Crosley Advance Turntable Review

Aaron Newcomb reviews the Crosley Advance turntable.

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ucbookman says:

All audiophiles that go to hell after death are told by Satan to play their collections on this pos………..for eternity!!! 😀

Michael Horgan says:

that slip mat looks awful and warped

Bri G. says:

Just go over to radiotvphononut here on youtube to see what he has to say about Crosley.

Christian Sneller says:

When it’s so shit even the anti static mat is warped

Gigidag77 says:


when I saw that cheap plastic tonearm base, I nearly facepalmed to death.

MarkPMus says:

Whilst I agree that the Crosley is a no-buy, there were a couple of errors in this video. The main ones I feel were the fact that “most people would buy this for USB”. Whether or not this is true I don’t know, but you should have given a clearer account of its sound through the audio outputs (which you referred to as “inputs” at 1:53 onwards) into a hifi separates amp and speakers. I suspect the results would be nearly as bad however. No stylus intended for playing 33/45rpm stereo records should ever be used for playing 78’s. The records will damage the stylus, and the damaged stylus will damage other records. There is very little point in Crosley including the 78RPM speed at all, so rather than condemning the turntable for not being able too play 78’s out of the box, condemn Crosley for ever thinking that its inclusion was necessary! Most people won’t need it and the budget could have been better spent elsewhere – perhaps in ridding the player of the extraneous speed adjustment function and just making sure it was accurately set at the factory!! Really $150 is a pitiful amount to spend on a turntable and putting in “extra” features such as the USB, 78 speed and speed adjustment slider just means that the budget hasn’t been spend on sound quality. An AT-LP120USB would be a better buy, especially if the user knows how to modify it to remove the USB feature, which just degrades the sound quality, even when it’s not being used! (See vwestlife’s video on his channel about how to do this.) Even better than that is to accept that this price point is not going to buy you a decent record player. The minimum I would recommend is a Rega RP1 which can be found (here in the UK at least) at heavily discounted prices online – so discounted in fact that it makes the RP1 Performance an accessible purchase. I should own up to the fact that I use a Rega RP8 which is hideously expensive, but I have used starter turntables so I’m by no means a snob. If budget is really a limitation the best thing to do is go vintage and find something from Goldring-Lenco (such as the GL75) or an old Rega Planar 2 online. With a newly fitted moving magnet cartridge such as the AT-95E they would do the job much better.

Justin Williams says:

if you guys want a nice professional turntable that wont break the bank, i strongly suggest getting an Audio Technica LP-120 it is ten times better then this junk thing, has direct drive, usb, preamp, anti skate, tone arm weight, elipitical needle included, accurate strobe pitch, pitch control, all made out of solid metal and not plastic. i just bought mine and after some adjustments, its the best turntable ive ever owned!

Kevin MacNutt says:

It would be nice to have a reviewer who actually knew what he was talking about. Considering 78 rpm records were played with either a wooden or metal stylus on the old victrola type player, that diamond needle is not going to damage them, they just won’t sound as good. I hardily call anyone who played records on his parents Zenith Hi-Fi, an audiophile.

Don Doucette says:

You had a thumbs up until you mentioned Jensen and all in one’s…

Keven says:

I could tell just by the thumbnail that it’s a piece of shit

FrmSyriaWithLuv says:

This is actually a very good player. It makes me mad that people pay $40 on a suitcase player (Cruiser) which Crosley themselves calls a beginner unit and expect such greatness. This actually has a good needle among other things. People are basing this unit off of the cheap units even though they’ve never even tried this one

lizichell2 says:

have you considered filling it with french bangers, lighting them and then throwing it into a skip?

TheRudydog1 says:

What a bunch of ignorant audio whimps. I use a Thorens TD215 table along with two McIntosh MC75 mono block amplifiers using NOS TungSol 6550 tubes and Bugle Boy 12AX7’s. The preamp is also a high end vintage McIntosh. The ears consists of two klipsch RF-7’s perfectly staged for the listing area. I use computer audio feeds with Breakaway digital to analog software. The AM-FM receiver is a vacuum tube Fisher made in the early 1950’s. Throw away all of your toys and come join the big boys and then make informed, intelligent comments.

trip2themoon says:

LOL, Crosley Advance. Crosley totally not getting the concept of you can’t polish a turd.

Verified Scrobbler says:

Even when you try your hardest Crosley, you are still a piece of absolute garbage

Skatole Grudnick says:

The reviewer is not wrong, this is a Chinese cheapo. The Unit is mostly plastic, including the platter, however you can find this for much less than $150. I just got one at Marshall’s for $30. The reason it sounds so bad is the cartridge. The cartridge is marked Audio-Technica but it is made in China, and does not sound good with/without the internal preamp at the Line Output, Phono or the USB. Replacing the Magnetic Cartridge will remedy most of it’s limitations. The other issue maybe the on board PreAmp chip, which employs the NAB curve, not the RIAA curve. Virtually all Phono Preamps , even the bargain variety will use the RIAA curve. Don’t worry if NAB vs RIAA is sounds like gibberish, it means that the EQ is not correct. You can for very little $ improve the sound dramatically.

Robert Spino says:

Just purchased this on sale for $37 and I love it, audio quality is average and I find t to be a decent build quality. Definitely not worth $150 but it you find it on sale like I did then definitely pick it up if you are just getting into turntables

GlowBox says:

Is that a fake at cart

Tyler Hanson says:

how could you possibly fuck up on the strobe light, damn Crosley. You went this far to make a turntable with a strobe light and you still fuck up on that…

Mrphatbastard1 says:

I wouldn’t play a tuna sandwich on that pos.

Jimmy Hook says:

Who the fuck is playing 78’s and what kind of monster uses the usb as the primary output

Michael Harrison says:

so.. basically its another crosley turntable thats shite !!!

phantasm1004 says:

This thing is absolute garbage. It’s a toy. 90% plastic. Definitely NOT worth anywhere near $150! I wouldn’t spend 150 CENTS on this.

Thomas Kirby says:

Every turntable needs a different needle for 78s. No big deal.

todd deloplaine says:

i would call i 800 got junk and pray that they would take it

leyland9999 says:

That’s what I call honest advice! However, you mentioned Jensen…..are you aware, I guess not, that Jensen originates from the very same Chinese plant this pos comes from? ION, same story. Teac, same story. And I could go on and on. My problem with these products is the fact that people are blinded by those famous names of the past and think they get the same quality. This is a crime and this should be told to all corners ofmthe world as these things are produced by the millmillions a year and shipped all over the world, bearing all kinds of different names or badges. How to recognise them? Simply by looking at the turntable that’s built in. It’s made of mediocre plastics, most have plastic platters, sometimes three rubberish pads on the platter for grip and a cefamic cartridge with a red needle assembly. A sapphire needle tip mounted on a plastic (!) cantilever rounds things up. The turntable in the film has a Audio Technica built in, a mediocre one but nonetheless about the only decent part you get, do not get rather because walk away, set it on fire or otherwise destroy it once you come across one…..

George Price says:


Glumfish says:

Crosley makes money by decepting people into thinking that their “turntables” are real turntables!

Eline W says:

I tought it was a good review until the last bit u said.

the vinyl man says:

go get a jvc l-4×4 a lot better quality 😉


somebody should have told you, Crosley doesn’t make anything that’s not a piece of garbage.
I’m 59 so I don’t know how much quality audio equipment you’ve ever seen but all you have to do is look at that warped piece of crap on top of the turntable as it goes around and I would have sent it back to the store immediately, just for that! It’s worth about $5 and it’s a kid’s toy. the words Crosley and advanced are an oxymoron

Sounds Of Oz says:

stop sucking off your grandma no one plays 78’s anymore … this deck is shit plain and simple much like your review tbh

Glumfish says:

rip stylus after 78 play

PhuckHue2 says:

cheap shit chinese junk

william miller says:

…”if you were to drop it off from a table”… – that would be a good start, especially if said table was on the 14th floor balcony of my high-rise.

k crooks says:

Look how wobbly that platter is. Please kids don’t get this.

TheTexasOOF Gamer says:

Crosley sucks

Joseph Sirois says:

To sum it up ! If your dumb enough to pay $150 for this Chinese piece of crap then you deserve the problems

AKFGFan says:

Oh look another Technics clone

Helderhugo says:

This needs to go to trash.

River Huntingdon says:

Looks like a BSR of the late 70’s. $150 is probably more than you’d have paid in the USA for the genuine article even back in the day. Another nasty chinese rip – off, they are doing the same with Philips now, making ghastly clones. This Crosley crap should be avoided at all costs. When they go wrong, they’re unfixable. I’ve been asked to repair numerous examples of this sort of thing, here in the UK we call them “CRAPOPHONES” says it all really. Similar nastiness is available as Steepletone, Prolextric, and of course Crosley, now even HMV shops here are knocking these out for hipsters to ruin their new LPs they buy there.

Legion of Weirdos says:

78s were old news when I was a kid… and I’m old news now. Besides, anyone who knows anything about playing 78s on modern turntables knows they need a different stylus for 78s. Easiest way to judge a “don’t buy” on a turntable: If it says “Crosley” on it.

jisim 67 says:

these crosley people need shutting down,they are targeting people who want to put there vinyl onto a file but don’t know much about computers

Onneff69 says:

JUUUNK – a toy – hardly better than anything else they make. And this guy is talking about it as if it was anything else.

Chris Knight says:

I almost want one just because they are so crap…for the laugh.

Ronnie Bradley says:

Save your money and go for the Audio Technica LP120 or search ebay for a used Technics SL1200. This is a cheap impostor aimed at people that don’t know any better.

shooketh to the core says:


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