Z Review – SVS PB13 ULTRA Subwoofer

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Ask anyone what is the best sub in the world is and they will probably say SVS. Ask SVS what is the best sub in the world and they will probably say the PB13. Ask Zeos what is the best sub in the world and he will probably scream… WHAT?!… I CAN’T HEAR YOU!.. GGRrrrlasjdlkjbbb

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MaddoxInc says:

Hippies have said before that the gov supposedly can manufacture earthquakes… I believe it now..

OL Oilmann says:

Boy I hope your neighbour downstairs is Deaf, because they have pb16 now!

Raymond Leggs says:

HOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!! (Rattle rattle rattle) 🙂

land otter1 says:

World’s first basshead cat…. i like this cat!

Justin Loving says:

I wonder if you were sitting in a massive null….

Rohit Sharma Bommireddipalli says:

for a 18*20 room this or the pb16

Mister Leon says:

I had to stop the video because I couldnt listen to anything more coming out of your mouth

MasterMech77 says:

Right around the 20:00 mark… the low end thrown from the sub literally distorted the video… NOW that is impressive.

Rui Pedro Silva says:

My diy sub does the same thing (16:21), it rattles the pans in the kitchen! Nevertheless I first thought about SVS as they make extraordinary subs that can be straight out flat with Hi-fidelity for music as well, but the price was killing my project, and so I did all my 7.1 setup and it turned out quite well imo, just finished the upgrade from my 5.1 to 7.1 yesterday with the completion of the missing speakers. Congrats on the Sub and all your rig, quite awesome that DIY screen projector you got there!
PS: that part of edge of tomorrow is crazy as hell!!!!

Darius McCaskill says:

what mids and highs do you buy with this, or do you even need them because of the voice coil?

OL Oilmann says:

You are not supposed to hear the subwoofer not only not know where it is in the room but not hear it it is to fill in the sound! Which by your description is exactly what it does.

Paul MacKinnon says:

i need one asap

djlapio93litlebro says:

And can you belive PB16 would sound better?

Сергей Красуля says:

Кот бедолага ходит контуженный)))

Antonio José Victoria says:


Stephen Lam says:

would u recommend the svs 13 or rhythmic fx15

Ranil Raj says:

how do u guys run ur movies like streaming online or hard drive??? If u do than also try a original dvd from store there will be a huge difference between surround and bass believe me I’ve tried. just for suggestion buy max max in dvd!!!!

David Jones says:


Gomez561 says:

Great review as always! Entertaining AF lol

Nizm0350z says:

Your neighbors must love you lol. I want to replace my Klipsch 15″ sub with one of these. Or maybe i’ll just add it and do 7.2

BROmero says:

I enjoy the quake of this sub, but my Velodyne DPS 12 sounded so much better all around… I’m kind of pissed that I spent all that money on this sub and it has 0 chest hit. Music is boring with this sub, I have to rely on my towers for a punch and they do not deliver. FUCK ME TWICE! Sorry I am not ecstatic about this sub as most of you are…

Willie D. Washington says:

Hey, man… how does this stack up against the *PSA V1500* you reviewed 2 years ago?

Vlad Lucian says:

If I could afford one, I would buy it SOOOO FAST! Too bad I’m just a highschool student who lives on daddy’s money.

TimmyD853 says:

it’s alive!!

kevin moore says:

does your rythmik sound even close to the pb 13

Lipcsai Szilveszter says:

which movies is at 21:20?

The righteous One says:

What happened? I just watched your other video and you were unboxing the PB16? The 16 is the top of the line

dreamaster9000 says:

Years ago I made a homemade subwoofer with a 15″ driver… and first time I tested it I hit it with a 20hz test tone and like you… could hear nothing. I was really disappointed. And then… in the other room I hear my wife and mother and law screaming “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE IN ARKANSAS!” I walk into that next room and stuff is just coming off the walls. They were so panicked… OMG I laughed all day from that.

Cuerex says:

fuck zeos, your subwoofer tests freak out my 8 inch subwoofer xD it also dropped some items off my table

sebastian johnson says:

I want one can’t get it in london any help

John Vasica says:

im sure your neighbours want to kill you

StarcraftGT500 says:

Have you heard of hsu research? I’ve heard of reviews saying they have some of the best subs on the market. Would love to know your thoughts on them. If ya don’t know them, here is a link.

NotnaRed says:

My theory is still that there are two 25 inch woofers hidden in that thing haha

OL Oilmann says:

Resonance frequencies and standing waves cause floors to bounce!

Андрей Борджиа says:

Для музыки этот саб не подходит.Только бухтение,а не бас

Erik Coulombe says:

Your Rythmik sub demo sounded just as impressive to me on my system as this svs 13 ultra. But in person what do you like the most.

Erik Coulombe says:

for 1500 you can have the 800 watt duel 15 from rythmik with xlr connection,,,and like you said it goes to 14 hz that’s lower than the svs,,between those 2 the duel rythmik and the PB ultra 13 what would you buy to keep for movies and music?

Jose Maldonado says:

1:20 cat thinking: “WTF is this guy doing? The sub is perfect.”

2manyusarnames says:

Get a house!

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