Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable REVIEW and HANDS ON


Brian Su says:

people who buy these already know it’s a toy and don’t expect much. have you opened it up? It’s made of fake wood (compressed chipboard). The amplifier circuit is puny and consists of just a few cheap transistors and capacitors. Even my home-made audiophile grade headphone amp cost more than 10x this whole player. The parts are hot glued into place, even the rear panel. The build quality is really poor. By the way, people often complain it needs a power socket. That’s not true as it runs off 9v DC so you could easily build your own battery pack.

the vinyl man says:

get another turntable. i had a steepletone (very similar to crosley) and have just ordered a vintage jvc with counter balance etc please people, if you get one of these or any similar model do not use it very often as it will eventually kill your records.

Waller says:

Was that matt and kim playing? Anyways nice review

RED says:

Don’t get it. It’s not the best out there. Audio technica is the best. I have one and because the record isn’t fully on there it sounds like it’s warp. I only recommend it if you play new records and you travel a lot.

Ciel Phantomhive says:

Since I see a lot of negative feedback in the comments.. I had planned on buying a Crosley for my very first record player. I’m not looking for anything professional level, as I am a klutz and I’d like to get to know more about turn tables before I buy something expensive.

My budget is $100 or less, not including shipping. From the little research I’ve done, I don’t think this is too low of a price for something good, all things considered.

If anyone would be able to help me choose a turn table with a nice sound quality, easy functions, and a nice look, please let me know! Also, feel free to give me any advice/tips. I am absolutely a novice.

I actually wanted to buy a turn table and some records because my mom had hers stolen years ago, and I thought I could save up some money to buy a decent turn table and possibly buy the same limited edition records she once had, or at least a big stack of some common ones, by Christmas time.

Glumfish says:

I wouldn’t say amazing

Koda Krause says:

You’re damaging your records with every rotation…

Jan Peter van Irsel says:

does it have a 3.5 mm aux output?

MobileDecay says:

I almost bought this but my gut instinct told me it was probably shit so I did research at home and bought an audio technica instead. Not an audiophile but I do care about sound and I don’t want overpriced records to get raped by the stylus.

Gram says:

You know this thing is trash, right? it will chew up your records, warp them, and sound terrible while doing so.

lizichell2 says:

you need to throw it under your car and then run it over

crytxlkvlture says:

Has this damaged any of your records yet? Been reading alot about that :/

leehazlewoodism says:

It’s appalling.  These things destroy vinyl.

tt seventy orangepuss says:

there ok.. but make sure you play your old beat-up back up copy of a lp/45 etc..and never any rare records..i have way too many rare copys..of stuff..

Christian Covalsky says:

Judging by how you place and remove the stylus you have absolutely no clue how to handle records. Just please don’t buy anything of value…

Cherilyn Hannen says:

JordanHumble people say Crosleys are bad but don’t listen to them I got a Crosley Rochester 5-in-1 entertainment center for Christmas you might have seen it it looks like a vintage radio and so far no problems who was on the record you were playing????!!!!

Anthony Martin says:

These things suck. They wear out records pretty fast. They’re super cheap and even when plugged into a good sound system sound like crap.

Satan Moose says:

People say Crosley sucks, I played Master of Puppets on it and it was the best sound I ever heard. I have the Primary Black, secondary red one.

ynjlky7121 says:

Due to their ceramic cartridges and heavy tracking forces(8-9g), portable turntables are nostalgic but troublesome…even for the products from the 70’s. Back in the late-70’s National(Panasonic) SF-321 ruined an overpriced stereo LP after very few plays.

JoshEntertainment says:

does it have USB.

Spagoot.exe. says:

Please destroy this

Ashley Gordon says:

How do you stop it from skipping? I literally got this today and have three records on it and every vinyl I have, it skips…. HELP PLS

Brianna Anaya says:

how is it working for you now?

Roberto Siqueira says:


Mrphatbastard1 says:

Have you returned it yet?


You’ve never heard music have you? My guess is that you use it to listen to rap. I love some of the people who comment or maybe your followers LOL. One of them mentioned the old people that used to pay $10,000 for a turntable, what a bimbo, radio stations didn’t even pay $10,000 for a turntable. I swear to God, anybody the age of 30 doesn’t have a brain left!

OK says:

that will scratch up your vinyls

Aaron Derington says:

You don’t have to hear it to tell it’s a bad player. That platter was rocking up and down like a tilt-a-whirl! I was gonna get sea sick.


You crossed Lee?

Claudio Salvatore says:


Christopher Murphy says:

The greatest machine around. Whatever happened to the 78rpm vinyl? The power of vinyl back where it belongs!!!

VioletsPlace says:

I found one for $14.00 Brand new.
Should I get it since its a low price?

thebarrochannel says:

can you connect the ipod to this shit?

eternalhalloween1 says:

You gave the Crosley turntable a nice review. And this record player may be a good and inexpensive way for someone to test it out and see if vinyl LP is for them. (I even like the color.) But one thing made me laugh. You were worried about playing the record for any length of time because of copyright issues. And yet you can often listen to a FULL album on YOUTUBE. I’m sure you’re not suppose to be able to do that, but it seems the reality. Anyway, nice review.

Grace Long says:

getting one for my 13th birthday!!

Chayann Aravena says:

Does anybody no how you would transfer vinyl to digital format using one of these? Thanks.

Eric Johnson says:

these are actually called crapleys.

GamerStuff says:

DO NOT GET THIS THING. It’s a piece of shit. I recommend the Jensen JTA-230 instead. The Crosley can actually damage your records. Avoid it at all costs.

Ellie C says:

can you control the volume on this??

Amanda Leigh says:

why does it skip for some people?

Strawberry Jam says:

I’ve seen one at t.k. maxx I might buy it for a school presentation as a demonstration device but …..

Lita Coppola says:

Getting one this weekend. Cool man!

Ava Natasha says:

It’s so pretty

RetroGamerVX says:

My god, even that quick sample of music showed it played at the wrong speed and was suffering flutter!!

Keyboarding says:

People are shitting on the sound quality but isn’t that the point of a vinyl player? To get that sound only turntables can make?

RetroGamerVX says:

Crosley are cheap Chinese shit!!  You can’t possibly have ever heard/handled a proper player!! Sponsored by Crosley?

Ethan Paget says:

on no , you brought a crosley …..

Glumfish says:

I suggest you spend your money on an actual turntable.

Szymon Kucharski says:

Portable Turntable – this word correlation doesn’t exist.

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