10 Record Player Mistakes

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Charlotte Wood says:

people who come over and don’t use the cueing lever and PLOP THE ARM DOWN CLUMSILY TO PUT ON THE SONG THEY WANT can go straight to hell

its millyy says:

Lmao I have a crosley cruiser and it works just fine

Kamelwurm says:

Darude sandstorm

TheDanikBu says:

flat beat – mr. oizo

Ruben Esparza says:

I didn’t know u can change the whole needle part holder

Jay Fuller says:

Get a good receiver and speakers. Hit up craigslist.

Antonio Tijerina says:

I keep my vinyl in a milk crate

ThisEpisode says:

More problems than a little bit.

Alex Mari says:

Song of the day suggestion: blurryface by Twenty One Pilots

TheBigBison says:

All records at the store I go to average 25-30 dollars. So if I’m spending that much money to buy a lot of records and build my collection… really need to be careful and make sure it’s a damn good record

Raymond Corpus says:

That’s good info

DaGleese says:

Scraping dust off the needle with my finger…

Bae City says:

I already made a mistake with the first one…

Laura Corbett says:

My song of the day is Real World by Matchbox Twenty

Anne says:

cigarette daydreams – cage the elephant

East TN Local Music says:

It’s funny I grew up with everyone around including me listening to records and we didn’t have rules like this back in the 80s and most record players that were available were just standard players not like this fancy ones we have today. But the funniest thing is that I still own a lot of those records and they still sound great and no pops or cracks just clear sounds only rules that I agree with is holding them by the edges and using your standard needle on the 75s

alexander lee Malm says:

Nouvelle Vague – “This Is Not A Love Song”

Erin Averyt says:

How can I get another stylus for the 78 records ?

Nick H says:

Make sure turntable is dead level and isolated from vibrations before setting it up.

William Amaro says:

i just bought a Victrola 7 in 1 and now im seriously considering taking it back XD bought 2 records the first Ramones album (which plays fine), And Demon Days by Gorillaz which unfortunatly skips on both lps. So maybe its my player?

Edward Lindell says:

The Kettle-Colosseum

Jordan Kramer says:

Jack white lazaretto album! lol nice love how it plays backwards on side 1

irishpenguin13 says:

Yeah it’s kind of a hit and miss with used records. For instance , I’ve had so many since I was a kid and theyre probably pretty screwed by now. And with that said I still like to listen to them and maybe I’m sacrificing the stylus for that but it’s worth it to me.

electroman1996 says:

I’ve got into this hobby because my Dad. He collects records since the 70s, so he told me everything that is mentioned in this video ^^
Since I’ve started collecting, I continuously upgraded my system. Now I am using a Technics 1200 G and Klipsch rf 280 speakers. Listening to Mike Oldfield, Jon Lord or Blue Öyster Cult with that system is so damn good.
Thanks Dad for showing me a wonderful world!

steven tony diaz says:

bruno mars : 24kmagic

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