Denon DJ VL12 Prime Turntable Review

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We put the Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable through its paces….but is it the right gear for you? Watch on for our verdict!


Gordan Vu says:

Hi, i purchased it before 2 weeks, nice turntable, cool leds but for me personaly not as i expected it to be. Gap space in pitch control i don’t like , it sais it’s 8+,16+…i would like to see the numbers like on Technics or Pioneer…First i thought it’s 10+ but i saw it’s a gap from 0 till almost second 2nd mark line which is normaly supossed to be under number 2 like some other turntable like technics, reloop and pioneer plx have clearly marked…so i never knew where i stand with it…Also on Reloop 7000 and pioneer plx start and stop button respond is better …Tonearm main assebly is wobbly, after i locked it ,it’s stable and not moving but you can still turn the ring height adjustment which i didn’t saw yet on other turntables.
Denon support respond me on pitch control : The lines on the pitch control don’t pertain to a specific pitch percentage but are more of a point of reference for the user.
As for the gap between 0 an 1, this is a feature which acts as a sort of ‘buffer zone’, allowing the user to be sure they are back at 0% without pin-point precision”

Deejay Iwonder says:

Wich table the v12 is sitting on

DJ Kristo says:

Over priced with fruity pink colors. Save your money for a real Tech!

Jesus Is SATAN says:

Is it light weight ? What happens when the bass hits it’s ? Feedback distortion ?

Hazelcut says:

the design is nice, pretty led, but don’t see the point to put every side control/cable on the side of the mixer for a scratch position and at the same time not putting 2 start/stop on both side, and a straight arm. Also that motor off thing seems to be nice with a unprotection bouton like on a MK2 but here is kind of useless and even worse, it can make some beat juggling technique using the motor off impossible to realise (or it can but it add some time of reaction)

That still a good turtable, seems to have nice isolation, but it sad that they try to make something scratch DJ oriented but didn’t go as far as other brands like Reloop (or Vestax & Numark some years ago). All the good thing here looks more like fashon gadget than real innovation or even using what’s almost kind of a standard in that market :/

Jose Lugo says:

I was able to use this at last years dj show in AC. they are great

Phil Gamblin says:

Great review Phil 
Please can you let me know the name of the tune playing as it sounds wicked!

Paige Cook says:

Yeah, they look dope! What’s the name of the tune being played? Bad Ass!!!!

Hi-Fi Insider says:

I had the earlier Denon DJ TT from the early 2000s. That wasn’t very good compared to SL-1200. This looks to be a lot better.

napa lawson says:

No click in the middle of the pitch is a deal breaker.

N 10SZ says:

Does it ever skip, or does it never skip? My technics never skip no matter what the juggle. The weight included scares me.

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