5 Best Record Player for Every Budget

Best record player, turntable on Amazon for every budget.
Product to Buy
5. Clearaudio Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2vKJyN3
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/WzLfC
4. Sony PS HX500 Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2x9MWRz
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/m8zyFyn
3. Audio Technica LP60 Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2vLLlBc
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/BtLThOp
2. Rega RP2 Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2vLsSEM
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/esAN
1. Lenco L87 Amazon (US, UK, CA): https://goo.gl/XAMGyV
Amazon (Internacional): https://goo.gl/XAMGyV


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D. Paul Riderman says:

The LP60 is pure junk, so why you chose it is beyond me.

Paul's comments and questions says:

You forgot the best moderately priced record player, the Audio-Technica USB LP 120.

Duressful says:

i can’t belive it that anybody buys that shit.

goog le says:

I’m amazed vinyl is still alive and well. I still listen to cassettes in the car and they sound decent enough. Many of us get a kick out of the hardward just as much as the music.

Pinguin am Suedpol says:

That Lenco guy must be retarded…

kostependrhs says:

Rega yes, sony maybe. Everything else (incl. clearaudio, no matter the price) is GARBAGE. Straight to the bin.
My advice: Get a Dual 505-4. You need nothing more (except for a good cartridge)

leloodallasmultipass says:

no Pro-Ject? list is invalid. illuminati confirmed.

Brough Jidus says:

THE FIRST TURNTABLE THE GUY SAYS THE UNIT comes with software to rip your vinyl to digital format so you can enjoy vinyl sound anywhere…..bullshit. It will no longer be vinyl sound it will be digital and will sound like digital playing a record.

Greg Cruz says:

Hi can anyone help with the first track played when the videos starts? Thanks in advance

Milton Crosbie says:

I’ll take my Marantz TT15S1 ( built by Clearaudio) with the Clearaudio Virtuoso v2 cartridge over any I saw in this video.

Saucerful says:

The hipster manhandling his records in the Lenco ad is all you need to know that this video is a complete joke.

John Ross says:

Lenco…seriously? LOL

Mr.StarofTruth says:

Look at those prices after buying that you will not even want to use it , afraid of breaking it , people sales these things and want to make a million bucks at the hands of the consumer .

Jimmy Savo says:

who is the Lenco idiot that put finger on LP?

Bill Hughes says:

Someone needs to know the difference between a “record player” and a “turntable”

Brian Marcou says:

The Lenco commercial portion what the hell!

SixStringLove Guy says:

I was at my local Guitar Center yesterday and I noticed they had a whole display of vinyl of all the classic albums and some select new ones. I wondered about it so I ask the sales guy and he said that many are going back to vinyl because of the higher quality than CDs. So, here I am, about to embark on another expensive hobby I don’t need. I bought the best album in rock history (Boston’s first with More Than A Feeling) and now need to find a player to play it on. Here we go…

Josh Buehner says:


Sun Park says:

What is the name or the album of the first song that introduces clearaudio?
Piano and violin…

SKATAN says:

clearaudio and rega are soo out of place with this mall-sale turntables

prof. Piérre Manimont DrSc says:

The best record players at a favorable price are Pro-Ject produced in the Czech Republic. In any case Sony, Audiotechnika, or Lenco. But Pro-Ject does not need any support in the form of advertising. Affordability and quality speak for everything.

SB C says:

You forgot the Crosley Cruiser on your list 🙂

MidnightVisions says:

1) What was the criteria used to determine “the best”?
2) Direct drive record players beat out belt driven back in the day, especially in the longevity area. Why does no one make them now?
3) Converting your albums to mp3, use Audacity. It can filter out unwanted noises and correct audio distortion problems.

Robert Mustain says:

I don’t even care about the TT’s anymore… not knowing the song in the beginning is going tear my soul apart.

squrpin says:

Its probably costs an arm and a leg

sid stone says:

anyone knows the track on Lenco?

Bjørn Vogelaar says:

That lenco video left me in shock

Marten Dekker says:

Clear Audio has admitted that their magnetic bearings sound less good than their mechanical ones.

goog le says:

has anyone ever done any studies as far as speaker placement? Some angle them inward – others point them straight ahead. My best understanding tells me to get an accurate soundstage, point them straight ahead otherwise you are creating a compressed soundstage and not realistic.

Chen Zheng says:

anyone know the introduction music? Shazam is keeps identifying teh wrong music,

Kenneth Carter says:

Was lenco advert a joke. If that’s how lenco believe vinyl should be handled they must be throwing their equipment together as well noway would I consider a lenco

Scott Pike says:

Two words Vinyl, USB

Zockopa says:

Clearaudio and Rega are interesting for those who look for a new turntable around or beyond 1k,the rest is sadly cheaply made consumer trash that gets rather highly priced (im looking at the Sony) for what its worth.
To be honest even a decent turntable is today way more expensive than fourty years ago. And the retro trend,despite sparking higher quantities,actually has worsen the situation,because now everyone comes out of
the woodwork and tries to sell heavily overpriced stuff on the market.
Good quality priceworthy turntables are a thing of the past it seems.
So,the best thing one can do on a budget is to look for a used turntable. Preferably a late seventies/early eighties model,because by than the technology was fully matured and the market still competitive,forcing the
producers to offer products with excellent P/Q ratios especially in the middle class where the bulk of the turntables sold back then.
All the large brands from Akai to Yamaha produced very good stuff at least at some point in the mentioned time intervall. So,go to vinyl engine and inform yourself before buying overpriced new stuff that will
not satiesfy.

Andris Vasers says:

Better suggest old turntable from 80’s where turntable technology was on top
These new turntables are very noisy, not built very well

Joseph Conner says:

Why is he playing bring me the horizon

J Wester says:

Out of these only Rega and Clearaudio is worth spending any money on since they make serious quality products. I would probably have added Pro-ject and Thorens as well instead of Audio technica and Lenco.

Rob Hernandez says:

I’ll stick to my Technics SL-1200 oldie but goodie.

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