A Quick Review: Audio Technica AT LP-60 Fully-Automatic Turntable

To all viewers, please reference my stress test video of the LP60: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsgtTEaUgFM and
our follow up video of our final thoughts with the LP60:


James Clarke says:

Hello! I’m considering buying either this turntable or the “ION Max LP Conversion Turntable with Speakers” for a friend who has wanted a record player for a while now yet has never owned one. I’m on quite a budget so seeing that this turntable costs 1/3 more than the ION one, which would you honestly recommend? Is there a lot of difference between them? Thanks a lot mate! 🙂

The Juanderboy says:

Hi! Since this has a built in pre-amp I suppose that this can be hookep up directly to an active speaker. Do you think an Edifier r1800b will be a good pair of speakers for this?

cdlandtm says:

Can you recomend me a good cheap speakers to conect to this turntable?

Felipe Maestro says:

Hi, I have a Thonet & Vander Grub sorround sound system. Is this enough to achieve a decent sound with this turntable or should I buy other equipment?

BraB1985 says:

Hi Can this turntable be hooked up to a sound bar? Thanks

Pretentious Heavy Metal Fan says:

I have a simple question if you’ll answer it. I have a lot of black metal records, and most are 180g records, will this skip on the outermost song where the tracking force isn’t strong enough to stay in the grooves.

Olivia says:

Also have you noticed any decay in your record quality due to lower quality stylus? I’ve heard some people say it will ruin your records over time

jessie Gonzalez says:

what record was that please tell me!!!

Tropicallum says:

What type of speakers are you using with the turntable? Would you recommend them?

tubela says:

Do I need to plug it to the speakers?

James Pruitt says:

Does this model come with the ability to put the vinyl on a flash drive ?

Keisha Chan says:

this sounds good. how long have you had it and would you say it’s worth the money? I’m in the market for one

bluestripedtiger says:

Seeing as I only have room for a turntable in a confined space where it won’t be possible to open the lid all the way up, I would like to know if the lid on the AT-LP60 is “tight”, so that it will stay put even though it is only half way opened?

Leftist Cuck says:

Just got this baby last week and while I’m liking the textured sounds I feel like I’m not getting that rich, warm sound. Do I need an amp to get this desired effect, and will the amp work with powered speakers?

Jakub Matei says:

looks like that stylus did hit that LP a bit more violently. It seems, from other reviews, that its normal for this model. It should not damage records, or atleast actual recorded sound, if its left automatic (since its dropping at the beginning where its no music), but the stylus could wear faster. Many automatic turntables do that, just not that much. If i use manual drop on manual turntable, it goes down like a cushion (I have to do it manually, since those turntables are not automatic). But the motor seems pretty silent (judging just from the video, no humming at all) and thats rare on these cheaper turntables.

Daniel Stick says:

Is that album a 12 inch – is that the only size this turntable can play?

Arely Aguilar says:

If I have active powered speakers do I set it up as Phono? Or Line? Sorry Im new to this matter

Also does the active speakers have the same phono and line buttons or just the turntable?

mapp47 says:

a very decent turntable for the price as a starter or even great for those getting back into vinyl after a long absence like myself!

Freak Juise says:

What’s the tracking force on that one

MrsJessiRoberts says:

Great review!

oliver jaime says:

hi!! would like to ask, with this setup is it pretty good loud even without an amp?? im looking for this specific setup you have. thank you!!

Larry Shaver says:

the cartridge looks very similar to one that was on my Toshiba SR-230

1337f337 says:

hey CJ nice review. so for this set up you just need powered speakers right? no extra amp or anything?

Natalia Socarras-Tyrrell says:

My fiance just bought me this turntable for Christmas as I’ve always been into vinyl since my childhood days of listening to records with my grandfather.
I love it so far and have no complaints.
But I really just wanted to say that I got super excited when I saw you had a Gregory Alan Isakov record. Made the already great video 100% better!

Brandon says:

Old video, but I have a quick question if you don’t mind.

Do you do any Vinyl-to-Digital converting? I would like to convert vinyl to a digital format, and was wondering if this could provide good quality for earphone listening. Sounds pretty crisp in the video. Just confirming.

NewWaveFreak 1988 says:

I don’t know how you can stand the needle talk or whisper or whatever. It’s loud. That’s one reason why it came with a cover. Anyways, I have on as well and it’s great especially for the price. Belt driven technically can be better than being motorized driven. Since the 120 motor is under the platter itself, can mess with the sound. Also belt driven is easier and cheaper to repair. The only thing is that the 60 doesn’t have many functions. Just the basic ones you need besides the preamp and the automatic thing. The needle talks louder than I expected though and I wish the cover was more soundproof. Anyways nice video.

Ricko Kristian says:

Which better ? Bluetooth or USB ? Thanks

The Johnny Hype says:

Great video, CJ!

This was actually my first turntable, so watching this brought back memories. Haha.

Are those by chance the A2 speakers? If so, how do you like them?

I’ve had my eye on them for so long!

Jeffery Jones says:

I am debating on getting one of these in the future as a secondary turntable. I currently have a U-Turn Orbit as a primary.

Tony S says:

Did you have to buy a receiver for it, or were you able to plug it into the speakers and play from there? Thanks

Richard Rasalapatuski says:

Hello there sir, Thanks for wonderful review.May I know what is the vinyl record did you play? Thanks

DJ Lumaye says:

What record are you playing??

Olivia says:

Can you change the cartridge for this player?

Gob says:

What album is that you played? Sounds really good.

Michael Addison says:

People seem to either love this or hate this player…. Have you ever measured the tracking force with a gram scale or similar device? Do you notice any inner groove distortion as the stylus approaches the center? I really want the LP 120, but i’m not an audiophile and i’m not sure I want to fork over an extra $200

joseph shultz says:

Very helpful thank you!

Alphonse Capone says:

Thinking about picking this player up very soon, thanks for the great video!
Also +99999 for playing Gregory Alan Isakov.

Maty says:

Sounds great!

Diego Tapia says:

My english is bad, sorry.
You have actually? is good audio technica at lp 60?

Milles Nebres says:

does this record player have a speaker itself or do i have to buy one?

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