Crosley Cruiser Record Player Review

PLEASE READ: Since making this video many record enthusiasts who know a great deal more than me about players have said this is a very poor player and far better can be bought for the same price if cheaper – even a vintage one. I can say this player is very popular with younger people like myself into the 50s/60s scene but its still probably not a good buy. Apparently it ‘carves’ into the records on a minute scale, which I don’t see why it matters particularly much if its so subtle it cannot be noticed, but prolonged use on collectible records doesn’t sound like a wise decision. This video was made simply from a ‘joe bloggs’ perspective, and it was based only on first impressions. I still have it and it works great for the odd spin but I’m sure technically its not good compared to other turntables.

I get out the Crosley Cruiser Record Player and give some vinyl a spin. Design is outstanding high 8/10, whilst the inbuilt speakers are 6/10 for quality – helped by their inbuilt portability, but decreased by the expectation to need to attach bigger speakers if you want something louder. It does also struggle to play new records as their smoothness causes it to slip and jump often.

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Louie Louie – The Kinks
The View From the Afternoon – Arctic Monkeys


brandon castro says:

more like belongs in the trash

Alex Barker says:

You guys are all so fucking stupid. The speakers are bad for a reason. It’s dirt cheap. Just connect it to external speakers.

connorb155 says:

Retard brought a cruiser

DonPabloe says:

I hate pretentious audiophile communities, but even so, Crosley is so bad no matter what. Just buy yourself a Debut Carbon, or Raga. This shit will actually damage your records. It’s tracking force with the cheap needle will chew it up

Rick James says:

Please stop saying that these plates are good. That sounds absolutely horrible. No anti skate, no adjustable are, no counter weight. Rubbish needles and shit arm. Please spend a bit more if u want to really experience records. And how is this portable if it needs to be plugged into the wall. Portable means you can take it and use batteries with it. Tone deff

Gray Anderson says:

For goodness sake get the thing out of the box before you review it.
Who wants to see children still unboxing stuff this day and age.
Geeeeez man stop messing around with a box in a box lol. You already have had it out the box once and then put it back again to unbox it hahahaha.
Yes and these are cheap nasty things anyway.

JPD says:

I have had a Crosley Cruiser for about 3 years and all my records are fine, the speakers sound like crap but everything else is fine, everyone here says that they will ruin your records but my mins hasn’t ruined a single one.

payton russell says:

these are made in china junk!

NotThatDisgusted says:

Actually I don’t think they are overly special just average/okay.

TheBIGKill1998 says:

and no, its not an “authentic record company”… a chinese company simply bought the name “crosley”, as far as i know

SuperMarioEthan says:

I Can’t Even See The God Damn Needle

Sameer Sharma says:

With 14 grams of vertical tracking force, this turntable reads your record like no other. You don’t even have to bother about putting up a slipmat, just toss it in the bin and place the vinyl straight on the platter and hear the record squeal in happiness! 🙂

mrob75 says:

sheesh people….such snobs we are! “Crosley’s” are very popular little players…Yes, they are low end….But so what?! It is what it is…If people enjoy listening to their records on these players so be it….I don’t hear anything wrong at all with this player…Give the guy (and Crosleys) a break!

BlastFromYourPast says:

These are terrible, a perfect way to destroy your vinyl. The cartridge is cheap, but the main problem with these is the tracking force is way to high,

I’m not sure why anyone into vinyl would prefer this over a nice turntable with separate speakers etc, apart from budget, but either way, I would rather wait and purchase something better

T.J. tjb says:

Cd.s and mp3.s are the way to go

toxicsp1der says:

if I were you I would get another record player. look for an at lp-60 if you want a better turntable

Chris Fry says:

This was a useful review thx☺

bethany michaels says:

Your lava lamp wasn’t lavaing….

Why Tho says:

Too bad this is absolute rubbish, I really like how it looks.

video says:

I’m pretty sure you got another record player already, but if you havent then *please* get the audio technica at-lp60. it’s much better than the crosley cruiser at the same price range.

James Norton says:

I tore the speakers out of mine and installed a new needle and amp and kept it in the cabinet style

This Is It Stores says:

Has anyone bought a Revinyl Record Player? They look very similar to this one but they also have bluetooth, sound quality is also the same but they are much cheaper!

I just feel like crosley are ripping people off, great review!

Neal Wilson says:

“Impressive sound performance meets outstanding vintage design” LOL. How long did it last?

Jason Watkins says:

Beware “audiophiles” and their lofty egos. It has been proven that the Crosley will NOT harm your records. It just is what it is: A low-end consumer-grade record player. It was never intended to be anything else. If you want hi-fi from your records then buy something better. If not, I really don’t see the problem here.

Laura Seymore says:

I saw it on amazon for 40.00 I thought about buying this for my birthday but I change my mind after this video

nuttyprofessor says:

If anyone is interested I am selling 2 vintage stereos on eBay. They are a Zenith Allegro JR587W and a Lloyd’s R925 both with BSR record changers fully restored. My username is ampin1575.

Dipper Pines says:

Why does everyone talk shit about the Crosley record player like wtf it’s not going to kill anyone is it!?!?

B A S S says:

I’m sorry but you just wasted your money. Crosley Cruisers are NOT good turntables. Example: Their tone-arm is too short which creates distortion.

strawberrycreamlord says:

You can get an Audio Technica LP-60 for the same price, but it’s better built and brings great sound. Don’t buy this.

Morgan Ulbricht says:

I’ve never heard from a record player before this video, and I’m 100% sure it isn’t suppose to sound like that lol. Almost got one of these pieces of crap. Glad I didn’t. Thanks for the video, it helps a lot.

allysa w says:

You sound exactly like jack Kelly

ThatGuyJames says:

I’m biting the bullet and getting one of these for my nephews for Christmas. Now I know full well that these are pieces of shit, but my nephews are three and five years old so they wouldn’t know a good record player or a good audio setup if you stuck one in their face and said “hey this is a good audio setup” or whatever. Literally I only think that this would be fun for my nephews. I’m not even sure vinyl is something they’d be into, I just know they like music.

Electronics For Fun says:

that thing is a piece of shit that will destroy your records.

HI-FI says:

I paid $40 for a vintage stereo system that had a record player, 8 track player/recorder, and AM/FM radio. The speakers were included. I can’t believe how people disguard the old high quality, well built record players as trash, but yet they go out and buy a China-made piece of garbage for more than twice the price.

Gary Spring says:

run it over with your car about 5 times its a loud of crap this new stuff nothing to do with crosley what so ever. they buy names. only buy vintage . you get what you pay for

Traxxattaxx says:

Get an audio technica.

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