Fluance RT84 Turntable Review

With the resurgence of vinyl records, many are looking to upgrade from their basic turntable. How does the RT84 from Fluance stack up?

Fluance RT84 product page:


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Randy Levine says:

For a $50.00 upgrade the 2M Blue option is a no-brainer.

Jason T says:

Good review
Anyone in vinyl territory should own a protractor and scale in my opinion

hbarudi says:

Looks expensive to me, it is very possible to make a portable vinyl player for like $100 the size of a laptop and has a cover and you can play any records on it and has headphone jack. This one is just expensive unless you are those people who would consider it.

Jace says:

plastic tonearm.

John sweda says:

What you talking about flaws and missed opportunities… what flaws and missed opportunities would that be don’t think there’s any

margaretsville says:

Did Fluance let you keep it?

Geek Therapy Radio Podcast says:

That is one sexy turntable. And on price, a major consideration of mine personally was quality and longevity. I wanted a solid turntable that neither bankrupted me, nor was a cheap toy. So, that $500 mark is a real sweet spot. It’s not chump change, but it’ll get you something that should last for life. The 2M Red is a wonderful cartridge. I have the Blue and the clarity makes me weep nerd tears.

deathb4digital says:

Kinda pricey. For that money you can buy a gently used sl-1200 which is a superior turntable in every way.

Sam says:

No one in the “Vinyl Enthusiast” category, spending $500 on a turntable, wants a penny of the price going to a built-in pre-amp.

Reece Beau says:

Wow thanks for the knowledge! Loved the vid as usual

Gerhard Prins says:


SpunkMouth69 says:

I’ve been looking at getting one of these…maybe one day I will. Great video as always.

Helgan says:

you should check the review from VinylTV

BLB says:

I didn’t know there was anything relating to the counterweighting for fancier turntables. Cool review!

Dirk Diggler says:

Dude it’s okay to be off a bit.

Chill Bro says:

You lost me at belt driven

Bkkersey93 says:

The minute I saw the Jamiroquai album, I was hooked on this video!

Kevin Contreras says:

Definitely want this! Unfortunately they’re out of stock right now 🙁

edguyrocks says:

Good Review….I might grab the 85? Having a built in preamp is a pro i would say instead of a con. Don’t Skim on platter and cart in favor of putting a preamp in it. Plus preamps are subjective anyway.

Kalhi Balto says:

sonic mania for the win!

Silberfisch says:

Is there a record collection video?

Helgan says:

If it would be in glossy white, I would buy it instantly.

terrybeb says:

RT 80 and RT 81 have the preamp built in. You can buy them on Amazon right now for less money. This is a higher end turntable from the same company. It’s meant for more serious record collectors that wish to decide on which preamp or receiver to use. This allows for a clearer signal, better sound quality. This turntable gives you more features for less money than other comparable turntables like U-Turn, Pro-Ject, or Rega. Bang for the buck this turntable sells itself to people who have done a modicum of research beforehand. Thanks for the review I liked looking at the turntable.

Devin Groover says:

awesome video didn’t realize how much goes into a good turntable. also saw some good records in that stack of vinyls you have. daft punk, jamiroquai etc

FinalBaton says:

Love your audio content Colin, and this was no exception. great stuff

greenster1 says:

As always a great review, thanks!!

David R Bermudez says:

I prefer not to have a built-in preamp. Even when it is turned off, it steals some sound quality.

netotnabokov ex nii says:

Nice video. Nice turntable. Thanks.

jimboblivesforever says:

Not knowing these turntables, but knowing the 2M Red and Blue quite well, I highly recommend taking the step up to the RT85. The upgrade from Red to Blue is absolutely worth it, and doing it yourself later is a lot more expensive than 50 bucks extra for the 85 instead of the 84..
However, if you lack the funds now, you can always put the Blue stylus on the Red body later, they’re identical. Only the stylus itself is different.

Seus Dues says:


will s says:

Not having an internal preamp is a positive not a negative. Buy a cheaper model if that’s what you want.

polaris911 says:

lol my $70 Sony player has a built in pre-amp

Andrew Pannelli says:

Oooooo…..new intro!

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