Audio Technica LP60 – Review

CORRECTION NOTICE: The average LP60 has a tracking force at around 3.5gr. I did this review based on the one I own and mine has a tracking force of about 4.7 which is why I stated the heavy tracking force in the video. I’ve since been able to lower the tracking force by removing the felt on the platter and replacing it with a thinner rubber mat.

Just a laid back, but lengthy (sorry) review of the LP60.

Intro music (royalty free) by YouTuber: Awesomegamerful


Jakota Productions says:

I want to buy this turntable but I have a special record that plays from the inside of the record to the outside. Is there any way to put on the stylus manually?

Peter van der Ham says:

How good is the internal phono? I want a turntable to use with my NAD 355BEE amp (the amp has no phono, sadly) with Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkII speaker, and also found the Rega Planar 1. How much better is the last one, compared to this LP-60? Would I hear any difference, with my setup


The good
It’s cheaper
It’s a real turntable
It can be useable
It won’t ruin your records
It looks nice
It’s Speed can be adjusted
It’s needle can be upgraded
It’s belt can be upgraded
The Bad
It’s motor can’t be upgraded
It’s turntable plater can’t be upgraded
It’s tonearm can’t be upgraded nor adjusted
It kinda can’t play 78s
This turntable you sort of get what u pay for Not Much

ezequiel seque says:

Hi. Someone would be kind enough to explain to me what is the use that is given to the three presets that are at the bottom. I understand that the settings that say 33 and 45 are to control the speed. I want to know if with any of these three I can raise the phono or line output. Thank you

Jennie says:

Im new to vinyl… I don’t know if I should get this as a starter, or wait till I save some money and get a Yamaha YP-701 that I found listed online?

Brett Butler says:

Yeah I get a groove skip as well because the needle skips over. Good point, good video man!

Nathan w says:

I have this and a UTURN that I played 3x the price and STILL prefer this AT.

Roxanne Bolleboom says:

I have a vinyl and there are only 2500 copies worldwide, i’m scared this record player might ruin the vinyl. Do you thing it’s save?

Neil Spector says:

I have one for backup and just measured the Tracking Force 3.98. That is unacceptable.

LordKelvin100 Thompson says:

I have an LP-60, and the tracking force is right around 3.5G when measured correctly: at same height as the record. As for skating, I have a whole bunch of old “Edison” disks. These are one-sided, and the tone arm doesn’t skate when you put it on the smooth side of the Edison disk. It stays put regardless: at the edge, in the middle, and at the end.

I have other complaints you didn’t address: the wired in audio cables. These are too short, and RCA type connectors would be better. There also isn’t a tone arm lock, so don’t lose that stylus protector: you’ll need it when not playing records. Also, keep the twist tie as well in case you have to move it. The speed wasn’t calibrated correctly. The motor speed pots were turned all the way up, making the motor run way too fast. You’ll need a watch maker’s screw driver set and a strobe disk to fix that.

Other than that, sounds great, especially with a stylus upgrade.

Mydas Murray says:

you didn’t cover the outputs

Methodical2 says:

Thanks for the review. This is a TT that would be perfect for my parents and I will give them a whole lot of free LPs to play on it. I will put a rubber mat on the TT as I am not a fan of the felt mats at all.

John Floy says:

I have an LP-60 as my 2nd turntable out in my workshop. I upgraded the sylus using LP Gear’s upgrade kit. $30 upgrade made this turntable sound much much better.

Dark says:

I’m not getting in vinyl for better sound, I’m getting in to prove that it’s inferior to the digital (duh) and then I’m going to get rid of it.

Steve Derda says:

Sad to think how many new vinyl albums are being ruined by these type of turntables and Crosley’s by vinyl newbies. We’ll probably see a lot of newer 180 gram type records showing up in the used bins with groove damage in the near future.

For the Record says:

For those questioning why I said this player has between 4-6 tracking force, although, maybe mine is the minority:

RizeKrispy says:

Can I plug my headphones into it?

Wheel 2000 says:

Praise the LP60!

robert avila says:

Hi, I bought that exact one strictly for 45s. They sound great on it and it doesn’t skip. plus I had to play with the level a little.

Serob42 says:

Will it work from 220v AC power socket?

Mike Pretorius says:

Nice review. You can tell he is a legit ‘analog’ guy by the fact that he used an old 8mm camera to make the video!

Pabbilarious Gequatous says:

Im a beginner is it possible to manually pick the song or do you have to play the record from start to finish?

Richard Durie says:

Just bought one based on this review confirming what I’d read elsewhere, thank you!

Noudles1 says:

can i drop the tone arm manually?

Michael Castro says:

For the tracking force of this unit, I recommend you check out this video starting at 3:24. He shows that the actual weight is 3.5 grams as indicated and it is completely dependent on the force at the height of the vinyl since there is no counterweight and the arm is spring tensioned. This video also shows that there is anti-skating automatic in the system and he demonstrates that.

ev1203 says:

Does this turntable last long?

4stringz says:

great review! I have an AT LP-120 for my upstairs main setup, and an AT-LP-60 for my living room rack, mainly used for jazz LPs

daftfan121 says:

Im excited!, im buying this turntable and a edifier shelf monitors really soon!

Hordes Of Nebulah says:

Kinda blows my mind how many people I have seen asking about speakers on this thing in other videos. Do people think that turntables are supposed to have built in speakers or something? I don’t get it but tons of people are asking about if they even need speakers! Anyways, watching this for nostalgia as this thing was my first turntable about 7 years ago. I want to fix and sell it, I need to fix the RCA output or check the tonearm wires as it is only coming out 1 channel, I didn’t even have it a year before it had issues. Sadly back then I didn’t even know what to check so I just replaced it with the equivalent cheap tt from Denon. I want to sell that one too as I’ve upgraded like 3 times since than haha.

TheOneWayDown says:

Bought this lil boy this Monday after treating the last check from my old job like a tax return. Sounds infinitely better than the all in one I had before it. Skips sometimes, but I’d say it’s worth it to be able to hear details in the music I never could before. I’m sure I’ll upgrade eventually, but for now, not sure I could do any better.

Shane Kneeshaw says:

For the price for the lp60 in the UK I may as well going for the lp120 for around £20 ($25) more

Artamus Sumatra says:

This is THE Turntable to start getting into vinyl with. Maybe they changed the specs, but mine came with a rubber matt, and the tone arm was set for 3.5 grams.


Buying a turntable is like buying an electric guitar
If you’re a pro you need The best.
If you’re a hobbiest not serious then get something cheap but if you’re in between you get what’s best that what u kind of can live with

Jacob Carrasco says:

the average weight is not 2-3 grams -_- that’s literally gliding through air, it’s 3-5 grams. Also, it’s been measured and has been proven to not destroy records.

chifan7 says:

Hi Folks, I’m liking this turntable as opposed to those suitcase/portable record players. Question though, I have a pretty darn good Aomis Bluetooth external speaker. It has 2 20w speakers. Would sound good using this speaker for this turntable. This Aomis is Really Very good, and Quite a big difference from ordinary speakers. Thanks.

n3259mdr says:

Is there auto/man switch? The endpoint of Indian 7” records nearer to center so it will stop before the end of the last track.

ErotiikanMaailma says:

why the low video quality

Ian Milton says:

needle?…needle? – seriously???

David Willis says:

I have one. Works great and I really have no intention on getting another record player

Anshul Tripathi says:

Could you share the review of the audio technical lp3 and lp5 lf possible

Lelo says:

i didnt know Phillip de Franco reviewed turntables! (great vid)

Chris Knight says:

I have an LP120 but I think the LP60 looks like a great budget record player. Also think it is one of the most asthetically pleasing record players to look at. It’s small, dinky, slick looking and kind of cute. If I was a teenager today I would be all over it.

Jose F Pirela says:

Yes it does have antiskating, VWestlife tested it.

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