3en6ie 3en6ie says:

Would 2 8″ sealed subs with a 2 channel amp be good for stereo music?

Māris Samats says:

There is an 18″ version as well!
wink wink

duraiden says:

I used to have an Infinity powered sub, and the amp fried in it too. Seems to be a common trend. Love how it sounded, though.

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