BEST 4: Turntables 2018

Top 4 Turntables 2018
1. Pro-Jet Elemental –
2. Rega Planer 1 –
3. Rega Planar 3 –
4. ClearAudio Concept MM –

It isn’t just hipsters and old-timers enjoying their groovy black discs, and the variety of vinyl-spinning hardware on the market right now is immense compared to only a few years ago. But which is the best turntable to suit you? Watch to find out.

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Mike Hydropneumatic says:

From the four tables mentioned you got the order completely wrong.

Got a Concept MC myself and it is not even close to the the Regas and PJ mentioned.

Jazz Cook says:

Back in the day it was always said that direct drive turntables were the best. It looks like all of these are belt drive. Are they better now?

Dambuster says:

I think the review should have been done on a comparison like for like price point.

Dirk Diggler says:

Listen put the fucking record on a tech 1200 same as your gazillion dollar stone platter vegan turntable

michael cabanes says:

the Music Hall MMF9 has the best bang for your buck IMO!

BusinessClassOnly says:

what a load of bull, spitting in your shitty mike and WTF is an “ergonomically placed on off switch” ???

Lee Stevenson says:

Read like a person who owns none of these turntables. Yawn!

Jim F says:

Looking at getting a Akai AP you have any knowledge or advice on this turntable? I’m very very new to the turntable world ! Thanks!

ivan ivanov says:

Полное говно ,а не проигрыватели!

николай кривенко says:

Fack off the Project!!!

burtonium1 says:

GTFO really and do some research. I really don’t know in what “CATEGORY” are these 4 turntables “THE BEST”. Real deal turntables don’t even start bellow 3000$, if I even said enough. Some serious turntable with all the gear you need, would sum up to 65000 US$. You’re promoting some cheap shit as top 4 😀 LOL! Get real. And if I was buying some budget shit, I would never go for your suggestion. Up to 1000$ I would simply buy some Technics or Pioneer plx1000, not some 900$ belt drive turntable. You’re kidding with this video, right?

Robert Niemski says:

What is wrong with Music Hall? I have bought one some four years ago, and I am very happy with it, it delivers high quality sound.

gagaa64 says:

Project Elemental is 🙂 🙂 🙂 shit !

Chris Kline says:

You should not make videos about what you are clueless about

peter davies says:

I have a jvc ql-a5 70s turntable running a upgraded cartridge, just had it serviced and i would put it upagainst those turntables anyday

Charlie White says:

These are only very expensive turntables for weathly audiophiles. Do something on real world turntables the the masses can afford.

Oliver Philbin says:

Shit video you basically just read of the spec list

J B says:

This video sucks and everybody knows that clearaudio is clearly the better turntable of what they went through then the rega then project.

Bobby G says:

Pro-Ject Elemental has no anti-skating!

Major C Cunliffe says:

The price would have been nice

Ian Ray says:

Straight arm tonearms are terrible as are belt driven turntables, so I would never purchase anyone of these. The best turntables in my opinion are linear tracking turntables or that ELP laser turntable.

PJFSr says:

Lot of dust in these pictures.

Ishbel Campbell says:

“ergoomically placed power switch” god, I bet really deep research went into that (yeah, no one ever buys turntables with buttons on the right side, what are you, stupid? all i look for in one is where the fucking power switch is)

Απόστολος Κ says:

buy a better mic

Davy Bloggs says:

Have you been ASLEEP for xx years?? NONE of these would fit into your dumb description of the best TTs! Idiot.

Davy Bloggs says:

AND your No1 TT is SHITE – RUBBISH. Wake up man and do some research BEFORE posting this shit!

Frederic NAPIER says:

Stupide vidéo. You have to set a budget, or a categorie, and only then compare turntables inside it. My god, how is it possible to be so….

Bob K says:

Opinions are like…you know what. Everybody has one.

Canadian Metal Mike says:

This is a very bad video… misinformation! Do your homework elsewhere…

Pete The Pict says:

This guy has literally not the first clue what he’s talking about…

Ron Bernard says:

Prices would of been nice

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