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Denon DJ has officially released their new top-tier DJ turntable called the VL12 PRIME. The new VL12 is not your run-of-the-mill or everyday Super-OEM turntable like all the other brands. This is a totally new Denon DJ designed turntable from the ground up which makes it unique to the DJ realm. The VL12 has a super-high-torque direct drive motor, adjustable pitch ranges, isolation feet, RGB lighting, and professional-grade metal construction.

The Denon DJ VL12 has an S-Shaped tonearm and a play/pause button that looks like the same button found on their flagship DJ controllers and SC5000 player. The Denon DJ brand is really starting to take shape with offering very high quality products for working and Club DJ’s that is sure to give a decent challenge to Pioneer DJ’s dominance. We will have the X1800 mixer and SC5000 player reviews released soon so stay tuned for much more and see the full Review Summary and Review Video for more info on the new VL12 turntable by clicking at the Website link above.


Vikash Kalloo says:

can you do a giveaway by chance btw great video

nicolas lazy-soul says:

Not a word about wow & flutter.

Monty Blaze says:

Replace ? lol…. Denon let’s see ?
str8 150 – straight arm ? when they fix the problem of the tone arm been loose as hell ?


DJHaboogie2k18 The Music maestro says:

Great job, breaking everything down

Emmanuel Sekiyoba says:

Hey man do you have any videos of you DJIng? Not questioning you as a DJ or anything but I’ve been watching for a while and I’m just curious

DJ_RueBoi says:

You having Stanton 150s would you personally buy these?(799 a piece?)

I have str8 150s aswell


Aaah no. A lot of digital crap on a device that is supposed to be analogue. Sorry but I would rather have the oldest technics instead of that crap. But ddj”s control units or other control unit for computer users like me these days. Is also good for me but a vinyl setup has to be analogue and please stop making such crap like virtual vinyl. Greetings from dj kriogeno

Decidan says:

Is the pitch slider digital or analogue?

traybrook says:

Hands down…THE BEST REVIEWS ON DJ GEAR ON YOUTUBE, IN MY OPINION!!! Very detailed and in-depth explanations regarding the gear itself and the features.

Rouge 1972 says:

Bout time my brother. One minor issue….No dust cover. Called Denon about getting a couple of Dust covers. Terrible customer service (Comcast terrible). Paid Almost $2000 for two V12’s and no freak-in dust cover to protect my investment. On top of that… unhelpful customer service. At least the turntables are excellent. I just hope I never have any functionality issues with them. I don’t want to have to deal with terrible customer service they have in place.

Robert Francis says:

Great Review Bro

Mac Joseph says:


Senator Wax Davis says:

Yes, finally and the first DJ review site review! Thank you

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