Best Portable Bluetooth Turntable Record Player – Unboxing & Review!

One of the biggest review requests I’ve gotten. Everyone wants to know about this suitcase BLUETOOTH turntable!. Watch now to see my review! Check out my brand new podcast: ↓↓ See below for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓

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In this video The Deal Guy has found a amazing bluetooth vinyl record player that not only is one of the best suitcase record players but also one of the best wireless vinyl turntables.

Don’t miss out on my Victrola Turntable review of the best bluetooth record player! Let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think!


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Teresa White says:

So great that it’s Bluetooth enabled. Thanks, Deal Guy!

Michael Harrison says:


Michalay C says:

Daughter got a turntable a couple years ago and inherited my fathers awesome record collection!!!

Kathy Myrick says:

That is really nice

C Burgess says:

It is cool that the old things are new again.

Steve Lakeman says:

What a epic music turntable!!!

Mo Reese says:


Stephany G says:

That looks awesome

scotty thompson says:

cool video tech talk matt

grace reyes says:

I bought a record player for my Granddaughter a few years ago

shawn katz says:

i got vynal frm the 70s

PAPPY 40 says:

Fantastic machine

Holly M says:

Was just talking with someone about phonographs the other day, so retro

J IREYS says:


KC Kara says:

That is wildly FANTASTIC!

Dorito 100 says:

I don’t like white products because they shows the dirt. Some white products look cheap while others don’t. This white turntable looks nice but it will get dirty.

Karen Pratt says:

Cool Turntable!

Lorena D says:

How cool is that?!?!

Ripping and running says:

Oscar is doing pretty well after the ended the series…

Christen Susko says:

Wow nice

Glen Baxter says:

Other great deal from Matt

Martin LaVare says:

This is awesome! Thanks Matt!

Vicki Kuan says:

Love love love this Matt!! I have a vinyl collection, which is what I grew up with, that is just waiting to be played again. I have an old Pioneer turntable but it needs adjustment and I can’t do it. I just might take this for a spin LoL. Thanks Matt!!

Dollchuu K says:

This looks amazing! Thanks Matt!

Joyeux Irashubije says:

Have good day

Traci Hawk says:

I have so many records. Looks like one to check out at home. Thanks Deal Guy.

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