Z Review – SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer

SVS PB2000 Sub : [http://amzn.to/1R4X9j6]

Dual PB1000’s [http://amzn.to/1KlyR53]

Svs Site [http://www.svsound.com/]

Jamo C601’s [http://amzn.to/1QgfexV] (Each)
Emotiva Control Freak (Balanced) [http://amzn.to/1Tkr0Yn]
Unbalanced (aka RCA) out of stock.
Shure 840 Monitors [http://amzn.to/1Tkrhum] (I trust these)

So SVS’s subwoofer line is highly sought after. This PB2k being the finish line of many an audiophile and home theater enthusiast alike. Actually a bit light weight for its girth this 500watt, Sixty Five pound sub can shake any room you put it in. Just be sure to put the right size sub in your room as this 2000 ported can be too much to handle for smaller locals. There is also SVS Bill of Rights that guarantee’s your satisfaction. [http://www.svsound.com/pages/bill-of-rights]

Subwoofer Crawl Picture : http://i.imgur.com/4JXDIbP.jpg

Wallpaper : http://i.imgur.com/aHiYZDa.jpg

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Mike Grown says:

Why is that baby not on the floor??

flyingkaratechop says:


Greg Wallace says:

You could constantly run this amp really low putting out a low rumble and just drive everyone in your complex nuts… they would all wonder what the hell is going on and would not be able to figure out where it was coming from…LOL! You also probably would not have any problem with bugs, they would all head for the hills.

arrshyan says:

Z could you please recommend or review the smallest possible sub for using with desktop speakers?

Thanks for the videos keep up the good work.

JCT3 says:

For what it is worth, I find the volume on your videos to be too low on my Mac Book Pro. Could be me but maybe there is something you can do on your end. Thanks and I enjoy your reviews.

haris javed says:

Hahahaha that sound effect @ 1:40…..lol

AustinPetDetective says:

Your cat approves of your sub.

chandu kp says:

need review for Klipsch R115 SW

Sean Hoyt says:

I have Vanatoo T1 in a 8×16 office on stands at 34″ along short wall. Sine sweep shows they pretty much drop off at around 35Hz. So, I’m thinking I’d add a SB-1000 but does it allow me to pass the Vanatoo’s line level as an input to the sub? It would only be a single channel. My goal is to cross over the SB-1000 pretty low and have the V1 continue to take care of midbass 50Hz+ and ADD in the SB-1000 rather than use the sub-out which engages the 120Hz crossover on the V1s. Yeah?

alec meredith says:

What glitch mob song was that?

Badzazz says:

Hi Z! would you recommend to putting subwoofers in platforms? Thanks!

Roger Levy says:

this Man is mad . so many speakers what is wrong with you

Dugi Devet says:

Wait a sec , you dont have a dual sub pb 2000?
this is lol….
You dont even know whats the sound is when you get those dual and separated as stereo subs.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

SB-2000 vs. PB-2000….The most emotional thoughts of my life right now. Le sigh

Suhbat Shugan says:

you need to review a REL acoustics subwoofer. Simply astounding for music.

Stephen paul Trethewey says:

Love your sub dude.

Armedlegally says:

If I could get your opinion I love music mostly I currently have 1 Klipsch 12″ should I spend the money to get the second 12 Klipsch or just save up a few more months and drop it on the SVS pb2000. Thanks in advance….You’ve certainly earned another sub.

adam99x2004 says:

I want to thank you again, Zeos, for your time and reviews on youtube. I told myself that this is the year that I’ll be buying speakers. Because of your reviews and quite frankly, your honestly when it comes to these products, I now own the SVS Ultra Bookshelves along with the PB-2000. I’m not sure if I”ll be getting the SVS Ultra Rears (you didn’t seem to like the PRIME versions of them)…but we’ll see as getting 2 of them are $1200 (for 2 rears…ridiculous). Anyway, keep up the good work!

Pepsiaddicto says:

I’ve decided on dual SVS 2000 series, but I’m really debating cylinders or boxes. Do you have any opinion on the cylinders? Huge 21×22 room.

Cody Brownfield says:

Have you done the 15″ sealed Dayton audio review?

ClessLaser says:

My room is 13.6 x 11.5 and 8 ft floor to ceiling. Will this sub be overkill for my room?

reffoelcnu alouncelal says:

I thought my fridge started to vibrate when the sub kicked ,

Greg Lamb says:

Any plans for an sb-2000 test?

peanut McPherson says:

I thought he was singing too.but I like the song what’s the name

eric strada says:

You do this shit in an apartment? If I were your neighbor I’d have you killed.

Techno Dad says:

Another great review man! I am upgrading my home theater. I just got the Klipsch RP-150Ms (I watched your review and sound test of those) as my surround speakers, a Klipsch RP-250C Center channel, 2 Klipsch RSX-5 for Atmos, and 2 Klipsch RP 280fs for left and right. I was going to go with a Klipsch 12″ sub, but I think this SVS PB-2000 might be a better option. What do you think?

Orlando Flores says:

The video is dizzying to watch. Shame because I was interested in the review. Couldn’t take more than 10sec. of it.

Johnny 08 says:

what song is that at 6:30

Lord Nightshade says:

do you need amp that can push 500W RMS or you just connect it to his amp?

Daws430 Overalls says:

How do you think these would pair with ELAC Debut B6’s?

kas' n things says:

Help! Mostly movies…
I have a space constant on the left side of the system.
I can fit the PB 2000 on the right-hand side but will not fit on the left.
I’m considering placing a SB 2000 on the left and PB 2000 on the right.
Or would two PB 1000 be the way to go?
I would actually prefer two SB 2000s if it gave me the volume at low end.
They mo pretty n e way!!!
What would be your thoughts?

[SMJ]StretchMyJerky says:

I see you like Kill La Kill 😉

45eno says:

Like the speaker reviews. Dislike the hyper sexual desktop wallpaper and dolls around the house of young girls. I know it is called Anime, it is still creepy on a pedo level , especially for a grown man.

William Hollister says:

Dude, thanks for saying very little about the sub and making me motion sick with that head mounted camera. For crying out loud, you’ve got everything else, invest in a tripod…. and shampoo your carpets while you’re at it.

TOom Jones says:

Problem with this clown is he actually has no idea how to properly set up a sub. These reviews are rambling nonsense and talking to himself.

Thomas Valenti says:

First off just wanna say I love your videos and your cat lol Secondly I hope you can help with a honest straight forward answer regarding my current situation. I’m stuck between duel pb-1000’s vs duel pb-2000’s do you feel the difference between the two for a home theater is worth it? And if so how would you compare it to a solo rythmik 15? idk if it would be best to go duel with the better of the two svs or with the single rythmik? I’d appreciate any input.

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