Z Review – Rythmik FVX15 (Servo Subwoofer)

Rythmik Subs are available only Direct @ [http://www.rythmikaudio.com/FVX15.html]
Watch Sicario on Amazon [http://amzn.to/1PAmcKC] (It’s Awesome)

So if you choose to dance with the devil in the pale moon light… Do so in disco pants. Big thanks to Rythmik for providing the demo unit. I have a feeling this will stick around for quite a while.

Universal Use Yoga Foam Blocks/ Sub Stand/Headphone Stand/Speaker Stand : [http://amzn.to/1RyHN4a]

Wallpaper : http://i.imgur.com/OfFX1OV.jpg

—————————Bonus List
The rest of the system consists of a Tascam PA-R200 Branded 7.2 Receiver (AKA an Integra 30.4)
A pair of Emotiva Airmotiv6 Monitors [https://goo.gl/0Wyfln] in the front
Some Sound Appeal 6.5’s [http://amzn.to/1UbGT2q] on the sides and
Micca MB42x in the back [http://amzn.to/1TIxnFF]

The Pair of Martin Logan Dynamo 300’s under the front channels are switched off for these tests and usually only used for Direct Stereo mode tied in directly with the front monitors.

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kevin moore says:

this sub or vf15mk2

E Dubbz says:

Kinda odd for frequently used controls (music vs HT) to be on the rear w/o a remote. Is it annoying to have the sub turned around, ports towards the wall?

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

would you rather have a single 600w FVX15? or Dual SVS PB-2000’s…

justind33 says:

I think your review broke my Elac S10EQ sub.

Donald Valinski says:

Love the reviews and subs most of all.i have a M&k thx 350 dual sub in a push pull design.i would like to know what is the best sub you have tested.i would like to buy or build a awesome sub.possibly with a re 15″ speaker.do you have any input.there are not a lot of diy home theater sub builds to get info for.lots of car audio stuff but not much home theater.

Lyngdorf says:

Is that a Volvo seat? 😀

Bernardo Silva says:

Zeos, much appreciated. I know you own this sub, but between this and the PSA V1500, which do you think is more capable? My room is about 2500 feet, so a bit bigger than yours.

Sean Hoyt says:

surprising they don’t make a FVX12, right? OK, so 400W FVX15 or 600W sealed E15HP for a little bit more. I kinda like the compact sealed which still has 14Hz -3dB.

fredy gump says:

I’m not convinced that the “stupid” movie clip is sub-20hz. I’m getting a fair representation of the low frequency on my genelec 7060…which goes down to only 19hz. And I hear the resonances through my mains, which is a new experience.

Annabelle Tay says:

Mr Z, the LOWEST Hz for fv15hp is how many Hz exactly?????

Glen Hill says:

Rythmik vs SVS ultra?

TheMrFishnDucks says:

that is an awesome sub-woofer. keep up the good work.

StarQuakeking says:

Your neighbors must hate you. With the white, hot, violent passion of a thousand suns. On the verge of supernova. Cresting the event horizon of a black hole.

Erik Coulombe says:

17hz is about as low as a person can hear correct? so 12hz must be just a feeling yes?

Humberto Carmona says:

Rythmik or power sound ?

Carravagio16 says:

Rythmik audio, shitty web site, great subs

Mark Paine says:

How do I get my wife to approve of this?

tasan tosin says:

you are noing gay


your very precise,i can respect that although i cant ever tell if your mad about the product or just really serious

Izaki says:

Can you use a small DAC like a Scarlett with a sub like this or do you need a HT receiver?

EDIT: I should clarify, I use a Scarlett 2i2 to my Behringer A500 to my JBL Studio 530s. How would I go about incorporating a sub into this setup? Sorry in advance for the noobie question.

SYCO Miami FLow GROW says:


Erik Coulombe says:

your system sounds great,,what do you use your svs ultra book shelf speakers? what do you have for front left and right?

Annabelle Tay says:

dude, rythmik fv15hp or fvx15hp OK I believe they are the same Hz. now, my question is I been Searching up and down for the frequency response, some website said its 18hz the lowest, some forum said the lowest frequency response is 14hz. and some said nope for lowest is 12hz. you know the best and I seriously trusted you, because you are overly knowledge on rythmik. can you please tell me which is the correct answer? the LOWEST frequency response HZ of Rythmik fv15hp frequency response is how many Hz? I just got my fv15hp received today hehehe

Robert Burke says:

why do you have the sub facing toward the wall?

Unchained 81 says:

Have you ever tested/reviewed Bag End subwoofers?

robrath31 says:

Zeos! Whoa! You actually turned down the volume?! You don’t do that often so it really must’ve been loud that sub! 🙂

SYCO Miami FLow GROW says:

What do you think about F-25

grant gill says:

How does this compare to the SVS pb2000 and the Pb13 ultra?

James Peroceschi says:

when will you review their new 18? I really like your reviews which sounds like a lot of people do, I like the new ultra 16 but for 2500 I’d rather have 2 for 1 in the first place and if the rythmik 15 impressed u, im ready to go buy the 18 cause I,ve been waiting to upgrade and will do so soon from dual 13.2s in a sealed enclosure to the new rythmik now instead of the psa, which they sounded a little arrogant to talk to but I don’t know everything so if u would please take a look at there 18 please and thank you for some good info on your site!

Pepsiaddicto says:

Haha, you don’t get any neighbor complaints living in an apartment?

Damien OBrien says:

What would be a good sub to use with powered monitors?

SYCO Miami FLow GROW says:

Rhythmic audio

chemicallust77 says:

Maybe consider a storage unit?…js.
all that clutter would drive me insane

Bankhead 1 says:

Subscribed.. I found my alter ego

Eoghan Doherty says:

Really going to need you to review Rythmik’s 18″ Sub!

Kamal Hossain says:

Which sub did you like for sound wise: Rythmik FVX15 or the PSA Audio S1500?

Greg Wallace says:

Where did you get the foam blocks?

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