A Crosley Killer? 1byOne Turntable Review

Is the 1byOne Portable Turntable the new Crosley Cruiser killer? Finally a mini all-in-one record player to bring quality hifi to the masses?
I’ll let you decide that one.

Want to buy: https://goo.gl/qMYim3

Apologies for the lower quality of the render, as you learn, I’ve destroyed my phone and thus I’m relegated to an older model.
Whoops. I forgot to upload this with music. Oh well.

Edit: As a wee discussion with one of mah bros in the comments I feel it is worth pointing out a few of issues with this kind of deck. I tried to keep the video lean and in doing so might have removed some useful commentary – I’d rather add this now rather than anyone feel I’m hiding the facts.
Obviously things to watch out for on this turntable is it’s lack of Anti-skate and tone arm balance. That is one of the reasons for the high downforce of course. The platter too is very light, and while I didn’t have any overt issues with speed stability…I wasn’t that focused on it either.

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Anyone wanting to get into records would be making a smart move if they tried to locate an older, quality turntable from the 1970’s and had it serviced or did the work themselves. There’s numerous You Tube videos on how to do this. You’ll spend a lot more if you go to a specialty shop and buy an older turntable that’s already been gone through. Once you’ve ruined a record on one of these cheap throw away record players, the record will always play poorly even if you have gotten a decent turntable.

Regards, Tom

Michalek says:

Crap!!! Unstable shit. This is great turntable if you want to damage your records. Unstable platter. Unstable Arm. I think the crapy crosley cruiser is better.

postersm 71 says:

I really wish people would stop saying vinyls. It is vinyl or records or LPs but not vinyls for the love of fuck sake

John Hamelink says:

Yes, you were even handed in my opinion. You made it clear that turntables of this class are not suitable for people who want to collect or play vinyl with any degree of seriousness, and having given that context, compared it among its peers.

One thing I’d say though, is it would’ve been helpful to mention that the platter is very light (or it looks like it is on the video), there is no counter weight or anti-skate, the inbuilt speakers will also cause audio quality reduction if they are too loud due to them vibrating the platter & stylus, etc.

Looking forward to more videos!

phantasm1004 says:

My 1972 G.E. Wildcat would do a far better job than this thing.

Alain M says:

Buying those kind of cheap turntables will discourage you to listen to vinyls for the rest of your life.

Kryten L says:

These shitty portable turntables are guaranteed to turn people off vinyl

Michael Byrd says:

Aren’t you a little old to be playing with these toys?

CoolDudeClem says:

This is no better than a crapley, it uses the same turntable mechanism, same, cartridge and most probably uses the same electronic parts inside.

happyjessus says:

so is there any decent portable turntable? if not, are the (heavy) ones manufactured back in the 70s better and is it worth it to buy one on second hand shop or not? I do have great speakers and I do appreciate quality sound but on the other hand, I’m really attracted by the idea that I can carry this thing around. please help me decide, I can’t afford to make a bad call 😛

Payne Musically says:

https://youtu.be/UPc5frU8IQQ that dude did 20 grams 100 times it did not even damage the record it sounded the same as the first time he played it. This is the pono music player all over again https://youtu.be/UPc5frU8IQQ

eternalhalloween1 says:

I think what many people fail to understand is that there is a difference between someone who swears that vinyl always and always will be the way to listen to music, and the casual fan who only listens to records every now and then. A vinyl forever guy won’t want anything to do with Crosley anymore than a casual fan will be thinking of investing hundreds to thousands of dollars in a turntable. Crosley is for the CASUAL FAN. Enough said.

technological reinovations says:

gay-ass cheap china funai crap!

David Robinson says:

I’d like to know what you think of the Ion Air LP I got at Maplins ( then saw it in HMV for £20 cheaper). It’s the Bluetooth version and was hoping to put my John Lennon and Beatles on it. Oh and I’ve seen you in windows but was a bit star struck even though my teenage son was urging me to say hi as I tried to work out if I could justify to the wife why I needed a Harry Nillsson album after saying I was skint. Reminds me of the time I farted using a cash machine at the haymarket only to turn and see a smiling Donna Air waiting behind me.

300DBenz says:

7.5 grams of vertical tracking force?!?!?!!?!??!…..!?!

I think Crosley made it and sold it under a different brand just to make the Cruiser look better in comparison.

anusheadproductions says:


Walter Vermeir says:

Does a similar turntable exist that is of better quality?

Crackerbrain667 says:

i cant believe these company stick with that type or setup with the tonearm.cheap and plastic but hey the case is made well WTF

Chloe Millar says:

just get somthing proper like an audio Technica or an project turntable

David Alan Goldberg says:

The ultimate truth remains: you get what you pay for. Excellent review, but belt-driven turntables destroy vinyl.

Alexander O. says:

7,5 ?!?!?! *screams … what do you want it to do ? fucking destroy your records ?! cause this is what it does

mrhoffame says:

Audio Llama??  Where did you come up with that?  LOL  I heard you say your channel name and when I looked at your avatar I busted out in laughter LOL.   I love it!!!!  Great stuff my friend.

Vinyl 2CD Rescue says:

Great video, but it’s just another POS! Thanks for the laughs!

dudusta says:

# vinyladdict lol

mrhoffame says:

I think the way the platter vibrated at 1:57 when the lid was simply opened tells you about all you need to know about this table lol.

Craig Sheppard says:

If you want to damage your records then buy one of these.

Michael Harrison says:

personally I think that these ‘turntables ‘ are actually aimed at people who don’t know what to look for when getting into our hobby..no anti-slate. no counter weight. ceramic cheap stylus etc…basically I think this is what people buy then realise that they’ve made a mistake then sell quickly..just look on eBay. schpock and Craigslist etc..

Laura Corbett says:

I’m getting a Victrola suitcase record player online from Best Buy hopefully at the end of this month month

an Offensive Narwhal says:

It probably sounds just as shitty as a crosley and presses down just as hard.

hasekdom says:

It is an amazing record player one can enjoy old jazz recordings that are killer, not filler!

Kenn Bracey says:

hey llama. You did the unboxing of the project vte-r but did you do a full review of it?

mrrkdino says:

Using a shit turntable like this will put you off vinyl for life.

Jeffrey petch-harrison says:

crosley or as i call it shizunie,even my rubbish has a magnetic cartridge jeff

James Kroeger says:

In the Vinyl world as far as sound quality there is no where to go but up from here.

Robert Keefer says:

Not for audiophiles, it’s for audiophobes.

LachieSmish says:

This review is awesome. But these players are trash! If anyone wants to get the best experience they should get a decent priced turntable, and a nice set of speakers.

Tuxedo Gremlin says:

Not only the crosley killer, but the record killer as well, how wonderful

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