Fluance RT81 Hi Fi Turntable Record Player Review

Beautiful workmanship and amazing sound from an intro level and affordably priced turntable.

Read my full review here: https://goo.gl/vokoIS

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Fluance walnut Hi-Def bookshelf speakers: http://azon.ly/Qj1r


LivingDeadGirl says:

Which one is better? The RT80 or the RT81? Or are they the same?

barrytheblade100 says:

have you tried using an external pre-amp? if so did you notice a difference in sound quality?

Alan Elam says:

I currently have an old direct-drive Pioneer PL-518, which I recently got in great working AND cosmetic condition, and it sounds amazing! However, I know the time will come sooner or later, when I either have to pay out the nose to get this nearly 40-year-old vintage TT serviced or simply bite the bullet and break down for a good new direct OR belt-drive TT with a warranty. I have pondered several future options for when that day arrives, including but not limited to a Fluance RT-81. Can anyone here say how the 81 might compare sound-wise with a PL-518, and would it be worth the switch, especially given what it promises to deliver at its price point? Serious answers only, please. Thanks.

Ricky Mawunganidze says:

Thanks so much for the review. Interested in learning how you hooked up the bookshelf speakers to the player. Can you assist?

Brian Landry says:

I’m glad to see people reviewing this turntable. This one is in my top 2 list. I really like the craftsmanship and the reviews are great.

pvt mlaren says:

Good video my man

Vinyl 2CD Rescue says:

Looks nice, but I’m not a fan of turntables with built-in preamps. Audio-Technica has ruined the market on built-in preamps as I own one and wished I could afford a better one. I’ve ripped mine out (AT-LP120) and it has greatly improved the sound. If Fluance made it to totally bypass the preamp when selected then maybe they got it right.

Ricardo Vaz says:

how is the sounding so far? any speeding issues? many people reported having speeding issues.

Kevin MacDonald says:

Are the plinth feet adjustable?

Amanda Joy says:

Hi Phil! This was a really great review and I really liked that it was such a thorough review in such a short amount of time. Thanks for helping me pick out my first turntable!

Nick Sacchetti says:

Hi does the auto stop feature stop the platter and lift the tonearm up automatically when the records done? Or does it stop the platter when u lift the tonearm up manually?

pedrocouto86 says:

Hi, Phil. Great review. Do you know if I can hook up the RT80 directly to these speakers without a receiver? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B016P9HJIA?psc=1 The RT80 has a preamp and these are active speakers. I’m pretty sure it will work, but I just want to double check with you before making the purchase. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

Seltzertronics says:

Thanks for the video, man. Liked/subbed. I’m trying to decide between this and the TEAC TN-300. Are you familiar with it?

Colin Crowther says:

Do you think that the Fluance badge on the front is removable? Is it just a stick-on badge??

Jessica Lee says:

Great video. Are you familiar with the Audio Technica-LP120? I’m trying to decide between the two; wondering if the sound quality for the AT is worth the cost difference!

banuna1989 says:

what was the lp you were playing?

Dustin Miller says:

Do you still need an audio receiver to use this?

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