Fluance RT-81 Turntable review.

This is my impression of the Fluance RT-81 turntable which I purchased for $317 Canadian.

Unboxing – https://youtu.be/qPyDgTTc9T0
Turntable Setup Guide – https://youtu.be/qPyDgTTc9T0


Marius Croeser says:

Great channel! Looks like you have just about burned / run your Fluance in—are you observing any issues yet (e.g. speed changes” or such)? Thanks.

mapp47 says:

Great review will check it out! Canadian made an added bonus! Cheers from B.C.!

Nick Knack says:

Have you run into the speed problems yet?

Daniel Yee says:

Hey Craig! nice review and I do agree it is neat piece of gear having used it more than a year. Mine is almost perfect as the platter not completely flat but sounds still good

Tony Leva says:

Wow, this table sounds really great! Silent and clean. And you’re right: that stylus is really good. But… am I hearing a little wow though?

Leon thepro says:

Your point of the Rush album being quiet has nothing to do with the cutting method. The surface noise of the vinyl is determined by the quality control of the vinyl material and pressing method. Direct Metal Mastering or DMM has its uses for high frequency recordings but generally is worse with dynamics.

Bernard Jean says:

I like your song a lot!

TGNet.pl says:

You’ve got a new subscriber! 😉

suf sanin says:

Can you make a comparison video on your three turntables?

Konstantin Maslakov says:

I have the same turntable for over a year now and it serves me good time !
Combining it with AT440 creates an impressive combo indeed. Though I’ve noticed that the recommended VTF (1,4 grams) for it is not enough for RT-81’s tonearm, it creates a spacious but rather dead sound. Turning it up to 1,8 grams makes it an outstanding performer, with a very rich soundstage and balanced dynamics. No unnecessary brightness as well.

VeryUs Mumblings says:

i was looking at this turntable recently. I haven’t made my purchase yet, but now that I see you’re review I want to check it again. thanks for the review!

Mic says:

Are the components mounting the gimble, anti-skate and counter-weight all metal as well? Some of the parts (anti-skate knob) look like plastic and you did not mention if they were aluminum or not. Thanks.

Callum Rhodes says:

I’ve been looking at upgrading my turntable from my AT-LP60 for the past few months as my current player seems to dislike certain records i purchase and skips uncontrollably on them whilst playing perfectly on others turntables. I have been looking into purchasing the Fluance RT81 for a while, and this video has convinced me to make that purchase. Thanks so much for the review – it was a great help!

Marius Croeser says:

Having experience with both which would you recommend the Fluance or AT LP120? Thanks.

The Thrash Can says:

What is the cartridge you recommended?

John Maguire says:

I was tapping in time to your song, at the end of this video, and I thought for a brief moment that I should not tap so loudly as I might make the record jump!! Thanks for taking the time to produce these videos. I appreciate your dedication. I’m going to see if this particular model is available for the Australian marketplace. 🙂

PraetorianG2004 says:

I have a RT81 too. Works quite well for me. Definitely a very nice turntable for the price.

Keima Hane says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this review. I have had this turntable on my Amazon wishlist for some time, currently using a piece of junk, your review has my fingers itching to click add to cart. Maybe next payday 🙂

Donovan Childers says:

Very nice review. Since it has a built-in preamp, does it suffer from the same high-end notch effect that the AT-120LP does? It’s nice to see a ground connector; hoping the switch completely bypasses the built-in circuitry.

blackmore1030 says:

Thank you for the review! I’m planning to buy a new turntable, now this one is a potential choice for me. I like its sound, it has bright highs and strong lows.

David Clough says:

Thorough, concise, and informative review. Any thoughts on how the tonearm and Cart combination you use manage inner groove distortion?

Grim Santo says:

Many thanks for this breakdown. This turntable is on my short list… Would you recommend this over the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB?

David Gena says:

Again, I own two of these and love them both. Fluance speakers are terrific as well.

the reptilian dude says:

Made in Canada !!

TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge says:

Starts crackling as soon as he starts it playing. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Utter rubbish turn of the century nonsense. Red book CD is more than ANY vinyl setup can ever be. Cheers.

Banjo String says:

Glad you’re pleased with it. You will not ever be able to get a new 440mla cartridge as the 440mla cart is now discontinued and has been for some years. You can use mlb styli however but the mlb cart isn’t as good as the mla cart. I got a Nagaoka mp110 for a second tt due to this. It’s worth a try.
As fir tgis deck in General, i would’ve got a pro-ject. First off, aluminium platters resonate. Second, plastic lids also resonate and should be removed when playing. Dust covers are just that. To prevent dust when not in use. S-shaped tone arms have never been my favourite. Inner groove distortion is greater with an s-shape than with a straight arm. Also the black coated arm, looks ok, but without seeing it in person I’m not convinced. The feet on this don’t adjust so getting the tt balanced and “flat” isn’t easy. Again, arm wise there is no way to adjust the vertical tracking angle. So you can’t just add “any” cart.
So just with these few things, i would’ve kept the at tt you had. It is better in many ways and then saved for a higher end pro-ject or a rega or similar.

snowpuppy77 says:

You have done a good service helping people with a great reasonably priced TT recommendation. You are so right about having your budget allow for cartridge upgrade. I originally thought this table had a felt mat. That rubber mat is much better. Sounds great by the way.

RonLdd Narciso says:

Expensive cartridge upgrade!

Caio Machado says:

What’s the name of your stylus?

CODEalf RED says:

I was thinking about getting this turntable and now I’m completely sold on it lol great review.

Styrene Mikes Model Shop says:

Great song Craig, very 80’s ( I love the ballads most). Lovely turntable, it sounds amazing! Thanks for the listen. I bought the AT LP 120 USB after having discovered your channel and I am very happy with it. I will be replacing the AT 95E with an Ortofon 2m blue as soon as my new head shell arrives. Don’t let my model building channel name fool you, I have always been a huge fan of vinyl records. In fact my “other” turntable is a Music Hall MM 5.1 (It’s belt drive), with a Gold Ring 1022Gx Cartridge. I wanted to have a direct drive player also and the Audio Technica seemed to be just the thing. Thanks for all you do on the “Tube”. I’ll look forward to more videos…. Peace!

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