Fluance RT81 turntable unboxing & review

The Geek reviews the Fluance RT81 belt-drive turntable. This record player looks great but does it play well? Watch and find out. Jump to the review 5:44
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BarakaPDub says:

Great, honest review. The turntable is attractive for it’s price point and I am assuming the profit margins are pretty slim on it for what they did put into it. Also, I do agree with the critique of the motor adjustments. I haven’t checked but perhaps Fluance could do their own video on the set up and use yours as a reference point. If you’re struggling with it, I am sure there is going to be many others.

If I had someone just getting into vinyl, I would probably recommend this over an Audio Technica deck.

John Barraza says:

Omg I want it!!

Jared Joyner says:

What’s the name of the app you used to track the correct rpm of the turntable?

Timothy E. says:

Do you have any thoughts on the Audio Technica LP-3? I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. It’s the turntable I have and I love it, but I’m also not super attuned to things like wow & flutter so I don’t know if those are there or not. It feels pretty sturdily made, all plastic except for things that need to be other material like the platter but very heavy. When I got mine at Fry’s Electronics along with an AT95E cartridge to replace the stock one it was ~$250.

Kmg24 says:

I’ve been using this turntable frequently since November and haven’t had a single problem so far. Highly recommended.

Mymilkshakebody says:

Got the RT81 a few months ago and have been satisfied with its performance. Had a few issues with static and popping with the needle it came with but other than that it’s been a really great system, especially when paired with some Fluance speakers.

David Gena says:

I own two RT 81’s and love them both. They are beautiful and sound terrific. Their speakers are fabulous as well. I’m a big fan of Fluance.

Scott Gallacher says:

dame thats my dream tt

Crazy prayingmantis says:

Looks nice for what it is, I agree with the badge, would have looked better without it.

757flyer says:

Great theme music!

Steven Kavanagh says:

I haven’t owned a turntable since I was a kid, and it was a poor one at that. I got this Fluance RT81 a few months ago along with a pair of powered stereo speakers. I love it. The audio quality is plenty good enough, considering my modest speaker setup and the fact that I live in an apartment so I won’t be blasting it anyway. It’s aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and probably one of the higher quality turntables in this price range. As a Canadian, I’m also pleased this turntable comes from a company in Canada.

Ohme says:

What was the app you used to test the turntable’s speed?

B K says:

Have it; really really like it. Replaced a vintage Technics SL220 I bought in 1977. Only thing I don’t like is queuing lever is under the cover whereas the SL200’s lever is on the front panel. Minor, but I like being able to lift the tone arm off the record before lifting the cover.

Stephen Hoops says:

Solid review, my man. I was debating getting this or the LP120 and in the end opted for the Audio Technica. Seems like I made the better choice.

NerdyFrames2000 says:

How many turntables do you have exactly. You probably got like 5 or something LOL

coolmatthew213 says:

Speed consistency is a big issue with the turntable since belt drive speeds can sometimes not be accurate, but in an honest note, great review though.

darthmarius77 says:

this is my kind of video

Steven Schweigert says:

wonderful review! I love your videos

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