Audio-Technica LP120-USB is an affordable turntable with all the essential features

The Audio-Technica LP120-USB direct drive turntable is a no-fuss, affordable entry point into the world of vinyl records.


Flappo Spammo says:

this is a shitty nasty cheap version of the technics

Craig Sheppard says:

This turntable is a load of cheap crap.

Bryan Ladd Productions says:

I hate this turntable.

raykupal says:

….. why lower the needle before turning the turn table ON?

Jondubb78 says:

Definitely a great table for the new vinyl fan. If you want to get decent sound, and be able to customize or upgrade your listening experience, The is a great one to start with.

Hgroton says:

Please do tell people that there is also a huge potential on getting a noisy motor!…. I wish someone told me about that!!

kkkarim says:

is this turntable also compatible to listen with headphones?

Mic says:

Auto-return feature?

zoo says:

Another channel ripped off your video called Edy Approved. Added a few seconds at the start of the video to make it look like his own.

Zachary Torkos says:


Riccardo Massidda says:

Does the mechanism of this turntable produces some noise ?

Novi Torres says:

does this have a headphone jack? and if not how would i go about using one with this particular model?

shamdog says:

I purchased this turntable and it works pretty good for an entry level turntable. I destroyed the stylus in less than a week but that was just because I wanted to listen to Robin Trower while I was drunk. New rule: no drunk record playing!
The sound quality is pretty good but the internal preamp is weak. I need to crank up the volume quite a bit. Also I hear the hum of the motor through the speakers during silence. That’s what you get with direct drive. My next one will be belt drive. I did tons of research and most experts agree that music recorded during the analog era will always sound better on vinyl records if the equipment is good quality. Of course digitally mastered or remastered will sound best on digital equipment. This is not my opinion, look it up.

Michael Horgan says:

LP120 is a pretty good deck for the price and it looks like my SL-1200 from Japan!

Aleziss says:

man that platter is crooked…

tom welling says:

pioneer made this copy first man wake up

Dave Schulz says:

I like vintage dual , rotel ,denon ,sansui and yahama and sony . I sold the dual . The sony and sansui needed a little work but hey I have all winter . I have had new ones but the vintage turntables perform just as good .

Mario Garon says:

Are you kidding, the build quality of the SL-1200 is so much better, the platter is better, the motor is bette. Is the SL-120 good for its price… I’d say yes, but it’s no budget-friendly SL-1200.

fantom58 says:

These new DD turntables with pitch control are nice, but why are they ALL manual? Can’t they at least put in auto-stop? Like the 1970s Technics we all know and love.

Scar Seven says:

I love this turntable

Shmslfhmi says:

Is this built in speakers?

D. Paul Gladstone says:

I don’t disagree with features if you are an aspiring DJ, but why does anyone want are need the features they give you. The arm is high mass, which is not good if you use a high end cartridge. Sometimes you need to gauge what you’re buying and adjust for your use. The low middle Pro-ject or Music Hall will give you more capability for playing records for entertainment.

mkygod says:

“affordable” ? Isn’t that a mid-range turntable?

Daniel Lee says:

Wow the platter is clearly warped. Not the rubber pad but the platter itself.

TheBudgie29 says:

If You are a Scritchy Scratchy DJ this TT Is Prefect. Because that Is the Market this Is Meant for. It comes with a Weak Anti-Skate for High Pressure so Your Scratch stays In the Groove. Not Aimed at the Audiophile Market but got picked up by them. I sold Mine after doing all the Mods and A great TT It turned out to be. I now Have a SL-1210mk2. Which I loose the 78 facility though.

Tech Connoisseur says:

Flossy, please check out the JBL Control X Wireless Speakers. #salute

Stephen Pritti says:

Piece of junk the anti skate never worked from day1 nasty junk

boogoo says:

“bunch of cables”? you mean one?

ineedausername 124 says:

Fuk off its like $500

TheZooman22 says:

I would recommend this turntable, I have one. It is a nice entry level turntable for the price. It has 3 different outputs. A USB , so you can plug it into a laptop and listen to records, and even record them, with no other gear needed. 2nd – It has an RCA pre-amp output – so no need for a phono input on your amp. 3rd- It has the traditional phono output, preferred by audiophiles. A year latter I changed out the cartridge and upgraded to a better one.

Olevia21 says:

Why the hell is the difference between this and a Gemini xl-500??

Konrad W says:

Can i connect headpnones directly to this turntable?

vinyl79 says:

Made in China with cheap parts.

Aine Xoxo says:

Do you need speakers to listen to the records or does it have built in speakers

Can I get any of you cunts a drink? No life says:

Cheap crap. But then Again most turntables are at this price point.

Charles Ludwig says:

Wondering why no testing of this turntable, for example, does the anti-skate function work? Also, why can’t the supplied cartridge be leveled for correct VTA. After all, the turntable has a VTA adjustment feature and the cart is supplied.

lilth501 says:

I once owned a pair of the original Technics 1200. At a distance the LP120 looks like a clone of the Technics 1200. At close inspection I was put of by the faux brushed metal body. It looks to be completely made of plastic including the tone arm.

TheReIntegration says:

This is a very good decent “ENTRY” level turntable. Yes just another Hanpin turntable. Gemsound also has this exact turntable. It’s called the Gemsound DJL-2000. The only difference is the strobe speed light is blue instead of red. In the end though it is what it is….a Technics SL-1200MK2 clone with extra gimmicky features.

wiisalute says:

I recently bought an ATLP60 instead of this one. Did I make the wrong choice? it’s the same company anyway someone should do a test sound comparison to see if they sound alike

kelso amistad says:

Is it true that you can just connect this turntable directly to a powered speaker? What are the specifications of the speakers? Thanks for this great video..

Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano says:


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