1byone 471US-0002 Bluetooth turntable review & test

1byone invited me to review their Bluetooth turntable. Is it any good?

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MilenniumEdition 56 says:

Seems decent, I would buy one myself, if the people at 1byone fixed the noisy motor.

SeeMeRot says:

Good review, you’ve given them great advice. I feel their only market for this product as it stands in this video is for people who just want to listen to records (built in speakers n all). The rest of the features seem nice, but the only target for those features are “Audiophiles” who would cringe at the noisy motor and poor quality audio capturing.

Vinyl City says:

man, how do I get a hold of these companies ? I’d love to do a review for something free! especially something like that!

Manuel Frias says:

Hi! I really like your reviews! I have a question I´m sure you can help me with.
What turntable would you buy with a budget of around 150$ ?? I would like it to have Bluetooth but its not as important if the rest of the equipment is good. Thank you so much!!

HarmanTheNerd says:

what song was playing on the record? I really like it

Matthew Richards says:

goodness that mp3 encoding is so ooirn the 8 bit guy on YouTube has a cassette boombox with the sane poor mp3 encoding feature. wonder why they did this…..

PhuckHue2 says:

cheap chinese shit junk. its not even real wood its particle board. why do people buy this junk?

tim kentucky says:

kids turntable

Richard Golden-DeWitt says:

nice low end record player the thing is their using a ceramic cartridge witch I find fine after all they have been used in some very high end stereo system for many years would have better if the used a flip over stylist since this is a 3 speed player and the fact that one is not included I would say this is not ready out of the box it is a bit pricey to have a cheap crappy turntable, if in that market would I buy it I would say NO

margix says:

Great Music!

Daniel Witzel says:

16khz sampling, so only 8khz of actual freq range?

David Wood says:

16khz at 160kbps makes no sense at all, IMO. At such a low sampling rate, why bother? LOL

Vintage electronics says:

yeah but Jesus Christ this is still got that cheap Chinese Crosley crap to hit the tone arms the same the crappy plastic with indenbut it is stuff from China plus it cannot be a vintage Technics or Sony or whatever the rest of them are I can’t come off the top of my head and the strobe markings is the sameplastic shit sure the body’s not the same but the only way we can get an official good yes and it’s excellent is if we send one to shango066 then he will be the one who says this is pretty good or more china pride hear. plus we can send one to radiotvphononut this is radiotvphononut and we got this one by one turntable from China and I wonder if so how much hot glue they use to put this together and being that this is close to a Crosley we can expect much. and if anybody knows who shango066 is or radiotvphononut especially radiotvphononut don’t know how he talks about Chinese crap

Samuel Fogelgren says:

The clarity is nice, but yeah, the Mp3 the recordplayer is able to make sounds really bad, maby some people cant here any diffrence or dont care can enjoy it.

The Tech Guy By: Aidan Wade says:

The 1byone has 2x two watt speakers with a passive radiator. But it’s still awesome for playing music.

Home Of Vintage Technology says:

I Guess We Should Smash These Craptables 1byOne!
Seriously, I hate these chinese Phonos. They Don’t Seem To Get Tired to Construct Them In Various Frustrating Designs.
But I Did Like The Review!

Michael Krider says:

My wife and I have been on the search for a great sounding record player. Would you have a suggestion for one? Looking for a one with built in great sounding speakers and we only care that it plays vinyl?

TheProG4merPlayz says:

1byone made tv ota antennas mostly indoor ones

Linc Merc says:

I found an Ion table at a flea mall store for $60. It has a magnetic cartridge.

Self Raising Sugar says:

Oh shit… I’ve just ordered the 1by one blue turntable… Apparently just as bad as a crossley… I sure hope I can return it when it comes!

Gigidag77 says:

That is the worst motor on a turntable i’ve ever heard

awnnerd says:

Axiom: Never buy a record player that has both 78 rpm playback, AND a USB port. It will always be crap.

River Huntingdon says:

Crapohone mechanism in there I’d say. As used in some later 80’s low end Tower Systems made by the likes of Amstrad, Binatone, Fidelity and Triumph. Not a bad sound mind, but shockingly noisy motor on this particular example. Just don’t use it in USB stick mode. 🙂

Papa Burgundy says:

Bluetooth is the most overused gimmick I’ve ever seen. Jesus, enough already.

lizichell2 says:

Crosley style junk

anusheadproductions says:


Rocky says:


FunnyYoutuberFails says:


Karl Couch says:

Go away!

lizichell2 says:

It needs to be thrown under a car

Richard Mewes says:

I’ve heard so much worse from hi-fi units, it didn’t seem to whine, jump, however the motor hum as you said was picked up in the direct camera link up. I’m sure my mother would one.

Joshua Sarmiento says:

Ceramic Cartridges doesn’t sound as good I think,,, Magnetic Cartridges ALWAYS SOUND BEST!!!

Ray Murray says:

Bet they wish they’d never sent it! Not the greatest deck, and you told them straight.

Andy Erb says:

6:25 My TT has the opposite problem: When it is manually lifted, it always wants to reset and shut off!

Robert B. says:

The sound quality of the MP3 file is really extremely low.
Who would want to buy this?
Anyone who owns records will probably own a record player anyway, so the customers a record player like this aims at are people who want to easily digitize their records and for that purpose it’s useless.
I don’t understand it.

Anyway, is there any record player (with USB out) you’d recommend?

apctech1 says:

for the money its not to bad BUT it does not take place of a good high end system.
its mostly made for to days kids who don’t own and wouldn’t know how to use a good high end system.
the motor noise is because they use a cheap cassette deck type motor.
rember this is NOT designed for true audio philes:)
i can clearly hear the cheap sounding high end due to the cheap low end ceramic cartage and needle.
that’s my review:)
and you are right the MP-3 recording system sucks.
you can hear the cheap DC bias type sound that the early cassette recorders had.
i use win amp for my conversion needs.
and for the nay Sayers in you tube land my turntable is a linear tracking turntable that when it was new sold for a little under a grand .
my home system is old school and with all the components cost over 10 grand
my speakers are magnplaners and those go for 5 grand a set back in the day:)

i use all top of the line components.
like dennon Yamaha ect.

codenamegamma says:

i was surprised, the audio though the line out was pretty good (to me at least) i got in my head that records are this obsolete poping, hissing, scratchy sounding things so i was surprised that the line in recording sounded as good to me as the rest of the audio i tend to listen to.

Electro Potato says:

Cheap pick-up, no counter-weight, etc… This is almost as bad as Crosley.

Self Raising Sugar says:

Does anybody have a good record player suggestion? I am on a budget on around £100… I’m just starting out, I’ve heard about crossley but I ordered the 1byone turntable earlier today. Good move? It had good reviews, and was at a reasonable price..

Kelvin Smith says:

why the hell use a warped record for this review..?

MegaBojan1993 says:

16Khz? That’s awful sound recording quality. What were they thinking????!!

twocvbloke says:

12:12 – That track I always switch away from when on GTA Online… 😛

(Also known as Julian Lennon’s Too late for goodbyes)

lizichell2 says:

Nasty record grinder…. Throw it in the trash. I have never heard such a noisy motor

Noah Davis says:

Really doesn’t sound bad (via direct hookup). I was expecting a very tinny sound, like with every other one of these turntables, really thinking of getting one only because of the 78RPM feature, bluetooth, and the previously mentioned decent audio. One question though, did you ever get a chance to see how distorted inner-groove recordings were? Some record players seem to be better than others on that.

Kyle's Tech Channel says:

The MP3 recording functionally sounds like telephone waiting music.

daniel87980 says:

I Need Feeltwood Mac On Vinyl :O

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