Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Professional Vinyl DJ Turntable HD-Video Review

This is the official HD-Video review of the Technics Clones Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Professional Vinyl DJ Turntables. These all-metal turntables have a familiar Technics layout and feel along with a strong build and sound quality to match. Great for DJ’s and everyone else in between. Check out the full written review in the link above.


DJ AyeTee says:

does this work with a Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer ?

Chupa Thingy says:

I’ve got this turntable for listening and my platter has never stopped that fast.

Astronite says:

What are techniques?

tom welling says:

dj booth if you want it not slow down company in uk make light lp 2 time lighter than the record you have man it darn light and would not slow down the turntable lp are getting lighter of today coated to old heavy 78

Marius Stan says:

i need this deck for simple beat matching and technics turntable went crazy on prices…thanks for the honest review, deffinetly i am gone to buy this one !

tom welling says:

I tryout it and ok scribble but not for beat juggling unless us speed it up and record it fast and then edit it on you computer slow down not bad but it lots if work only thing did like the bottom not rubber makes cheaper than the 1200 but you put it in a case ok but spending more time is work make you tired

It's A Tommy says:

Hey DJ Blaze which one should I buy the LP 120 or the pox 500. Im looking for an introductory turntable that can handle some scratching. Im not a scratch DJ but, I like to practice tho. I am a bedroom DJ, I mix and blend songs together and thats really about it. I set on the Pioneer MK-250 Mark II because it is a Rekordbox controller and I made my switch from Traktor to Rekordbox.

Luke D says:

do you have any idea if I can use the likes of a concorde on one of these turntables?

marlon elder says:

What is the best cartridge use when scratch on Serato.

Robert Hjalmarsen says:

Built in RCA wtf. I’m allergic to built in cables.

Albert gomez says:

im sure it beats Gemini or Numark turntable for sure!

DJ SLOW'UP says:

if i wanted to dj with this turntable with my traktor Kontrol Z2, since this turntable has a built in pre amp all I need now is a pair of Active speakers to start djing?

tom welling says:

this turntable copy pioneer dj 3500 proff that audio technica never designed this turntable so don’t be fooled by the audio technica lp120 it’s a joke

DJ SLOW'UP says:

what kinda mixer would you recommend to go along with two of these turntables?

chadergeist82 says:

It is not pronounced TECK-NEEKS, it is prounounced TECK-NICKS.


Hello Friend ! would you recommend that your turntable , you could make a demo ?? Thank you

Anthony Cedeno says:

i have this exact turntable, what needle would i have to buy if i wanted to DJ and scratch on this turntable?

FreakyCuber says:

Yo, what are your settings on the tonearm, like the weight and antiskatin and stuff

Danny Stappers says:

You get what your paying for….

Wesley Mcclafferty says:

HELP PLEASE!!!! looking to buy a new pair of turntables, dj’d with vinyl since 1999 so looking for good torque and sound quality.. For the last few years I have been using controllers but now i want to get back into vinyl and dig out my classcis tunes from years ago (also will use timecode plates like serato for mp3s). Looking for a good consistant pitch and good arm/torque for scatching. This is only a bedroom set up so am not after top end but ii am after quality. Really looking to spend no more than £700 on a pair. Considered second hand but decided to just buy new. Any advice would be great guys?

MoechtegernPimP says:

So what if you use this turntlable not with timecode? I tested mine with real vinyls and for any reason it always jumps while scratching…

Christian de Vera says:

i bought the new wu tang album and it keeps skipping and jumping but it plays my other records quite well, do i need a new needle like M447?? any information well help thanks!

Albert gomez says:

nice. im getting it. i have a technic 1200. cant afford another one so i’ll get an Audio technica.

John says:

Great review, Thanks!

Guilherme Piropo says:

this video made up my mind strongly, i’ll have one of this!

tom welling says:

same thing as this deck pioneer made it first but it only came in black and discontinued it audio technica lp120 copy pioneer pioneer is the on who invented this

Manhattan Evirgreen says:

Audio Technica AT-LP120-USBHC VS Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB ?

Rafael Marfil says:

Nice review!

marlon elder says:

How long do the Shure M44-7 last before you replace them.

R. walk last says:

do know if it will work with virtual dj software ?

alex 29 says:

what is your mixer???

melogik electro says:

Im thinking of getting a couple of these ( with some ortofon concordes ) , i dont scratch i just mix/blend electro/techno .
Any one got any good advice…comments about these , or should i just bite the bullet and save for some at 1240’s

Anthony Cedeno says:

hey i have this exact turntable, if i wanted a needle for more performance for Dj’ing and more scratching….what needle would i need to buy ?

dan85dan says:

stop saying techniques..

marlon elder says:

The ATN95E stylus not good for scratching

Sureshot Jay says:

what I don’t understand is why they can’t make this exact setup in the super OEM version, how hard could it be?

tom welling says:

you kinda know what I say gust light lp on this will be fine

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