Audio-Technica LP60BT Bluetooth Turntable Review

Let’s take a look at a turntable that mixes analog technology with digital convenience.

AT-LP60BT product page:


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sakana forty-six says:

hey Collin I started watching your channel for the video game console vids, I’m curious, would it be difficult to combine a genesis/32x power cable? 2 boxes is just too much

honk honk says:

i don’t think i’ve really seen this in your comments, but i love your taste in music and the music you use in your videos. a perfect complement to your voice.

twistedtxb says:

lol, headphone jack output.

Pras Setio says:

Is That A Sakanaction Vinyl On The Intro?


I got one of these simply because I wanted the blue color it was offered in, never have used the bluetooth feature.

deadphish1001 says:

This product is a complete toilet. Call it what it is. Won’t connect to a JBL Xtreme. The highest of high end BT Speakers. Really. Companies like this need to stay the fuck outta the business.

KlingonCaptain says:

Never ever use a turntable without a counterweight! You will destroy your records. Why is this even a thing?

Lukel says:

what stylus upgrades CAN you do? and what do you think of the U-Turn Orbit?

Sega Boy says:

decidedly analog? I’m not sure digital was an option when this format proliferated.

GabeSerrano says:

Mine didn’t connect to my Beats Pill XL. Huge disappointment.

7stringguitarplayer says:

i got the lp60 regular version last week and i think it sounds a lot better then my Panasonic record player that was made in the 80s. even when i would replace the needle on the Panasonic it wouldn’t sound that great because you could only get sapphire needles which aren’t nearly as good as the diamond needles this lp60 comes with.

Erick Hernandez says:

I have that turntable and the tracking force is about 3 grams, fairly good and the analog version does come with rca outputs and some adapters so you can connect it to either a phono preamp or to an amplifier. Really good for the price

bumtree says:

Don’t get this turntable. It’s pretty much trash.

johneygd says:

With that said, you better off buying vynil record player for $89 rather then spending $ 60 just for a 149 one with blue touch, because blue touch can have some jittering audio and does not work with all blou touch devices, that depends on the frequency’s of each blue touch device.

nowaymangoshtomuchna says:

i dunno… there are tons of different audio technica styluses that fit on this record player… so limitations ? sure i cant switch the entire tonearm but this is more an beginners turntable which is also reflected by the price point and well if you really want a great turntable the fleamarkets provide a sheer amount of great ones from the 70s 80s and 90s and preamps can be purchased seperate but you can also buy a used refurbished amp which saves you quite a penny and a lot of those old amps deliver a better sound quallity overall

OBSOLETE Game Tech says:

do you have a wax cylinder phonograph

Hinata Hakamada says:

Why do so many things seem to have bluetooth pairing issues? Bluetooth has a set of known protocols, you’d think pairing devices should be as easy as using USB.

Jimmy Glasscock says:

Great video! I’d love to see you do a raspberry pi project sometime

Meoiswa says:

So it basically takes away all the convenience of a digital format storage system, and combines it with all the inadequacies of bluetooth audio transmission? Honestly it just looks plain dumb to me, unless you use the analog output it makes no sense.

touchly says:

no fucking thanks. never buy one without a counterweight.

nightbirdds says:

I have the analog version of this. It was my first turntable in 30 years. Not terrible, but not great either. I had problems with my Metallica records. They’d skip to the point of being unlistenable. LP-Gear’s CFN3600L Stylus upgrade helped a bit there, but this tonearm is just not great. If you get one of these, more likely than not that you will want to upgrade before you’ve had it a year. As a way to get your feet wet though, can’t really complain.

Paul Stubbs says:

Bluetooth (compressed) audio, yuk. Bluetooth was originally for wireless headsets etc., for making/taking phone calls – probably where it should stay, especially as they have not upgraded the spec to include non-compressed audio.

Actually the biggest problem with Bluetooth, is that it supports several compression schemes, from the aoriginal (compulsory include, for Bluetooth licensing) phone sound to later much better codecs, BUT you never know, or can select what a particular combo of speaker and source (this turntable) will provide – hence quality can be a bit hit and miss, not what you want after laying your money on the shop counter.

Wayne Christopher says:

Looks like an intriguing budget turntable option … for the base model. Bluetooth is not worth the $60 premium. $20-$30 maybe, but $60? … No way.

Nicholas Johnson says:

Check out the upgrade stylus from LP Gear. I have it on my LP50 (older model of the LP60) and it sounds great! A bit pricey, in my opinion, but supposed to be better than the factory stylus.

stoneybridger says:

You know what’s even more convenient than vinyl over bluetooth?…. mp3

Jason Sivyer says:

Very different from your usual videos but I really liked it. Very ”Techmoan-esk” 🙂

DoktorAmazing -ddr4taffy reborn- says:

ATLP60 is a pretty mediocre table, not much better than a Crosley. Heavy head, will wear out your records.

rgbmont says:

Hey Collin I just saw your great podcast about the future of personal computers. I’d love to see what you think about the future of the Dex Station from Samsung and that type of tecnologies

Horacio Socolovsky says:

There are simple upgrades that can improve the sound quality. A cork and rubber mat, for example, they go for about 30 bucks, and are much less prone to static than the felt mat, it also improves dampening and has a better hold on the record itself. There is another company that makes a better built and sturdier belt for it, as well as a compatible stylus which is also diamond, but eliptical, and improves bass and highs slightly, also for around 35 bucks. That is about it as far as improvements for this table, I think it can get to sound pretty darn good with all that. Also, get a good external phono preamp.

Helg says:

The fact that the LP60 is “convenient” as you lack important features like counter-weight, anti-skating, quality tone arm etc. is actually big flaws, just like with a Crosley. And even tho you won’t hear it at first as a casual listener, it will wear down your records a lot faster. I suggest the AT120 to everyone who is new into Vinyl or want a good value even tho it may look expensive at first, no one has told me it wasn’t worth it.

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