Z Review – SVS PB16 Ultra (174.5lbs of Structural Murder)

SVS PB16 Ultra [http://amzn.to/2qCwjax]
SVS PB32 Ultra [http://amzn.to/2qCMC6V]

SVS Product Page [https://www.svsound.com/pages/16-ultra-series] Check out the Free In-Home trial


UNboxing Video : https://youtu.be/vuvmv8iMh4o
REboxing Video : https://youtu.be/ure1s22R4JY

PB16 Rated Furnature Sliders [http://amzn.to/2rGAkPt]
PB16 Rated Foam Blocks [http://amzn.to/2qHMGll]

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Oneness100 says:

that room is too damn small for that large of a sub woofer.  You should get a bigger room that’s designed to handle that sub and have the room designed to handle large SPL of low frequencies, otherwise it’s going to sound like crap.  Damn, doesn’t anyone pay attention to room acoustics?

sam s says:

lol.. this retard lives in an apartment….. rip to his neighbors…what a douchbag bum.

Dovetale says:


The sticky note FLYING out of that port.

It had my laughing for over 5 minutes.

WPWW says:

where do you find speakers like this?

EL EVO says:

That’s just an Over Kill. It’s for those that always have to have the biggest and Baddest of them all. Or think because they paid top dollars and it’s the biggest, they got the Best. That’s not always the case in most cases.

Thanks for the Video

Demon the devil games says:

What program were you using to play the music?

E rock says:

When u never get laid

UFC says:

You talk too much!

Augustus heidecker says:

hay stupid thee some ping called a dole learn it

TJ Ellis says:

like french kissing a leaf blower kinda power?

Siegschranz says:

That fan induces a subconscious level of anxiety and discomfort.

Fog says:

Surely this is for a full size cinema. Why would anyone want this in the consumer market?


I have a Stereo Integrity IB 24… @ $700 each they are $1700 less than this SVS sub… They destroy this SVS sub in SPL and SQ…so do your research @ SI……

Brian Morgan says:

It would be nice if you shut up and played some Rush or Pink Floyd I’d probably of finished this video !

AverageNiceGuy says:

Physics class with subwoofers! Cool, Thanks

Roy Poud says:

Those OHMS though!!!!!!!!

ll READY ll ChorizoGiver says:

25:40 is what you’re here for, you’re welcome.

ben h says:

174.5 db would be bad ass lol… THIS IS U WASTING MONEY…

Forza Fox says:

wish i could afford this crazy thing

ben h says:

to be honest any pre fab home sub set ups are a joke for the price…. You could build one for the same price that would break windows lol… EASY… home audio guys are a joke never build shit just buy whats “the best” on the market,,, WHY not tune your stuff and build it your self for the room… the prices of high output home audio subs are a DAM joke….

Migdivided says:


Vegas Devil says:

Where’s your mic up your ass

John Hilton says:

Am I the only person that thought to put this in a car?


Try playing dj magic mike…it’s old but hits some serious bass notes used to play it in my car when i had a kicker free air 15

schlagboy says:

I wonder how this behemoth behaves with music.

Hodgepodge says:

40 year old virgin…

Ben Mandeville says:

What cheap sounds like at 174.5 lbs

Joselito Recaña says:

How much in 1 set ? All speaker?)

Mick Clarke says:

Is this as good as the jl fathom f212?

Shimmy Osindero says:

26:26 ahahaha

Jules Barry says:

Does the clip at 21.48 come with the sub? as its the same clip SVS had at the RMAF 2017………………..I will testify that this sub is totally bonkers!

Bill Gaines says:

Wow, measurements on a spec sheet don’t tell the whole story. That thing is HUGE. I was considering a stereo pair of subs for my setup but having seen this, I don’t need the 16. Definitely thinking the 4000 series or less. To think some people put two of these in a 4000 sq ft room is insane.

Edit: nope I’m screwed. After watching this video I went to the SVS website and used their recommended sub function……apparently the sub that best matches my speakers is…….PB16 Ultra.

Rich Lo says:

That’s too much bass in a tiny room..overkill. a 10″ would have suffice..

Z Reviews says:

Please excuse the fan buffeting throughout the video. I removed what I could in post. I couldn’t hear it when monitoring.

wayne barnes says:

fuck dude just play the thing

Brian Morgan says:

God will flick you in the head,and give you a head ache for the rest of your life ! Lol,then you won’t want to listen to ya bass !

[LW]Meow says:

Nice meaty sub, but zeos, Is it the Schaper Monster Truck?

Diamond Creeper says:

Why did the tv have an overlaying texture? Or was it burnt in?

super horny lol says:

Svs are white van speakers

only126db says:

Thats a very expensive subwoofer….. Oh what I could do with $2k just for a subwoofer…2400 rms dual 15’s and a pissed off neighborhood LOL

TJ Ellis says:

I say add some christmas tree tinsel for air visuals on all speaker ports

salvo giuffrida says:

per i film è fantastico, ma nella musica come se la caverebbe contro il mio subwoofer?

Nathan Geering says:

Roush Chevy Nova??? WTF? Roush makes performance parts for Fords. Mainly Mustangs. LOL!

Michael Last says:

Neighbours love this guy

conflagrationTuesday says:

What media player is that? It’s so _fast_!

Nevin Zavell says:

When it turns up too high and it blows out the sky, that’s amore.

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